I’m Innocent

Why am I here again? I have asked that question a billion times to myself. And for you who are thinking where am I, I’m in prison. Yeah locked up in a prison cell. I’m here for murdering my wife and my 2 year old daughter. B******t. I’m innocent. No, I really mean it, I’m innocent.

You see, me and my wife got married in 1993 and the decision of us marrying was a spontaneous one. We were in the moment and didn’t wanted to think about the future. A few months into it and we were already regretting our decision of marrying each other. I didn’t wanted a divorce. So I tried my best to work this marriage out. And thats what we did. Sorry,I mean thats what I did.Soon things came back to normal with me working my a*s off and my wife sipping the cold beer and taking a hit. But anyways, we were doing okay. Soon what can be called the best thing happened; my wife got pregnant. It was one of the happiest moment in my life and I can never forget it. Soon enough, she delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl and that could be more then anything I could ask for. From that day my daughter became my highest priority and I did everthing I could as a dad. But soon everthing just changed. My wife started just not to give a damn about our daughter. She didn’t even care to feed her as she was busy in the townside bar chugging her beer. She became an alcohlic and started to be in the bar more then her actual house. And me? I took every single responsibility i can of my daughter as well as handle my job. Doing the best I could do,life still went on. Every day working on my job would really exhaust me but soon the exhaustion would just get away by just seeing my daughter smile. I dont know why, but at this one day when I was home I took my daughter and decided to check on my wife in that townside bar.
And guess what. She was there making out with another guy. She was cheating on me. Perfect.It broke my heart but I didn’t cared much actually. Holding my daughter against my chest I went home. Putting my daughter to sleep, I went to sleep too. I didn’t decided to ask about this to my wife or shout at her. I just decided to live like this. Working and taking care of my baby while my wife cheats on me. I really didn’t care. Life went along like that. Nothing actually changed until one day.
It was time to give a bath to my daughter. The usual ritual was to keep her inside the bathtub and let the tap on. She really enjoyed this way as the water would slowly fill her but I always made sure to turn off the tap before anything bad could happen as the bathtub was really huge compared to her size.
And so this day too, I followed the same ritual. Everthing was going alright until I heard my wife’s scream midway along with shattering of glass.
I went down to see what it was and it turned out that my wife had got really drunk and was just blasting her anger at the mirror. That was it. We got into this huge fight and I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I accused her of cheating and not taking care of our baby. Soon after hearing this, she started laughing. “What? Our baby?” She laughed again. I was silent on hearing this. “The baby is not even yours!” ,she laughed.
I couldn’t write in words the amount of emotions I was feeling all at once. Hatred,sadness,disgust,dissapointment you name it.
I pushed her. Yeah that was all i could manage to do after everything. I didn’t mean to hurt her. But i didnt know that at that moment, that one single push would lead her head into hitting that stone cold glass and penetrating in such a way that would kill her.
I was paralysed to witness what had just happened. I came close to her lifeless body but suddenly something dripped on her forehead from above. It was water. I looked above, and water was leaking from the ceiling. The realization hit me and I ran upstairs the fast I ever could. But it was too late. I forgot to turn off the tap. The water was overflowing the bathroom and there, my 2 year old dead daughter was lying in the bathtub.

So why am I here again?
Oh I killed my wife and my daughter,as the police states.
But I hope that you know that I’m innocent. I really am.

  • Simon

    “It broke my heart but I didn’t cared much actually.”
    Wait, what?!

  • trixie

    how are you typing if your typing if your in jail (i know this might be fake but idk)