Mental Teddy Bear

Ashlynn woke to a very rare smell… pancakes? “Happy birthday Ash!”

Happy Birthday? July, 07?

Ashlynn struggled to remember her OWN birthday.

“Ash?” Savvanah asked.

“Hmm, what?” Ashlynn replied.

“Are you okay?”

“I don’t know, what’s today’s date?”

“July 7th, also your birthday!”

“Ahh, yes.”

“Anyways, for your birthday… I got a teddy bear.”


“I’ll be downstairs.”

As Ashlynn got up from bed, she felt uncomfortable, something strange. Something staring at her from a corner. No clear view, blurriness as she stood up. The bear… the eyes, weird.

She heard voices the following 3 days, rare…

Today was no different, she walked downstairs, then she heard it…

That voice, somehow raspy and whispering.

“Be careful Ash… watch your steps.”

Ashlynn thought it was Savvanah, but she left for vacation just yesterday…

The bear has always been in the dark corner next to the closet, empty…

As she went to the kitchen she spotted the bear.

“I didn’t move it, did I?”

The bear responded to her, “I’m sure you did.”

“But I’ve never touched you.”

“You probably moved me while sleepwalking.”

“I sleepwalk?”

“Yes, I’ve seen you… I hear everything you say, what you think, I’m not just a bear full of cotton… I’m your demon…”


“Yes, your wish has become true, you wanted hell… well here you have it.”

Ashlynn felt a strike, her eyes, no longer blue, but pitch black, blood and scars around her face and body. She couldn’t feel anything.

“You wished it sweetie, have fun.”

Then it hit her, she was dead… the teddy bear that had voices throughout her mind, now gone the bear disappeared… No soul in her… Death had become reality to her.

“Welcome Ashlynn, I’ll be watching you now, no escape.”

Ashlynn thought it’d be over…

Looks like hell just started for her…