Journal of a Searching Man Part One Entry 1-9

Journal entry #1
1/02/18 8:30 am

It’s been a long time since my wife has gone missing. I came home one night and she was gone. I haven’t seen her in a while and I’m worried about her. My town is big on crime rates, mostly homicide. It’s a scary world. I hope she’s isn’t dead.


Journal entry #2
1/15/18 3:00 am

I have been having weird dreams. They are quit vivid. It’s been happening for a few weeks over and over, the same dream.

In my dream I can vision a house in the woods and inside, I can see a room hidden behind a book shelf, but one book seems to stand out to me. The spine of the book has a goat on it and the author is unknown. The title of the book is blurred out.

Are these dreams special? Could they link to my wife’s disappearance or is it just a wild dream?


Journal #3
2/06/18 9:45 pm

After a month of having these dreams, I have decided to go out of my way to venture into the woods to find this house. It was clear to me that the house was real because with each dream the realism got stronger. Now I could see every detail of the house from the material it was made from to a tiny crack in the window.

I have come to decide my dreams weren’t just fake things. I had thought of in fear for my wife’s well-being.


Journal #4
3/17/18 11:30 am

After another month of searching, I finally found the house. I was looking for the details to this house, made it look like the exact replica in my dreams.

This could be my only chance to find my beloved wife. I’m going inside.


Journal #5
3/17/18 11:32

I’m inside the house now. A musky smell is coming from the walls, but I’m ignoring it as much as I can.
I am motivated to find her.

The next thing that happened in my dream was a zoom shot of the book with the goat. But in reality, when I looked around, there was no book shelf. Another thing I noticed is I couldn’t find out information on the book if I didn’t know the title. I could only find out of the book shelf if I had the dream again, so I’m going to go to sleep.


Journal entry #6
3/18/18 10:26 am

It’s the next day. My dreams were a bit more expanded now that I’m actually in the house.

This time in my dream, I examined more of the house. To find a bookshelf in a room upstairs. I’m getting up now and I’m walking upstairs. I just found that the room was padlocked. I wonder why, this house was completely abandoned.


Journal entry #7
3/18/18 11:09.

I’m splurging the house looking for something to unlock the padlock. I can’t seem to find anything like bobby pins or coins in the other rooms upstairs, so I’m going back down. I’m venturing into the back yard of the house. I see a fire pit and I’m lucky to find a key inside that didn’t burn completely, so I take it to the room to unlock the door.

Yes, I’m happy to say that the key worked on the padlock and I found a bookshelf inside. I look through the books and I find the book with the goat on the spine, so I pulled it out. I’m getting closer to solving the mystery. That is when I’m taken to a different room by a rotating wall where the book shelf was. I panicked and pulled the door, but all I got was a broken finger. I’m not getting out any time soon.


Journal entry #7
3/18/18 2:40

I have almost been in here for 5 hours. I’m starting to get hungry, but there is no food source available. I have now identified the room as a secret bedroom because there is a bed, a desk, a lamp stand, and various pictures of the same woman framed on the wall. The woman in the pictures are my wife. I am now severely paranoid about what is to come of me. To try to relax myself, I will read this book to see if I can find anything.


Journal entry #8
3/19/18 3:00 am

I have been awake for the longest trying to figure out this book, but inside is just random, or a different language. I can’t seem to decode the language even the title is written this way.

I can’t sleep now or ever. I have to find out what they did to her. I can’t rest now.


Journal entry #9
4/08/18 12:01 am

I’m still trying to decipher the code in this book. I just know it has something to do with her. I found her picture on the last page of the book, but it was highly distorted.

I haven’t slept since the day I got stuck here. I wonder if anyone is looking for me. I hope they don’t. I can’t be taken away now, I’m just getting closer. I have began examining the room itself. I haven’t found anything. Perhaps I’m not looking close enough.

  • somniphobia

    I don’t understand ;-;)

    • Anna

      Okay he lost his wife last time he saw her was near the woods he’s seeing this house and a book in his dream he thinks it links to his wife going missing so he finds them when he finds the house he goes into it and finds the book but then he gets trapped in a hidden room behind the book shelf.hes trying to find how the book may link to his wife going missing but later expands to examining the whole room but he’s not looking close enough to find any clues