I was searching for lostmedia on the internet when I found this website. I’m going to ask none of you to visit this site, it is…

Basically, the entire website is all a giant chatroom, a bunch of servers like “English only” and such. You can create your own group chat, or even make a blog on the site.

So I signed up for the site. I used this site for about a month, chatting and such, but one day someone managed to find my email and emailed me a video. This video was called: “Tom and Jerry English Recovered 1996 Restored.mp4”

I replied, “Who are you? Did you email me by accident, because I don’t know you.”

He replied very quickly with, “Hello, my name is not important, the name of the mp4 speaks for itself. Please¬†submit to lost media discord.” When I asked why he couldn’t do it himself, he stopped responding… There wasn’t much else to do really, so I clicked on the mp4 file. As it turns out, it didn’t show any video and I couldn’t hear any audio, it was a black screen for around 15 minutes. I watched for 10 seconds before closing the tab.

I was a bit frustrated that nothing happened, so I decided to go back to the desktop and from there, I found a file named “The Searching Beacon” with an extension that from what I could tell, couldn’t even be opened. So I converted it to every possible file extension, but nothing seemed to work. Eventually however, I found out this is actually not a program, but a file.

So I extracted its content to find a bunch of exe files. “Hallway” “Entrance” “Cat Bed” which confused me. What is all this crap? I clicked “Entrance” and I saw a program run called “Sneak” and it was a live camera feed running 30FPS. I had no idea what to do in this situation. Do I call the police? Yeah… yeah I should call the police. 10 minutes later a SWAT team showed up, and almost broke down my door. When I went out, they demanded to see my PC. I decided to listen to their demands, I didn’t want to die, right?

After doing so, I unplugged my USB where all my data was backed up and put in my pocket. Pretty soon, I asked an officer, “What the hell is going on?” They told me that the program was given to me by a man that is known for hacking people’s computers and killing them. They told me that they found the man right outside my house, but they couldn’t catch him as he drove off. They offered to stay outside my house for the night incase he comes back.

The next day he sent me another program. This time it said “Bed”. I clicked it and it ran an exe “Video Playback” and it was a camcorder video of me… asleep… in my own bed. He proceeded to f**k with me for the remainder of the video, licking my face, spitting on me. He put a pair of sunglasses over my eyes. I was terrified. I still am, but I don’t think I can talk much longer. He just sent me a video of him sharpening a knife, and I think I hear someone in my house.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    … Dis boi sleeps deeper than I do, dang. I could sleep through an earthquake, but the second I hear my name or liquid touches me I am A W A K E . My sister has taken full advantage of this to torture me.
    Nice story, though.