Arbatian Mental Institution 2 Ch.9 Devastated

Lenny pounds his bare fists against the metal door, screaming with every ounce of anger that flowed within. Diane had the keys to Wing E, they only kept one copy of keys to certain wings, due to being cheap, and she was in the enclosed room with Christian.

“What do you want?! Take me instead! Just please don’t hurt her!” Lenny cries like a lost child. He grips the bars watching as Christian wraps his hard palm over Diane’s mouth, he makes eye contact with Lenny while sliding his rough tongue up her cheek.

“Now this one is tasty, I wonder if she’s as scrumptious as her little girl. What you think Lenny?”

Diane struggles against the over powering giant, her eyes glow into a red fade with tears colliding into his hand. They keys just within inches of her boots, she makes an attempt to reach and grab them. Christian slides his hands under her waist as she bends down to grab them, with one swift blow she’s beaten unconscious as her head is slung against the door.

“Just like I prefer, asleep and helpless. Think I’ll start with her nether regions, then work my way up. Or should I start with her breasts, maybe I could eat off of them for a while?” Christian whispers while laying her body down. A small drizzle of blood crosses down her forhead.

Lenny tries to squeeze his hand through the bars as Christian chuckles. He turns away paying no mind as he pulls down Diane’s pants. Lenny runs down the hallway accepting that nothing he could do alone would change the situation. Nurse Penny was absent, apparently she called in for an unknown reason to him. Not too many guards worked vampire hours, facility was tight with money on top of that so they kept staff short with night shifts.

Bursting through two doors, he gazes into the dining room and screams “Help! Diane is in trouble!”

Mark looks over at Cole and yells “Now’s our only chance, take it!”

Him and Cole jump up and begin to run towards Paul. He had been stuffing his face with a stale cupcake when he looks up to see Mark diving onto him. Cole, without asking, attacked the other guard driving his fist into his jaw. Mark snatched the keys and begins to run towards the double doors unlocking them. Cole and Kelly followed quickly.

Lenny looked in disbelief, his heart full of mixed feelings twisting and grinding, of all the things he felt, what he didn’t expect to was betrayal from two of his most trusted individuals. All that rang through his head was how Diane formerly warned him that not everyone was his friend. He felt foolish, disappointed, and most of all angry.

Cole looked back with guilt eating up his soul and simply mouthed “I’m sorry.” before running down the hall with Kelly and Mark. Paul and his fellow worker stayed silent on the ground, beaten and bruised in the small span of time.

Lenny runs behind Nurse Penny’s desk trying to find anything that could be of use as he tore her drawers out. Coming across a large set of keys at the back of a drawer, he heads back down Wing E.

Many keys jingled on the loop as he tried to see if any could match the keyhole, meanwhile Christian picks his head up after dipping his tongue in Diane’s left ear.

“Oh Lenny, you won’t find that right key in time, I almost feel sorry for you. See I don’t believe in karma, I think that s**t takes too long. Now what I believe in, is brutal justice. An eye for an eye so to speak. You take away, and I take back.”

He cracks his knuckles relieving pressure and stretches his arms “Now, in the instance of you breaking my f*****g bone, you really crossed a line with me. I tend to eat my meals while dead usually, well mostly, but in your case I’m ordering something special. See them other a*****e guards will pay, but you, well you got to me particularly. I’m going to eat her alive, and make you watch.”

Lenny rotates the keys as fast as he can, trying to block out the hurtful words being poisoned into his mind.

Christian exposes his grimy teeth and bites into Diane’s exposed breast, he pulls back ripping a partial piece of her n****e off. Diane wakes up screaming in agony, but is hushed with a closed fist to her mouth. Her jaw dislocates upon the landing, her ability to speak is taken but her arms and legs fight against him. He presses his hand against her mouth applying immense pressure, meanwhile tearing into her breast once more pulling back an even larger chunk. Blood squirts into his face as she claws at him, struggling to get away.

Lenny does everything he can to find the right key struggling to hurriedly locate the correct one, nausea battles against his will to cry and scream, while fear creeps over his entire being. Diane was being attacked, and there was nothing he could do to save her at that moment, right when she needed him.

“Christian stop! I’m f*****g begging you! I’ll do anything, please! Take me instead!”

Christian grips her head upwards at an angle and brings it down across the concrete floor, a cracking sound silently echoes. “You? No thanks I’m having fun, keep looking boy. Maybe I’ll be stuffed by the time you come in.”

He bites down onto her cheek gripping into it, he grinds his teeth for a few moments tearing through the tissue and finally making contact on both ends. At this point she is passed out from the pain, and bleeding out. Her tongue is exposed through the small hole in her face while Christian looks back to Lenny, giggling he opens his mouth while chewing loudly on her flesh, his jaw cracking while he ignores the pain. Lenny’s turmoil was more than what any painkiller could do for him.

The right key finally slides into the keyhole as Lenny turns it swinging the door open.

Mark runs down the hallway coming across Mrs.Cranston. He doesn’t hesitate to elbow her in the mouth, spitting her lip open. Hopping over her, he kicks a door open examining a room full of odd ends. Among the collection rest his hat sitting atop his folded cape. He plops his hat on and swirls his cape around his shoulders. Dark energy stimulates throughout his veins, sending waves of power. Aiming his hand towards the bolted doors, his palm glows a light red as they fling open slamming against the walls.

Laughing he looks back “I still got it! Let’s go!”

All three head out down the stairs and through the dying field of grass.

Before reaching the woods Cole waves his hand to stop while catching his breath “Hold up Mark..Okay I know this wasn’t the plan, and I’m too excited to even ask how you opened the doors, but look around. No one is chasing us, we’re alone out here, something ain’t right.”

Kelly chimes in “He’s right. How come she didn’t follow? You didn’t hit her that hard did you?”

A long blow is suddenly heard through the night air, Mark looks up between Kelly and Cole fixing his gaze upon the entrance to Arbatian. The angel statues begin to come to life, pushing their bronze hands against the doors they slam down onto the floor, rumbling the ground they stand upon.

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