Jeff the Killer 2017

When Jeff and Liu moved from Baton Rogue to Asheville, Liu wanted to go home. The sky was gray with clouds. It fit Jeff’s mood spot on. A week later the boys decided that a bike ride was the cure for the slight pangs of homesickness they were feeling. They found a pizza place, a school, and a video store.

“We Should get accounts,” Jeff said.

“One Look from the dashing Jeff and she probably might ban us.”

“Really Liu?”

Then they met someone. She was tall and thin, almost too thin, her face was heavily scarred with brown hair and Jeff’s icy blue eyes, her clothes hung from her body.

“I see that look,” Jeff knew that this girl was his girl. Jeff went to talk to her when something stopped him. She spread out wings. Jeff was excited. He walked up to her.

“Hey.” She didn’t hear.

“Hey Sunshine.”

She looked down, “Are those your bikes being messed with?” Jeff and Liu dashed outside. There were 3 boys.

“I’m Randy and this is Keith and Troy.” The mystery person ran outside and stood behind Jeff and Liu.

“Randy, you better leave!”

“Or What?” Randy said mockingly. She made it look like she was going to lose her head. Randy and Keith and Troy ran screaming.

“Haha gets them every time. I’m Abby by the way,” Jeff was lovestruck. Tomorrow was their first day of school.

Randy said, “New kids have to pay a fee,” and grabbed Liu’s wallet. Jeff had been having strange feelings since he met Abby but no one messes with his brother. That was the final straw. Jeff punched Randy in the nose, then disarmed Troy by breaking his wrist. Keith threw a knife, but Jeff caught it. Abby came to the bus stop and screamed. She was not expecting a fight at the bus stop.

“Jeff please let me handle my brother.” It did not go as planned. She was knocked unconscious, a trickle of blood on her forehead. Someone called 911. Jeff stayed by her side until they came. Jeff’s parents went to the bus stop. Jeff reluctantly said what happened. People came up to him, Abby’s face was pale. Her eyelids fluttered. Liu was really helpful. An ambulance pulled up and pulled a stretcher. Jeff was adamant about this until his mom let him go on the ambulance. Jeff was mad at Randy. He knocked out his girl so badly, Jeff wanted nothing more than revenge. At the hospital Abby was still knocked unconscious by Randy, who was Abby’s brother. The doctor said that she was gonna be hospitalized for 2 days for observation.

Jeff wondered if this strange, sweet pain he was feeling was love for Abby. She woke up slowly but steadily. She had a whooper of a migraine but was still smiling. They told jokes about Randy. Jeff’s were the funniest of them. Abby could not stop laughing but winced. Her eyes were cloudy with pain. Abby was fine, or so she said . She was gonna be hospitalized for 2 days for observation. Liu wanted to see her. He wanted to know if she was gonna be ok. Jeff was devastated but lovestruck at the same time.

When she was allowed to go home she said, “No one is at where I live.” Jeff said that she can live with his family. She was over the moon with joy.

A week later the she could go home. Both Abby and Jeff were set on talking to each other. Jeff began to smile uncharacteristically. Abby was standing up, but swaying at the same time. Jeff was really in love with her. Liu went to his brother’s side and stayed there. Abby came to Jeff’s arms. They stared into the distant sunset. Jeff sighed. Abby was using her supernatural powers and to make it beautiful. Towards the end of the sunset they were feeling happy. Jeff fell asleep on the couch without a word. Abby came to the couch without a word and fell asleep.

“Lets let them sleep,” Jeff’s mom said. In Jeff’s dream Abby was being tormented by someone. She was screaming for help but no one heard her. The person pulled out a knife and tried to cut Abby’s wings but she jumped up fought like a demon. She was hit in the stomach and fell. The mystery person ran to her and successfully cut off her wings. Abby’s terrified screams echoed through Jeff as woke up. Abby was sobbing. Jeff could tell she had the same dream. They realized that they had a mind link. They could see in each others dreams. Jeff was really tired, the stress of the hospital crap and the fear that he would lose Abby had taken its toll and fell asleep. When Jeff woke up he felt stronger than ever. Abby was still sleeping.

Liu woke up and went to talk, “Jeff, you never want to wake up at this time.”

Jeff snapped, “I’m waiting for Abby to wake up.”

Abby woke slowly, red wings stretching out. These weren’t faery wings, they were angel wings.


There was a knock on the door.

“I’m a neighbour and I wanted to invite you to my son’s birthday party.”

“Ok.” Jeff said. The day of the party came and Liu was coming with them. Jeff wore a hoodie and black jeans. Abby wore the same thing as Jeff minus black gloves. Abby looked gorgeous, like a supermodel. Jeff blushed. He felt lucky to have a good-looking girl. The trio went to the neighbour’s house. Jeff had a strange feeling. It felt like syrup flooding through him. It felt good but it needed one more thing. He all of a sudden had a migraine, but Jeff was good at concealing pain. The migraine got worse. Abby sensed that Jeff was in pain and using her supernatural powers that Jeff did not know about she healed him. When they got there Jeff did not feel like doing much of anything. Abby came to Jeff’s side.

“Abby I need advice.”

“What do you need advice on?”

“I’ve been having strange feelings but I don’t know what they mean.”

“Jeff, those are your killers instincts. You can ignore them but they eventually start to take over you after a while.” Then there was a pound on the door.

“OPEN UP WE KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE.” Jeff was still angry at Randy and had a moment where he considered killing Randy.

“Jeff, I’m gonna fly you to the backyard. Do those wings fly?” The door flew off the hinges and hit Abby in the head. Abby. Abby’s eyes spun in and out of focus. She fell unconscious in midair. Jeff fell on his feet. Abby was using her supernatural powers but was taken down quickly. She was bound and gagged, a knife at her throat.

“Lets not get crazy here, shall we?” Jeff was terrified, the thought of losing Abby was too great. Jeff began twitching. Someone snuck behind Randy and Keith and Troy and whacked them upside the head. The kid was named James. He knocked out Randy and Keith and Troy then untied Abby. She rose her arms and white mist swirled around them. She was healed. Troy staggered to the knife to finish the job but Jeff had other ideas. Randy and Troy ran to Jeff and started to whale on Jeff, so badly Jeff started to cough up blood. Abby came to Jeff’s rescue. Jeff was grateful for Abby and together they fought back. Jeff was still a little woozy but Abby helped him to fight. Then a bottle of alcohol hit Jeff and Abby in the head.

Randy said mockingly, “Jeff you look like a hoodlum.”

Abby made a brave stab at roasting, “So does your face.” Keith was standing behind Jeff and Abby with a bottle of bleach. He threw it on them. Troy threw a lighter. The alcohol and bleach went to an inferno and Jeff and Abby were set on fire. The last thing Jeff saw was Abby falling, on fire and screaming in pain and terror.

When Jeff regained consciousness he was wrapped up in bandages. He couldn’t speak but he felt a hand, Abby’s hand. Margaret came and hugged them both.

“Jeff they’re gonna let Liu go. Randy has been sent to prison for life.”

Using the mind link they were able to speak mentally.

“You ok.” Jeff said mentally.

“Yeah never better,” Abby said sarcastically.

“You speak sarcasm?” Jeff asked curiously.

“Yes I do,” Abby said. Her wings were heavily bandaged.

Mentally, Abby said, “Dood you fought like a demon.”

Jeff said mentally, “You did too. Randy was screaming because he didn’t know how powerful you are.”

“He can be very stupid,” Abby said.

A week later the bandages were to come off. Jeff was excited for this. Abby was sleeping. Jeff’s bandages came off and his mom screamed. She was not expecting Jeff to look like that. Jeff was very pale, his hair was midnight black, the bleach turned his lips very red. Abby woke up and her bandages were removed at once. She and Jeff looked alike. Jeff began to laugh uncharacteristically. The doctor said that this was a side effect of the amount of pain killers and anaesthesia and it should wear off in a couple of weeks.

Abby’s wings were singed a bloody red. The doctor said that they can go home. Both Abby and Jeff were insane since the fight against Randy, but Abby can control it. When they got home Jeff and Abby were really tired, the stress of the hospital crap wore them both out. Jeff was bone tired. Abby was half asleep. Jeff needed to get some sleep, so badly Jeff started sleeping standing up. Jeff began twitching slightly. He gently laid Abby on the couch without a word and fell asleep in his room. In Jeff’s dream Abby was being tormented by Troy. Jeff was mad at Troy and whacked him upside the head. Troy pulled out a knife and tried to stab Jeff. He feigned it and it landed right next to Abby’s side, almost an inch away from her wings spread out around her. James was bound to a pole, struggling to free himself. Someone snuck behind Troy and whacked him upside the head. His name was Sebastian. Abby was bleeding from a cut on her arm.

Liu woke up and saw that Jeff was still asleep. Liu smiled, sleep was the cure for Jeff, being so stressed out. He could tell Jeff was near the snapping point of stress. Worry and stress were etched in every line on Jeff. He was shouldering burdens that would crush many adults. No wonder he was so tired all the time. Liu decided to help his brother ease some of the burdens.

Jeff woke up slowly, His mind warped by the dreams. Liu asked Jeff if he wanted to go to the pool. Jeff said fine. It was a hot summer day so the foursome trekked to the pool. Abby leapt right in. Jeff took his sweet time getting in. Abby splashed him. Jeff chased her but she flew up.

Abby laughed. Jeff felt himself relax, hadn’t felt like this in a while. When they got home Jeff, Liu and Abby were set on playing video games for a while. When they were done everyone went to bed. In Jeff’s dream Abby was being tormented by someone who was trying to get her wings. Abby’s terrified screams echoed through Jeff as he woke up.

It was 6 in the morning. Abby was not awake. Jeff was exhausted, but was determined to make it through the day assuming that there were no surprise things. Jeff couldn’t keep his eyes open for much longer and fell asleep in an instant. Jeff had no dreams that time. For once Jeff welcomed sleep. When Jeff woke up he felt stronger than ever before, and re-energized. He realized that he had powers. Jeff was excited for having powers like his girlfriend. Their first day of school was tomorrow and Jeff was not looking forward to seeing Troy.

Abby woke up slowly but steadily but surely. Abby was beautiful, even better than a supermodel. Jeff blushed in spite of himself. He wondered though, how would people react to him and Abby. She rose her arms and white mist swirled around them both. Abby lowered her arms and smiled warmly. Jeff felt himself grow calmer. Someone snuck behind Abby and cut her wings. Abby collapsed in pain. She couldn’t even use her powers to heal herself. Jeff was triggered. Pulling out a knife Jeff tried stab at Troy. Troy made another cut on Abby’s wings. She screamed and passed out. Jeff was devastated but angry and triggered. Jeff began to twitch.

“Awwwwww you mad Jeff?” Troy teased. Jeff screamed and started fighting. Troy pleaded for mercy but Jeff did not care. A blue aura surrounded Jeff and let it go. Abby was bleeding from a cut on both wings. Troy ran screaming. Jeff went to Abby’s side and checked on her but there was little hope. Abby stirred weakly, her eyes opening slowly.

She said, with a weak voice, “Is he gone?” Jeff was ecstatic. Using her supernatural powers she put everyone to sleep and healed a little bit, then passed out. Jeff was scared. Abby was seriously injured. Jeff began to try to help her stay alive.

A girl showed up. Her name was Avery. She and Jeff helped keep Abby alive. Soon she was strong enough to stand. Her eyes were cloudy with pain. Jeff was happy for her. Abby stood up smiled. Jeff began to smile. Avery was gone. Abby was standing tall but weak and frail, her wings heavily bandaged.

“Here I am again.” Her magic faded and everyone woke up. Liu wondered why Abby was heavily bandaged. Jeff said that there was a fight.

“Another one?”


Liu moaned.

“Well it’s not my fault that Troy cut Abby’s wings. That fool.” Jeff said. Abby rustled her wings and winced. Her blue eyes were cloudy with pain.Abby collapsed Jeff’s arms, in such pain she bit her lip to not cry out. She was weak, slowly losing strength, her will. Jeff was secretly nervous, the chances losing Abby was too great for Jeff to talk about. Abby stirred weakly and slowly opened her eyes.

“Jeff, what happened?” Jeff realized that Abby was depending on him for her survival, with the wounds that she had she could potentially lose her life, she was helpless. While Abby slept, Jeff silently hoped that she could live, but all of the while silently sobbing. Jeff could control his emotions but it all flooded out of Jeff. Even in Abby’s much weakened state could she could have emotions. Mustering the last bit of strength she had left she brushed her hand over Jeff’s hand and he took it in his hands. Jeff smiled. Abby smiled warmly, the way she did when Jeff and Abby first fell in love, when they watched the sunset. She was almost done healing, almost but not quite. Jeff began to calm down and fell asleep with Abby. She was murmuring lyrics to a song. Abby was very good, perfect. Jeff realized that Abby knew that Jeff loved her and she loved Jeff. Soon she was strong enough to stand. It was twilight and they watched the sunset. Abby was using her supernatural powers and made it look beautiful. Towards the end of the sunset Abby’s wings were healed and she flew up. Jeff was amazed.

“How long does it take you to heal your wings.”

“Depends on the wound. Anywhere from an hour to a year.” Jeff smiled. A month passed since the attack on Abby. Two since the fight against Randy and Keith and Troy and when they went insane. Jeff and Abby were going back to school. Jeff was in a state of shock. Abby was really scared but didn’t let it show but Jeff knew that she was nervous. She would fidget with her hair and straighten her wing feathers.

“Abby I’m scared too.” Jeff said reassuringly. To Abby Jeff was a brother, one who would altruisticly protect his siblings, risk his life to rescue someone, take you in his arms and reassure you that everything is going to be fine. The first day of school, Jeff wanted it to be somewhat normal.

At the bus stop Jeff asked, “Do you remember this stop?”

“Yes I do, let’s hope that it doesn’t happen again.”

It did. Troy pulled a sneak attack and boldly tried to cut Abby’s wings but she jumped up and screamed, “Nice try stupid, but I’m smarter than that!” Jeff tripped Troy and Liu grabbed the knife.

“Thanks Liu!”

Troy surrendered. Jeff reluctantly left. Troy tricked them and almost succeeded but Jeff had other ideas. Jeff smacked away from her wings. The bus arrived at the stop.

*switch to Jeff’s perspective*

Why are people whispering about me and Abby? I’m just like everyone else minus the appearance!

*switch to Jaoliva*

I will never forget the day that Jeff and Abby were set on fire. I was there when it happened. Poor guy and girl. Actually there a lot of us there. I saw the way that Jeff protected Abby’s wings. How CUTE!!!! I think that people are going to be jealous of Jeff and Abby even though they are THE perfect power couple.

*switch to Preston, another kid*

I am curious about what happened to Jeff and Abby. Why does she have a bandage on her forehead. I’m relatively new here so I will get more information.

*switch to second person*

Abby suddenly flew off the bus and picked up a kitten. Jeff was in a state of befuddlement.

*switch to Cloè*

Who are they?! Why are they here?! This is, like my territory.

*switch to second person*

The kitten Abby picked up was curled up and asleep.

“I’m going to name it Courtney,” Jeff noticed that people were whispering about them both, why the girl wore gloves, why they kept checking behind their backs, why the girl’s shirt bulged in the back, why the boy was close to the girl, why they are so quiet, and why they wore hoods. Jeff felt his rage kick-start. Halfway through the ride to school a girl started to talk to them.

“Hi I’m Jaoliva and this is Preston.” Jeff began to smile uncharacteristically. Abby was terrified of school.

“Look I know you were trying to be nice but Abby and I can handle it.” Jeff said. Abby rustled her wings and straightened her wings feathers. Jeff put his hand on her shoulder. Abby slowly stopped fidgeting with her wings and relaxed, and leaned her head on Jeff’s shoulder. Jeff smiled, so far so good. Abby was blissfully happy. Jeff fell even further in love with her. Liu went to talk to other people. By the end of the ride to school Liu had made friends. Jeff began to smile uncharacteristically.

Abby was standing tall and thin, her wings spread out around them both. Jeff was nervous, for Abby and himself. Someone snuck behind Abby and tripped her, then yanked a couple of feathers from her wings. Abby’s beautiful black wings were bent this way and that. Jeff was mad. Pulling the five feathers and gave them to Abby. She gave them to 5 people. Jeff realized that they can be good luck charms. Jeff could use some luck. Liu asked Jeff why his hand was on her shoulder.

Jeff said, “To show the school a new power couple.”

A mystery person ran outside to Abby and cut her wings. Abby collapsed in pain. While Jeff helped keep Abby alive Liu told her off like a boss. She punched Liu, then tripped him. Abby was in Jeff’s arms, in such pain she bit her lip to not cry out. She couldn’t even use her powers to heal herself. Jeff was devastated. She was slowly but steadily weakening. Soon she would have no strength and would pass out. Jeff could feel her strength ebb away. Finally, to the pleasure of the attacker, she passed out.

She fell unconscious in minutes then Jeff realized if she passed out in minutes then there was something on the blade. Jeff could tell if it was messed with and it was. Then people came up to Jeff. One was named Ben and the other was Toby. Jeff’s eyes were pleading so Toby went to him. While she was knocked unconscious, Randy ran to her and cut her arms.

Jeff did not know about that until Toby spoke, “Dood I think I found Randy.” Jeff was still angry at Randy for knocking out his girl. Jeff went to Abby’s side and checked on her but there was little to no hope. Abby stirred weakly and slowly opened her eyes. Jeff began to smile. Toby smiled at her. Abby rustled her wings and winced. Her eyes were cloudy with pain. Abby tried to stand up but the pain came back and she collapsed. She had 2 long cuts on her arm and wings. Jeff was excited for Abby and Toby for helping him when he needed it most. Jeff was ecstatic.

Abby was still knocked unconscious by the vicious attack but she was murmuring lyrics to a song, “It’s true I sing the saddest song. Given a chance I carry on.” Jeff heard the whispering and he knew that this girl was unlucky. Abby was blessed with powers but was unlucky. Meanwhile back at the school Liu had to explain why he was late. All he said was there was an attack on Abby and he was trying to help her stay alive. Jeff was devastated but lovestruck at the same time.

Jeff was falling even deeper in love with her and spoke to her, “Abby I really hope you survive this.”

Abby said very weakly, “I do too Jeff. That’s why I need you at this time. I love you.”

Jeff was ecstatic, she admitted her love and Jeff admitted his love for Abby. Abby passed out once again. Jeff was nervous about her, could she die, if she died he would kill. At the hospital Abby was still knocked unconscious by Randy and the mystery person. Jeff began to sob but kept it controlled. The doctor she was in a medically induced coma. Jeff began to sob letting all of his emotions go when he remembered that she had a mind link with him.

“Hey Abby you OK?”

Abby said mentally, “I’m fine. Hey can you do me a solid by next time you see Randy kick him in the spot.”

“Alright Abby.”

The doctor came and said that she can wake up now. Abby woke up slowly but steadily. She had a whooper of a migraine but was still smiling. She was still very weak but was still in a good mood. Jeff noticed how powerful she was with magic, how positive she was, no matter what the circumstance was. Then people came up to her and Jeff was shoved to the side of the room. They were doctors, or so they said. They kept messing with Abby’s wings but she flew up to the roof and she probably would have stayed there had Jeff not been there and if she was super weak. Liu had visited her while she was asleep. Liu knew how upset Jeff was, and scared. Abby was asleep so they spoke in whispers.

“Jeff you know she might not be able to survive this,” Jeff argued, sounding like a little kid.

“But she could. I’m prepared for the best case scenario,” Liu couldn’t help but smile. Leave it to Jeff to look on the bright side of things but he held sadness, and insanity. The next day Abby was going home. Jeff was super ecstatic. The doctor warned that she must take it easy for a while. When they got home Jeff and Abby were really tired, Abby in particular, Jeff because of the hospital crap and the fear that he would lose her, Abby,the very potent sedative that the doctor gave her. Liu asked Jeff if he could help. Jeff said no. It was around midnight when they got home. Jeff was outraged that the doctor gave her a sedative without his direct permission. Abby was hardly able to stand much less use her powers and the mental link they shared. They gave her pain killers when she was not in pain. She figured it was for when she was in pain. Abby managed to get to where she slept and fell asleep, having fought the effects of the sedative for 3 hours.

Jeff thought, “She must be really tough to get through 3 hours on a sedative.”

Abby was asleep for a long time. When she woke up she was dizzy. Jeff had a moment where he felt sympathy with her. Abby rustled her wings and winced because they were sore. Jeff knew that she can take on so much pain and still survive. Abby was leaning on Jeff’s shoulder and Jeff stroked her hair. It felt silky and smooth and Jeff loved it. Abby was getting even more dizzy. She closed her eyes. Jeff began to worry about her. Abby was so dizzy she felt sick, and on top of that she had a whooper of a migraine. Abby was in a state of very bad pain and Jeff knew it.

“Abby you OK?” Jeff said mentally. Jeff waited for the answer but it was a mind-blowing amount of pain. Abby was using her supernatural powers to heal herself but to no avail. She fell asleep in minutes then Jeff realized if she slept all day then the sedative had not worn off. He knew that it was time for a lawsuit filed against the hospital where she was worked on. The hospital was sued. But by that time Abby was really sick so Jeff stayed home to take care of her. Liu went to court in Jeff’s place. At the courthouse the lawsuit was not going well until Liu got an idea.

“Dad, video call Jeff via Abby’s phone.”

They did, and at the perfect time. They saw Abby curled up, in pain, shivering, feverish, and very sick. They saw Jeff’s terrified, outraged expression, all it said was, “What did you do to my girlfriend!? You fiend!”

The court was in favour of the family. She had blacked out from the pain. Abby was weak, helpless. Helplessness overtook Jeff as he broke down in tears. He didn’t bother to hide his tears.

Abby whispered weakly, “I’m still alive Jeff, don’t worry about me. I will be fine.”

Jeff said, “If this is the last time I will see you I want to do this.”

Abby said, “What?” Jeff leaned in and kissed her. Abby wrapped her arms around Jeff and she kissed him. Little did they know Liu was watching, with a video camera, taping the kiss. Liu laughed. Jeff’s mom wondered why Liu was laughing so hard.

“I taped Jeff kissing Abby and it was adorable.”

A week passed and Abby was doing a lot better. James came to visit the both and was amazed at how much better she was. Abby was steadily gaining her strength, but was struggling to regain control of her magic. She was wearing gloves to mask her magic. Ben and Toby were there for Jeff. Liu was showing the tape of Jeff and Abby kissing the day that Jeff thought he would lose her. A while later she got control of her dark magic. They were going back to school and the two of them were officially a couple.

When they got to the school she whispered, “Give them what they want Jeff.”

James met with Jeff and started talking strategy for the game.

“You never told me you played sports,” Abby said.

“You were accepted into the cheer squad,” James said.

Abby said, “They are going to have learn to appreciate others for who they are.”

In class, Abby was forced to keep her wings tucked but she can’t. They were restless, kind of like her. It was the same situation with her magic. Now Jeff knew why she hated it here. It was horrible here. She was tense, tight as a bowstring. Jeff realized why, she was scared to be here, she wanted to get out of there asap. Jeff was by her side the entire time, thus keeping her calm. In the hallway she gave a magic show. Someone snuck up on Abby and punched her in the back. She rolled on her back and kicked. She was wearing heels so it really hurt the person. It turned out to be Randy and she had kicked him.

“What are you doing out of prison?”

“Just wanted to see how you are doing. I heard that you are in a relationship with Jeff.”

“Randy. Get. Out. Or. I. kick. You. Again.” She stood up and prepped herself as Randy punched her in the head, then tripped her and started to wale on her. Jeff timed the blows and saved Abby’s life.

Shakily, Abby said, “Please don’t let him hurt me.” Jeff realized that she was pleading for her life and magic. He vowed to help protect her and swore it on his life. Abby was sparkling and Jeff’s hands were glowing.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s my blessing to you. I can do that to people I choose. You get my powers and maybe a set of wings like mine.” Jeff was in awe of her magic and the magic that he would soon have. The magic came quickly, the wings, not so quickly. They came very slowly and painfully.

Three weeks later Jeff got his wings. They were raven black, like Abby’s. She taught him how to fly and to control his newfound magic.

“You may need a running start because your wings are newer than mine.” Jeff made liftoff. Abby was excited to see Jeff in the air and flying. She flew to join his in the sky. Jeff had never felt so excited in his life. To prove he could, he did the moonwalk in midair. Abby found that highly funny and started to dance. Pretty soon it was busting moves from class of 07. Soon the both of them were officially a very young couple. It was around midnight when they got home from having a good time with each other.

Little did he know, Abby still had the thing that Jeff thought was gone. That showed up again in her because Jeff heard her when no one else did or could. Abby was curled up, in pain, shivering, feverish, but this time she was bleeding from cuts on her arms and a long one on her left leg. Jeff bandaged her up and stayed by her side the entire time.

Abby whispered weakly, “Use your magic. I am too weak to use mine.” Jeff healed her. She whispered, “Thank you.” She looked kind of like Malifecent, tall, strong, brave,beautiful, her wings read out to their full length of 100 feet. Hands crackling with electricity she lowered herself and smiled warmly. Jeff loved that smile, it reminded him of the time that they first met and when then fell in love. Jeff smiled and Abby kissed Jeff on the cheek. Jeff blushed and kissed her on the cheek.

Jeff asked, because he had no idea, “Would you like to go out with me?”

She wasted no time in response, “Yes.” Jeff was ecstatic.

The day of the date came too soon for the couple. Jeff cleaned off the roof. That night, they laid on the roof and just talked about themselves. Jeff talked about Baton rouge and how amazing it was. Abby talked about her family before she met and fell in love with Jeff. In the twilight she looked kind of sad. The sunset was beautiful.

Jeff said, “I never knew how beautiful it is here.”

Abby said, “You should see it at night. It’s worth the wait.” They waited until nightfall and she was right. It was beautiful. Under the light of the full moon they declared their love, and had true love’s kiss under the light of the full moon. Then they slow danced a waltz. Abby was a great dancer. Jeff wasn’t all that bad. It was around 3 A.M. Jeff was tired but didn’t let it show. Abby was already asleep when Jeff felt tired. Jeff fell asleep on the roof with her. When they woke up it was noon. Nobody batted an eye over the fact that they were holding hands. Maybe they already knew it or maybe they didn’t. No one was home. Abby collapsed, pain wracking every nerve of her.

She only whispered before pain made her pass out, “Surprise vision. Happens a lot.” Jeff was very much afraid. Then he heard a voice. First he blamed his insanity then realized it wasn’t his sanity it was in real life. It sounded unfamiliar. It was Ari Asylum.

He laughed, “Love saves everything? More like insanity!” Jeff knew what was about to happen and quickly found the sharpest and longest knife. Jeff completely outnumbered Ari in strength and magic but Ari was 2 steps ahead of Jeff. Blades clashed and sparks flew. Abby slowly woke up and drew her katanas. They glowed black and white.

She said in a very creepy and ominous voice, “Oh what fun this is.” She laughed, not the laugh that Jeff loved, it was the laugh of insanity that turned into an evil cackle. Ari fled the scene and she tried to chase him but Jeff grabbed her by the ankles.

Jeff asked, “What is the meaning of this?”

Abby said only, “He’s the one who started this.” She slowly flew down and sheathed her swords. One minute she was ready for a fight and now she was defeated, and very much afraid of what might and possibly will happen.

Abby said, “I’ve known Ari since I was roughly knee height with Randy. At first he did not scare me because I was 3 years old when I met him but as I got older, around the age of 7, I realized that he was a scary sonofagun. That’s when my powers and wings started to appear. Now he’s the worlds scariest flipping sonofagun.”

She was tense and shaking with fear. Jeff had never seen her so terrified and fearful. Her beautiful blue eyes, which marked them as a young couple held a fractured look in them. Her traditional smirk, which had gotten her branded her as a rebel, was gone, replaced with a look of fear. She started to hyperventilate and then passed out cold. The last thing she saw Jeff’s concerned expression. She, 3 hours later woke up in a strange room, extremely weak, limbs like sandbags and her head swimming. She felt a sharp sting in her shoulder and she went numb. Jeff was, in the fear that he would lose her was going to be at her side the entire time. The doctor said that she was in a medically induced coma so she can heal and that he can stay with her. Jeff never knew how thin she was until now. Her wings were wrapped loosely around her thin frame. Jeff had never felt so nervous and started to feel desperate. Her arm was hanging out of the bed and in that hand was a note.

“My beloved Jeff, I know I will be asleep long after you see this. I wrote this to say that I love you and I always will no matter what the circumstances are. When you met me I didn’t know what to do. When I blessed you with my magic I knew that I can trust you. Look how far our relationship is. Love at first sight, it’s real, you proved it to me. I will swear, no harm shall come to you as long as I live.” She signed it in her favourite red pen and sealed it with a kiss.

Jeff quickly swiped at the tears that were forming in his icy blue eyes. Even though she was asleep she smiled that warm smile, she had tears in her icy blue eyes. The doctor let her wake up and she did. She flew up in the air and gave a drunken grin, “Feels great to be in the air again.” She was able to go home. Jeff noticed that she had that rebellious smirk back. She looked kind of like Malifecent with sanity issues. She fell asleep the moment she got in the house. She was delirious with the need for sleep but her dreams weren’t any better than usual. She woke up 12 hours later feeling so much better. Later Jeff and Abby laid on the roof and expressed their fears. She brought up her fear of dying and he brought up all the stress since the first attack on Abby.

“I could feel all that stress on that day. You were nearest to your snapping point.” Abby glowed with health and raw, throbbing beauty. She was wearing a knee height black and white dress and her hair was braided down her back. She wore a locket and the picture was of her real parents.

“I’m trying to find my real parents But the people in the picture look kind of familiar.” She showed him the picture.

  • Shadowswimmer77

    So, what, you plagiarized a bunch of plot points from K. Banning Kellum’s Jeff the Killer 2015 before inserting your own OC into the story?

  • D

    written so poorly I couldn’t finish it

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I hate to leave a lot of negative criticism without anything positive to add, but yeah. Like Shadowswimmer 77 pointed out, this is out right plagiarism. You took the title and from as much as I could stand to read the exact story and dialogue. That’s not cool. And if you’re gonna do something like this, make sure you’re at least on par with the original author’s ability to write. I went and read his and it was much better written, including dialogue, details, and punctuation. Please post something original, that’s what this site is for.

  • Rose Morrison

    I agree with D, so many spelling, grammatical, punctuation and tense mistakes, as well as a chaotic plotline and disjointed storyline, that I just couldn’t struggle through to the end. This needs editing so badly. Plus, yes, it does appear to be plagiarized. I look forward to something original from you in the future.

  • Luthic

    There are several problems with this story. Plagiarism, completely disjointed plot, and unreadable gramma are all contributing factors to me not reading this in it’s entirety.
    Please rewrite. Use original dialog. If your grasp of grammar is bad, have someone edit for you. Use a second set of eyes to see if the plot is ok, or if some more exposition and attention to continuity is needed.

  • Ren

    I know there is tons of criticism but I really could not read this. It speeds along too quickly and it just throws a bunch of things in your face immediately. It literally didn’t make any sense AND it was plagiarized.

  • Dark_Temmie

    Story: Jeff was bone tired.

  • snow crystal

    This sounds like it was made by an 11 year old.. It was basically just steeling jeff the killer for our own bad oc.. Not trying to be a bully just saying how i felt

  • Jed

    0/5 I can’t express my opinion on this story in my usual one-sentence format. This is the single most incoherent, lousy piece of writing I’ve read. I can’t give a zero star rating on here, so I didn’t even rate it. I could at least rate other Jeff the Killer fanfics 1 star because they gave me the mercy of being short. This is a looong read. It’s super repetitive, it feels like it’s written by a 10-year-old who thinks insanity just “happens”, and there are magic winged people and people with katanas? This story is confusing, and the reason I despise Jeff the Killer and its fanbase.

  • Thomas

    Very bad I lost interest