Cracky Casy and Ticci Toby Pt. 11

I stared down at Jackson’s pain filled face. Looking up at me, I knew he was scared.

“Hey. I’m Casy. This is Toby, and he’s Hoodie.” I said, pointing at the guys by my side. Toby sighed and looked away.

”Uh… h-hey” Jackson stuttered, stumbling to get up. I pushed him down gently. Trying to get him to rest.

”Relax. You are hurt. Last thing I want is for you to strain yourself.” I said, moving my mask away from my mouth, revealing my smile.

”Guys, we gotta go. The boss is waiting.” Hoodie said. I nodded, facing him. I turned back towards Jackson.

“C’mon, we have to go.” I said, moving my hand for him to grab. He looked at it as he sat up and shyly looked at me. He hopped down without my hand and looked down.

”Hey, are you alright?” I asked.

“Y-yeah… why?” he asked, looking down at mt feet.

”Just wondering. Hey, you can trust me. I know that sounds creepy, but really you can. I’m not come strange candy selling and puppy holder in a van.” I said chuckling. He chuckled too, but quickly stopped.

”hmm, alright, let’s go.” I said, gesturing for him to follow me. I turned around and let him my follow me. I headed his footsteps behind me, so I knew he was there. Everyone walked outside. As I stepped out, I saw all of the trainees standing in a line.

”Oh no. It’s training day.” Hoodie said angrily.

”Hey wait… where’s Masky?” Clockwork asked, sounding anxious. I lowered my head. I felt Toby’s warmth come around me and his head drop. I looked up to see Hoodie facing down, turned away from everyone. I heard Jackson take a breath, as if he were to say something, but stopped himself.

”what happened to him? What’s wrong?” she asked again. Hoodie turned and walked towards her, still looking down at his feet. He stopped in front of her Andy put his hand on her shoulder.

”He tried to kill us. Slenderman took him somewhere and… and killed him.” he said sadly, struggling to get his words out. Clockwork stepped back, tears in eyes and hands over mouth.

”No way…” Jeff said in shock.

”I… I can’t…” Jane tried. Jack was silent. I looked up at everyone and Toby stepped away, still sad. The thought of these kids hearing that one of their own, died after trying to kill us, devastated everyone. Toby, Hoodie and me. Mostly me. Clockwork fell to her knees, tears down her cheeks and he hands still over her mouth.

”Clockwork I-“ I said, trying to help her. She looked up at me with an evil glare.

”You. YOU KILLED HIM!” she yelled ferociously, standing to her feet.

“I what?” I asked.

”YOUR FAULT!” she yelled at me. She began to charge, ripping a knife from her back, between her and her jeens. I placed a foot behind me, lifting my arm in defence. She lounged towards me, lifting her knife above her head. I was ready to block. She began to fall in my direction. When she nearly hit me I pressed my and to the side of her knife and shifted it to the right, forcing her down. I ripped her weapon from her hand and threw it me behind me. I turned and faced Jackson, then Toby. Toby’s eyes widened.

“Look out!” I heard Jackson yell. I saw him dash towards me, passing my vision. I turned my head to seeJackson holding the fists of Clockwork in his hands, blocking her from me. His eyes bursting with anger and defensive means. He pushed her back, and punching her in the gut. She fell backwards, smashing to the ground. Jackson stepped towards her, fists clenched. Clockwork scrambled to her feet and dashed away into the forests behind us. Tommy turned to me, still panting from the sudden rush of adrenaline. I smiled at him even though my mask was still on. Slenderman stepped out from the shadows. The cold wind rushed against my back.

”Well done. It’s clear that you, Jackson, can act quickly. You will do fine here.” He said, walking towards us. Jackson froze. I glanced over at him to see him shaking. He looked scared but ready.

“Boss, I think you and I need to talk,” I said stepping between him and Jackson. Slenderman stepped back and turned around, facing the forest around us. I quickly ran after him, stepping to his side.

“What is it?” he said deeply.

“He remembers your face. He is scared of you. Boss, I believe you have to convince Jackson that he is safe here with you.” I said, glancing back to see Jackson, still on his guard. I faced Slenderman to see him nod. I nodded back and turned around. I walked back towards everyone. Jackson quickly shot his eyes to my shoes. I wasn’t surprised. I heard Slenderman walk behind me. I moved off to the side. Slenderman walked up to Jackson and led him to the side. Training began. I led Jane to the beginning of the course.

Author’s Note: Hahahaha I’m soooooooo sorry for this being so late, but I currently have been so busy lately, so I’ve been offline. I’m gonna be gone for a little bit later on. I can hopefully get back on track soon!

  • Tommy Jackson

    Great I love it, Tommy should be really defensive to Casey and Toby, Even though he is fourteen when he gets attached to someone or something he doesn’t want it gone(try to put his cat in somehow also, if you want of course)

    • CREEPY_GURL122

      Awesome! I’m thrilled that you liked it. I’ll be sure to implement the cat. You said it was black, correct? As I was writing, I figured that if I added a sense of defensiveness to Tommy, it would portray shyness and less fear. But anyways, I’ll keep this story going.

      • Tommy Jackson

        Yes the cat is black, and Tommy (although shy) is very skilled in combat

        • CREEPY_GURL122

          Perfect. Thanks. I’m actually starting part 12 right now, so I’m glad you responded quickly.

          • Tommy Jackson

            Great I can’t wait to read it