Kaspor – Part 1

Hey guys I am new at writing creepypastas and I just wanted to say that this story was based on actual dreams I had as a kid. Although everything else in it I came up with entirely the dream aspects, are the exact dreams I had as a kid. I felt I should make this into a creepy pasta because it scared the crap out of me when I was young, this will be a 3-4 part series, I hope you enjoy it.

It all started off as a “simple nightmare” but it gradually got worse overtime. Everyone said it was nothing and that it’s not real, but they were oh so very wrong. And to this very day I feel that I accomplished nothing, that it is still here watching me. I have trouble sleeping at night because I fear that me having that dream in the first place might be what brought it here. Yet when I do fall asleep I have normal dreams now, I haven’t seen it ever since that day.

Maybe I got rid of it for good, but if so why do I feel like it is still here?


One day, when I was only 5 years old my mom and dad bought me and my sister two cats, one black cat named Bell and the other was a white cat named Tinker. Tinker was a mean cat who didn’t like any of us, she ran away the day we got her and never came back, but Bell on the other hand, well she stayed. But a few days later after we gave up searching for Tinker, something happened to Bell, or rather to both Tinker and Bell. We let Bell outside to do her daily walk around the house because she likes to do so everyday.

I regret ever opening the door for her. Not even a minute after letting her outside I hear the sound of a cat hissing and then a loud thud. I ran outside to see what the sound was, and was terrified at what I saw. I saw Bell being torn to shreds by a big dog, I yelled for my mom and dad but by the time they got to me it was too late. Bell was dead, I was scarred for life from the mangled body… that’s probably what triggered it.

Later that night, I could hear my sister still crying even though it has been hours since Bell died and she got the news. My mom told her to be quiet and go to sleep, and she did which allowed me to finally fall asleep. I wish my sister never shut up because of what I saw next would be the beginning of a living hell. I “awaken” in my bed but something feels off and I can’t tell exactly what. As if instinctively I get up and investigate because my gut tells me to see what is wrong.

I realize this isn’t my house, or at least it doesn’t feel like my house… It looks exactly like my house but I just know that it’s not. I go downstairs because I sleep on the second floor, and I wanted to collect my bearings of the place. But the moment I get down there, I hear a creak behind me in the distance, it came from up the stairs. I turn around and catch a glimpse of some giant furry creature swiftly making its way around a corner as soon as I look in its direction.

I wasn’t able to get a good look at it and I hoped I never would. I make my way to my mom and dad’s room, there is no one there in the bed. Then, I heard a really loud creak directly behind me. I kept telling myself, “Don’t turn around, don’t turn around you will regret it, so don’t turn around.” But eventually curiosity got the best of me.

I slowly turned around to look behind me, and there it is. A giant, terrifying furry humanoid cat creature that looks mangled with some bones bent in a weird way. Then, it hisses and I wake up, I immediately rush to my mom and dad’s bed and tell them about what I saw. They brush it aside as if it’s nothing, but this continues for days and days. It gets worse and worse, each time it changes, sometimes the cat will just stalk me.

Other times it will change its look to be darker and blend in with shadows more easily. Then it would knock on a random window, and once I look in the window there is nothing there. But afterwards if I make the slightest sound even just moving a hand, the cat would smash through the window and kill me. And the last thing that it does occasionally it would hide in closets, dark and locked rooms, behind curtains, anywhere it can hide. And I would get increasingly paranoid and frightened with no control over it whatsoever to the point where I scream at the top of my lungs.

After that, it pops out of its hiding spot and proceeds to chase me throughout the house like a game of cat and mouse. Then it either kills me or gets tired and says in a deep voice “I hope to see you again so we can play.” The nightmares stopped eventually after 4 months… and I never saw the cat again, Until 11 years later which is when it started back up but worst. One day, I was visiting my grandparents’ who bought our old house from us since we were moving. Later that night when I went to bed, I “awakened” in the bed again.

I instantly knew what was going on. I started to panic, I thought to myself “I DON’T WANT TO GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS.” But then into the room walked all three instances of the cat… They all rush at me at once and I wake up sweating bullets. I hear a scream come from down stairs and I rush down as fast as I can. There I see my grandpa lying on the floor in a pool of blood, and my grandma in a corner frozen in fear.

I froze as well when I noticed why she was so terrified because next to my grandpa lying dead on the floor. The cat is there, it is now in reality looming over my grandpa’s dead body. Its claws are bloody and its face smiling showing its razor-sharp teeth. I scream and the cat turns around and notices me, its grin grows bigger as it lets out a ghastly meow. I run over to the kitchen to grab a knife to use as a weapon to protect myself.

The cat notices what I’m doing and pounces at me, but before it can get me I get to the knife just in time and manage to stab the cat in the throat. The cat falls to the ground and turns into a skeleton of a small, normal cat. I notice my grandma is now on the floor clutching her chest and I ran over to her and realize she is having a heart attack. I instantly called 911 and told them about what happened, I don’t mention the cat. I just say a burglar got in, because who would believe that kind of story am I right?

When my grandma awoke in the hospital she didn’t remember what happened. I haven’t seen the cat since, but I get a feeling that something is still watching me from somewhere… I just can’t figure out where.

  • Shadow Creator

    Part two will start being worked on either sometime this month or next month, maybe january since that’s when my birthday is….so its coming soon.