The Game

Warning: Turn back while you have the chance. This game… it’s not like the others you’ve played. If you choose to proceed use caution.


Are you still here? Well, alright then you were warned. In just a moment I will give you instructions, you must listen to them carefully if you are to remain safe. Are you ready?

First lay down on your back. We’re going to play a game you may have heard about but there’s more to it. Close your eyes and imagine stairs leading downward, down towards hell. As you descend the stairs count backwards from ninety-nine. While you’re on the stairs, you may turn back at anytime. If you make it to the bottom step, I will not congratulate you, it’s definitely not something to celebrate. I will however ask if you are ready to move forward. If you choose to end the game, count from the step you’re on back to one hundred. At that point, you may open your eyes and go home. If you choose to continue past the last step… well, I wish you well. Not everyone makes it all the way down. So again good luck and I’ll see you at the bottom.

You decide you want to play, you’re bored and want to prove to your friends you’re not scared. You close your eyes and imagine one hundred stairs descending down towards hell. You start to count ninety-nine, ninety-eight, ninety-seven, ninety-six. You pause on stair eighty. This isn’t so bad you think to yourself. Although you notice the lights are beginning to dim. So you start to descend some more counting as you go. Once you reach sixty-five, you notice shadows of people on the walls, but you are alone you tell yourself. There’s a faint wailing sound that sends chills down your spine, but again you continue to descend. Stair fifty you’re halfway there, you can barely make out the outline of your hand. The wailing is louder, it sounds like a baby in distress. You continue wanting now to rescue the baby. Stair ten you see torchlight making it easier to see, the feeling of hands grasping you ten stairs ago was getting overwhelming but the baby… again you continue, finally reaching the first stair where the voice started again.

I see you’ve made it… Are you ready to continue? Or do you want to return? You’re going to continue? Well, alright but you were warned. This is where it is most important you listen carefully to what I say. Follow me.

You follow the voice through a set of gates, then you enter a large dark room with a single candle in the middle which you are instructed to sit by.

Shhh don’t talk, don’t move or you die. She’s everywhere, she’s nowhere. Don’t look her directly in the eye she takes that as a challenge. If the candle goes out… run, don’t hesitate, don’t look back or you die. She will try to trick you, no matter what. Don’t move from that spot unless the candle goes out. If it does, don’t run forwards, run the opposite way. Once you reach the stairs start counting, don’t skip a step or you will return at the bottom. Don’t stop until you made it all the way to the hundredth step. Good luck.

The voice dies out, and in the candle light you see a dark figure, tall with gangly limbs. Hair that was stringy and stuck to her face. Her grin infinite. You hear the baby crying again, then the candle goes out and you run as fast as you could, her demonic laughter ringing throughout the darkness. The stairs… You’re almost there but you trip and her hand wraps around your ankle, fingers like talons dragging you back with her.

Your parents find your lifeless body on your bed, the paramedics say you had a bad seizure right before you died. They never knew you literally went through hell.