The Horrible Experiment

In July of 1953, an animal farm somewhere in Wisconsin was shut down, the name of the town was never disclosed. The report stated that the farm had been conducting illegal genetic experiments on the animals and had been selling their creations to third parties nationwide. It also said that there were piles upon piles of dead animal carcasses scattered all over the farm. Now, this wouldn’t of been all that strange, were it not for the state that some of these bodies were in. Part of the report mentioned that, amongst all the rotten flesh and decaying bones, some of these animals seemed to have grown extra appendages.

This was presumably a result of said genetic experimentation. The report made note of multiple violations as well. The fences were down in many places, the pens didn’t appear to be clean and there was little to no food. Despite all of that, the rest of the report was fixated on the fences. With the fences broken, that means there was a possibility that one or more of those genetic monstrosities escaped.

Now, flash forward to current day, My family and I just rented an old house in Wisconsin. We haven’t even lived here for three weeks and I’ve seen some pretty strange things in that time. I’ve seen creatures walking around, too far to make out any details, usually, but close enough to see that they don’t resemble anything natural. Oh, and the sounds they make at night are enough to make the devil shake. Night seems to be their favorite time to come out, I guess unsuspecting locals are easy picking.

I wanted to see if I could get one of these things on camera in order to prove that I wasn’t crazy and to show the townsfolk that we really do have a major problem on our hands. So I took it upon myself to set out last night and try to photograph one. It stayed pretty quiet for most of the night, in fact I didn’t see much of anything. That is until about 2:03 in the morning. I was looking out at the tree line when I noticed a pair of glowing yellow eyes that seemed to appear out of thin air.

I couldn’t tell if whatever this thing was looking at me or not. It just sort of sat there, staring. This went on for some time until about 2:43 in the morning. It was at this time that I noticed it had slowly begun to move towards me. I just stood there, hoping to get my shot as more and more of it came into view. Pretty soon, I could see the whole creature.

This thing was hideous, it was exactly as the report had stated, “A perversion of nature and a science experiment gone horribly wrong.” It had eight fleshy legs with hooked claws at each end. It had only one thing that gave me a clue as to what it once was before the experiments, sat atop its neck was a bull skull with large, yellow glowing eyes sunk deep within its sockets. It had finally gotten close enough for my camera to see it so I raised the camera up and, that’s when I noticed. The thing was now charging me at full speed, all the while telling me what my fate would be if it caught me by gnashing its jaws together.

I dropped the camera purely out of fear, ran into the house to grab my wife and kids who were now very shaken because they heard the beast from in their rooms. We all loaded up in the car as fast as possible, with this thing still on approach and my wife now screaming, “What the hell is that!” It didn’t take long for the car to reach about 70 miles an hour as we got the hell outta there. However, our hopes of survival were soon shattered as we looked back and saw the thing getting closer and closer until, pretty soon, it was keeping speed with the car. It reached one of its horrid claws over and slashed the back tire.

The car lost control for a while, but I regained enough of it to bring it to a stop. After I did this, I noticed something, the monster was gone. It got quiet for awhile, this didn’t last long though. Wes soon heard the defining scrape of something puncturing the roof. We looked up, only to see that the creature had driven its claw through the roof and was now entering.

We wasted no time in getting out of the car. When we did, it raised its head up, looked straight at my son and began to make the same gnashing motion it had done to me earlier. I quickly sprung into action and took him in my arms before it could grab him. We began to hear what sounded like an eighteen wheeler approaching. Lucky for us, he had his high beams on, which seemed to scare off the creature.

We flagged him down and quickly hitched a ride. He asked us if we wanted him to take us somewhere. We said collectively, “Definitely not home, the nearest hotel would be nice.”

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