Who’s the Real Monster?

The memories are hazy.
I had gotten into a fight with my brother, with whom I usually lived with. I was just so angered at something so small and unimportant, like usual, so I decided to leave the house for the night. I had gotten into my car, a blue hatchback, and began driving down a windy road.
Our house was on a cliff that overlooked some ocean or sea – I can never remember what it is. In simpler terms, a large body of water. The roads leading to the house were all twisted, and they were wet from recent rain showers, which didn’t help my rear-wheel drive car. One tiny slip in traction, and i’d be fishtailing off the edge of the cliff.
I was confident, though, and went at a slower speed to reduce the risk of losing traction. Down the windy road, enraged by a meaningless situation. A rather common event that happened.
I was trying to stay awake, I remember being so tired I had fallen asleep for a second. I glanced in the rear-view mirror, and I noticed something strange in the back seats.
The night had concealed most of it, but I saw a shape sitting there. The outline of a man-like thing.
I figured I was tired and seeing things, so I ignored it and continued driving, not looking in the mirror again.
Watching the road, I began to fall asleep again, and that’s when I saw him. The figure of a seven-foot, horned, human-like monster. I saw the two piercing, glowing white dots for eyes, and spun the steering wheel to the left. I ended up driving over the edge of the cliff.
That’s all I remember from the accident. I’ve told the nurses and the police many times, but they don’t believe me, saying I was intoxicated and was seeing things.
I know they’re wrong, though, because I’ve never participated in any sort of brain-rotting activities such as drinking alcohol, so how was it that I was drunk?
It’s not like it matters anymore, though.
It’s been a month since the accident and i’m still stuck in the hospital bed. With seventy-two broken or shattered bones and infected, permanently scarred muscles, I was completely immobile. I could barely roll onto my side without feeling the burn of hellfire from beneath my skin. What did I ever do to deserve this?
The pain was one thing, but the worst part was at night. As soon as the nurses left, it happened.
Forgive me, the memory fades as soon as I see the sun’s rays in my window, so I cannot fully describe what happens. All I know is that I gain these strange, red handprints on my neck each morning. And they weren’t there when I went to bed…
Kita’s viewpoint

It’s a pain in the a**, taking care of my dad after his accident.
He can’t move, can’t talk, and barely remembers anything from the previous day. I literally just sit there while he’s moaning, probably thinking he’s making some sort of sense. It may sound harsh, but I feel more annoyed than sympathetic.
The nurses call me ‘spoiled brat’ and ‘heartless monster’, but why should I like him? He’s the reason I go to school with several bruises and cuts each morning. Sometimes i’ll even go with a sharp pain between my legs….
Nevermind that last part. My point is, if i’m a monster, he must be satan.
Anyways, i’m doing what I usually do. Sit by the old b*****d’s bed and listen to his small grunts and other weird sounds.
“What the hell?” I said outloud, reading the police report on the accident. “You blamed Kota for this entire screw up?!”
(Kota was my uncle, and the only guy who stopped dad from doing worse things to me.)
My dad gave me a confused grunt as a response.
“You can’t just blame Kota for all the b******t you pull! You do this every time there’s something to argue about – you start a fight then pin it on Kota. EVERY time.”
He looked angry and attempted to move his arm, only to have it retract from pain.
“Good, you deserve all the pain you’re in, you stupid a*****e.”
He thumped his finger with frustration and made a louder, angrier sound.
“Oh, you know it’s true. For everything you’ve done to me and everything you’ve done to Kota, you deserve every speck of bad karma coming your way!”
He grew louder and the small shred of normal skin on his face turned red with blistering fury.
“I’m not arguing with you when you can’t even talk.” I began walking out the door of his room. “If i’m lucky, you’ll die in that bed, tonight.”
He continued rampaging and a horde of nurses rushed in.
One of them, Nikiti, she stopped and began accusing me, like how she’s been doing.
“What the hell did you do this time? I thought I told you to be nicer to him!”
“You don’t know that f****r. If you knew the things he’s done, you’d be kicking him out to the street.”
“He’s your father!”
“That monster is not my dad!”
“How could you say something like that about the one who raised you?!”
“He didn’t raise me! That lazy b*****d has done nothing but torture me for sixteen years!”
She was about to say something else, but our argument was interrupted by Kota. He appeared behind me and Nikiti walked away, clearly pissed.
“Why is it that whenever I come here, you’re fighting with your dad or the nurse?”
“Why do you put up with him? Put up with all of this? That guy’s a monster, and you know it!”
“Korato wasn’t always like this. Believe it or not, there was a time where we’d never fight over anything. But when your mom died, he began acting more aggressive. I’m still shocked about the arguments we get into.”
“I don’t believe that.”
“I know, you never did get to see the good side of him. Kita, fighting with him will only make it worse. If you show him some sort of compassion, then he’ll begin acting better.”
“Yeah, you’ve said that forever, and I can’t even say one word without receiving a hit to the gut.”
“I don’t think he can hit you, now. Just stay with him for a while, and he’ll begin snapping out of it, alright?”
I was the one who groaned, this time. “Do I have to?”
“If he gets out of here, then would you prefer him to be passive or aggressive?”
“Fine. How long do I have to stay here?”
“One night. I’ll pick you up at noon, tomorrow, alright?”
“I have to stay an entire night?!”
“Kita, just do it, please.”
“Right, right, i’ll stay for tonight.”
“Good. I have to go, now.”
He ran off down the hall. He probably got called in at the E.R (Kota is a surgeon at a different hospital, incase you were wondering).
It took an entire hour for the damn nurses to get the hell out. I almost choked on my own words when I apologized for what I said. Trust me, that apology was not really sincere.
To my surprise, he actually was cooperative, even when he was talking to me. The nurses upgraded him from pointing at letters on a makeshift ouija board, to writing on a blank piece of paper. Hell of a lot easier to understand, that’s for sure. Of course, the part of him that’s a b***h began showing, again.
Where’s Kota?”
“At the E.R. Why?”
“I need to talk to him.”
“Please don’t tell me you’re going to start another argument…”
“That’s none of your business, whether I do or don’t.”
“It is my business. If you’re going to get Kota in that much trouble, then I’m not going to stand by and watch.”
“For f**k’s sake, you little b***h, just shut up and let that b*****d go to prison, he deserves it. You’re lucky I’m trapped in this damn bed, or i’d be kicking your a**.”
I began laughing. I know, kind of crazy. “Well, you are trapped in bed, so i’m just gonna say this, since you have no way of hurting me. You are the biggest, arrogant, f*****g a*****e on the face of the f*****g planet! And so help me, if you do anything to Kota, I will prove to the police what you’ve done to me. When you get out of here, you’ll be in prison for years.”
Brilliant idea. Without warning, I snatched the paper with the written threat and shoved it in my pocket. “I can prove it now, a*****e.”
He suddenly just tuned out. He stopped his insane, angered grunts and moans and just looked at the ceiling with empty eyes.
I looked up, too. Nothing.
“I’m patient, i’ll wait until you’re out of your trance to continue this argument.”
Korato’s viewpoint
(1 hour later)
I’m assuming you heard from Kita about how much of a “monster” I am. Honestly, I’m no monster. If anyone, she is. It’s her fault my wife is dead. If she’d never been born, my wife would still be alive.
Just looking at her proves my point. What kind of human has golden eyes? Not to mention, i’ve heard of emo, but this is just satanic. She wears the symbol of a demon around her neck. I don’t even know when she got it! She just brought it home, one day, saying that ‘the dark man had given it to her, after she gave him a strange present’. The cops have theorized that she got it after being a prostitute to some freak. It explains the ‘strange present’, that’s for sure.
Well, if this is enough for you to understand me, then maybe you’ll respect me.

S**t. The lights went out.
This is not a good sign. I don’t recall what happens at night, but it isn’t good. I grabbed the pen, and began writing to Kita.
She responded in her usual b***h attitude. “You awake, now?”
“Shut up. Tell the nurses to get the lights on. NOW.”
“Awwww, are you afraid of a little black-out?”
“There’s no time for this! SHUT UP AND GO GET THE F*****G LIGHTS ON!”
“Alright, alright, calm down, psychopath.”
She grabbed a flashlight out of a nearby drawer, then exited the room. I was surprised to see the look on her face. A mix of terror, paranoia, and anxiety.
A monster? Afraid of the dark? Maybe she isn’t a monster…after all, I did some things to her to make her like this. But she killed my wife. But she was an infant. How can an infant kill a human? I guess…maybe……have I been wrong, all these years?
I almost vomited on the spot. Have I been torturing an innocent girl for sixteen year? And for what? Because of a natural accident?
Kita walked back into the room.
“The entire half of the city’s out. Bad luck for you, b*****d.”
I could barely look at her. The scars on her face and hands. Knowing that I gave them to her was a thought I hated.
I didn’t know where to start writing.
“Hey, earth to Korato. Are you going to sit there or start writing again?”
“Kita. I know what I’ve done to you was wrong. I blamed you for your mother’s death, and thought of you as a monster for it. I’ve realized this, now, and I know that I was wrong. I know that no apology will make up for this, but I don’t even know if I can make it up to you. Kita, I truly am sorry, because I am the real monster. I have been, all along.”
When she finished reading, she looked like someone had stabbed her.
“…..what the hell is this? Where did this even come from?”
It hurt my burnt, bruised skin when my eyes grew watery.
“You actually mean it?”
I simply wrote Yes.

(the next night)

When Kita left, I had dozed off. Sure enough, I woke up with the claw/hand prints on my neck. This time, however, I knew I deserved the pain.

It is now night, and Kita won’t be coming again, until tomorrow. I braced myself for another strangling during the night.
Another blackout occurred. My room, and the hallway just outside of it, was almost completely black. The only light source was the moonlight emanating from the windows.
Something wasn’t right. Usually, I would fall asleep or in some sort of trance, once the backout started, but this time, I was wide awake, but couldn’t move my head, fingers, hands, or any part of me. Then I saw it.
The tall, horned, white-eyed thing had appeared in the doorway. Closer and closer, he began walking towards me. This was the first time I saw part of him in the light. Instead of feet, he had hooves, which were connected to black-pelted animal legs. A black, pointed tail swung behind him, and his black hands had incredibly long claws.
I was somehow able to speak, suddenly.
“Thing that’s been following me….in the shadows…….go ahead and claim me…….drag me to the hell you came from…..”
It just stood there. The white eyes burning my flesh. It let out a low growl, the sound being torture to my ears. Then it stepped around me, walking to where he was a couple feet away from the foot of my bed. The upper-half of his body still concealed in the shadows.
“Drag me…to f*****g hell, already……”
He stood there for another minute, then slowly began stepping into the moonlight. What I saw shook my train of thought, made my mind explode, made my sanity shatter.
Kita’s golden eyes stared into my soul. “You asked for it…”

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