Just Let Me Sleep

I haven’t slept in four weeks. I know it sounds impossible, Christ I thought it was. But when he, it, whatever you want to call it is around you, it’s very possible. But I want to go back and tell you what’s happening.

I work at a popular restaurant in my town and my coworker Jordan always had bags under his eyes. He was very short tempered and looked as if his head touched anything relatively soft he would hibernate. He was nearly fired after yelling at our boss, but everyone forgot about the situation, and the boss just gave him a warning. One night four weeks ago, me and Jordans were in the restaurant, with some waiters and chefs. There was a big festival in town so the restaurant was quiet. I decided to walk into the break room until I was needed by my other workers. Jordan walks into the break room and sits down and puts headphones on. He started playing the loudest music I’ve ever heard. I tapped him on the shoulder and he looked over. His eyes were glazed over like he was crying. He took off the headphones.

“What the hell is up with you man?”

He suddenly grabbed my shoulders and stared into my eyes. “I c-can’t sleep. It won’t let me!” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. The blade had some strange symbols engraved into them. He cut my cheek, and then ran from the room. I ran after him and we went out the door. I was about to tackle him when he turned around and punched me. I fell to the ground and groaned in pain.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry,” Jordan kept running. I went back to the restaurant and called the police. They couldn’t find Jordan that night, and said I could go home and to make sure I lock my doors. I did as they asked and the next day, I was off. I decided to go to Jordan’s apartment before his shift and knocked on the door. The door slowly opened with no one on the inside. I walked in with my hand over my pocket, ready to pepper spray someone if I needed. I looked around a bit and heard a groaning noise. I walked towards it and opened the door to Jordan’s room. I turned on the light and I saw something that made me throw up. Jordan was sitting against the wall with claw marks all over his body, and his eyes were gouged out. He was alive. He was somehow alive.

“Who’s… there?”

“Jordan it’s me! Miles! What the hell happened? I’m calling an ambulance!”

“There’s no reason to! Miles listen. I was planning on explaining everything tomorrow but I fell asleep on accident. You can no longer sleep.” He gasped and then died. I ran out of the apartment and went home. I cried and threw up when I got home. I went to grab my phone when there was something there. It was tall and skinny. Its skin was grey, and its fingernails went all the way to the ground. Where its eyes should have been, was just more gray skin. My floorboard creaked and it turned its head to me. It lifted its hand and it somehow extended. Its nails went right through my chest.

“No more sleeping.”

I shot up out of bed covered in sweat. I lifted my shirt to see five scratches where its nails were. I called the police about Jordan and they got my alibi. That was the last time I slept for four weeks. That… thing keeps me up at night. Whenever I think of going to sleep it rubs its long nails down my chest and on my wall to make a horrible scratching sound. I should have stolen the knife Jordan had before the police got it. I believe him cutting me with it is the reason that thing follows me. I can’t find anything on the internet about. I need sleep but don’t want to die. If you know what to do, find me. Find me and save me from this hell.

  • Wolf

    Need help?

  • Wolf

    I know a lot about this stuff. Demons, spirits, creepy pastas you name it.

  • Wolf

    I just need to know what the markings are on the knife

  • Wolf

    IF you remember