The Thing in the Woods

I don’t know how many of you will believe this story, but I want to tell it just in case someone could help. I’ll give you guys some context so you can help better.

My family and I live in a fairly small, outskirts, kinda town. Every year for my grandpa’s birthday, we would have a family reunion. The reunion was held on a farm next to some woods with a roughly 2-mile hiking trail. One year when we were kids, my cousin, let’s call her Shila, and I decided to hike the trail by ourselves. This is where it gets weird.

Shila and I had made it all the way through the trail and had circled around back to the entrance area.
As we made our way around the turn, Shila grabbed my arm and whispered, “Run.”

I looked up to her and saw her face turned toward the opening we considered entrance. “RUN!” she screamed.

I saw a tall-dark figure and ran as fast as I could. We ran the entire half of the trail and made our way up the hills that framed the path.

Shila and I had gotten lost and had no clue which direction we were even facing. I looked around and eventually found the corn field that lead to the farm. As Shila and I trotted hesitantly through the field, the corn began to sway as if something was walking through it. I waited a second as it moved and then saw the top of a dark head slowly emerge out of the corn. I didn’t wait for the creature to completely show itself, I just ran until we were back at the farm.

I don’t remember much past this point, but recently I’ve been having nightmares about the occurrence. If anyone could tell me what they think we saw, or how I can get rid of these nightmares, please comment.

  • Tabetha Dyer

    So, this is a true story? Possible ghost. Maybe even death. Or a creepy man following kids around, which is even scarier IMO

    • Gay Horror

      It’s true. It was really scary because my cousin and I were talking about creepy stuff like slender man and black eyed children while we were walking the trail.

  • Galaxy Raider

    Maybe it’s your grandpa