The Broach

This is an account made by my brother in his diary.

Hey book,
I know ive seen some weird stuff in my past being a schiziphrenic. But this is nothing like before. You know that i have a bad habit of taking things. I looked it up its called kleptomania. Anyway i was at my best friends house and we were rummaging around in his addic and there it was a small locked chest i asked him about it he said it was some sort of family hierloom. So when he wasnt looking i used my handy dandy lockpick set to jimmy it open. And just like that there it was a neat little trinket that i just had to have a broach of some sort. It was old but it looked brand new it was designed with strange symbols and other sorts of things but the biggest thing was the gemstone. I had never seen anything like it! It was a purple blueish color and had random shiny spots to it.the weirdest thing is it seemed to call my name. I hear my friend coming up the latter to the addic so i quickly swiped it and relocked the chest. I hid the broach in my coat pocket then excused myself to go home. Once i got to my room i locked it. I marveled the broach for hours and thats when it started. I saw her for the first time. Her nails where long and sharp, her hair was shaved on both sides with the hair in the middle running free down the front and side of her head. I only caught a glimpse but it scared the s**t out of me i took more medicine and i think it helped but it still bothers me that this is the first time ive seen her.
Your owner,

Dear dairy,
Oh s**t this cant be happening. I know its been a couple of days but its getting worse. She comes everywhere each time longer. Sometimes she moves or just sits there and stares with a twisted smile on her face. Its weird. She scares the s**t out of me but her face is perfect nothing there but tender cheeks and red lips. Everytime i see her i knotice more. Like her clothes they are tattered and old. I know this sounds weird or even crazy but i dicided to buy her new ones. I got her a simple black tank top and some jeans. Maybe if she takes them she wont look or be so terrifying. But as much as i want this to be fake or just a symptom of my schizerphrenia i know it cant be. I am on almost enough meds to overdose and she is still here sometimes walking slowly to me or waving her small hand like claws i wonder if she will accept my gift. Well we will find out soon
Am i even real?

To whom it may concern,
You wont believe it and neither do i. I left the clothes for her where she likes to stand in my room and when i woke up they were gone! And when i saw her at school today whenever i flash my vision to the side of the hallway when im at my locker she was wearing them. But it looked like she had some trouble getting the jeans on cause now there are cuts in them but they fit perfect! The more i see her the less her smile becomes twisted. Her wave seems more friendly than creepy. But i think i upset her today. I got tired of the broach and tried to toss it but when i left the room for a drink and came back it was just sitting right where i it was before i put it in the trash but it had something craved in the stone i couldnt understand it but it seemed angry and bitter. Maybe if i wear the broach with me she will be happy with me again.

To my book,
Now she is getting closer and closer i swear i felt her hand on my shoulder! She is starting to smile more her teeth are showing. They are kinda crooked but i still think her smile is pretty. Does this sound crazy to you? I mean the more i see her, the more i wear this broach she becomes more likable more beautiful and sometimes when shes right infront of me she will reach out and touch it looking into my eyes and smiling
To you,
Am i falling in love?

To my outlet,
Its weird. I think shes talking to me now. Sometimes i will feel her hands on my shoulders and a relaxing voice in my ear. I cant exactly make out what it is but her voice is so nice like the sweet smell of steak but with words. I had this idea last night and I think it means something. I decided to leave the broach where she usually stands as an offering you know Like with the clothes. When I woke up in the morning i couldn’t move she was sitting on top of me. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just laid there. Then out of nowhere she gently pinned the broach to my shirt, smiled and disappeared. She really likes it when I wear this broach and her happy is a lot better than her angry so I decided i should wear it all the time. You know for safety and who knows she might not be that scary figure i first saw maybe she’s just as tender and her soft hands and her perky cheeks. I wonder what would happen if I tried to talk to her so since she hasn’t really shown much aggression i will try and communicate with her.

To my dearest brother,

Never read this


Dear dairy,

I think it worked!I am not entirely sure but I think it did. I tried to sit where she usually stands in my room and talked and talked and talked. Most of it was ” hey are you there?” or ” can you hear me?” but I decided to ask about her and I felt a hand on mine and a little iddy biddy whisper of some sort. It sounds like English but I can’t be sure so tomorrow I’m going to buy a Ouija board and use that.

No time to think of something new goodbye


Dear dairy,

Ok this time I’m sure. She could work on her spelling but this was definitely her. I asked her how she died and she said a fire. I asked her about the broach she seemed to hesitate but she told me that it was special to her and that it is passed onto me so that she can watch over me. I thought of it as odd but it’s nice to know you have a power watching over you. I ask her about her claws and she said she had them to fight off evil spirits who tried to harm me. Then and this is where I got worried. She told me she loved me and that an evil spirits have consumed one of my friends and that I had to kill them…. Should I? I mean she says it has to be done but I’m not sure her sweet words are just so interesting to me and she massaged my shoulders shes so nice so can she mean to do evil through a living being? I don’t know but if there is one thing I do know it’s that she loved me and that I will do anything for my loved ones

Wish me luck,



As my last entry,

I did it I killed brad and his scream seemed so nice. Did I enjoy it? My guardian did. I never realised how powerful she is she left scratch marks on him! I thought it wasn’t possible but she helped and I am glad I didn’t go through it alone. Me and my spirit are in love and she says if I find her a suitable vessel she can walk amongst the living again! I am so excited to be able to really meet her. So I will never come back to this house. I will kill and sacrifice as long as she needs a new vessel and once she has one we can be together forever!

Goodbye dairy,

I finally found my true love


That was the last entry in his diary and I don’t know what to do. brad has been a missing person for awhile but I never thought he would do such a thing. Please help me find my brother.


  • Rose Morrison

    Is this really meant to be spelt broach?! Really?! I don’t think so! I believe you mean brooch don’t you? As in the piece of jewellery you pin on. To spell this wrong throughout the piece, as well as most unforgivingly in the main title, as well as all the other spelling mistakes, just makes this piece of writing distracting in a big way. Please use someone to edit your pieces, it makes a huge difference to have a smooth piece of writing to enjoy. A good idea, but so poorly communicated. I look forward to more, as the idea was good.