Statistics show that almost 50% of relationships are now formed in the work environment. Sure, I’ve known some coworkers who met their girlfriends at work , so I guess it does happen. I’ve always had a way with women, so I never gave it too much thought.

My last girlfriend just wasn’t making me happy anymore. It happens. The relationship gets old and you just drift apart. She really didn’t take care of herself once I invited her to live in my apartment and it really affected our relationship. Yes, I’d talk to her about my feelings, and try to work things out, but I always got this blank stare from her. That’s how I knew it was over. I told her I would help her move out. She didn’t even cry a tear. I ended up packing all of her stuff and dropping her off at her old place. That was a couple of weeks ago. But like I said earlier, I’ve never had a problem with women, so I knew something better was coming soon.

Then I saw Julia. Wow. I’ve read stories and seen movies about how people feel when it’s love at first sight, and I think that’s what happened to me. I’m not, by nature, a very expressive guy. I don’t like people thinking they know what I’m thinking or feeling. Anyway. Julia. I saw her – she was a new transfer to the office and she was BEAUTIFUL. She had deep black hair, that from what I could tell went down just past her shoulder blades. I mean…I think it did, I’m not weird and measuring stuff like that. That’s something only a creep would do, and I’m no creep. This hair of hers, stark, raven black-almost blue black and it was stunning. Even from a distance, you can tell she kept meticulous care of it. And her skin….I was speechless. Her skin was china white, like it was out of a Disney cartoon. She obviously stayed out of the sun and I can’t tell you how important it is to me for someone I love to stay out of the sun. It just ruins your skin and really affects the whole body.

I first saw Julia on Monday, after what I can only assume was a crazy weekend for her. Her hair was a mess, but like i said, she took care of it in spite of how it looked when she came in. Her dress was rumpled and she just didn’t look put together. It looked she had a weekend to die for. Still, when she came in I was immediately transfixed.  We get new people in the office all the time, but Julia was different. She was gorgeous. I was very attracted to her, and couldn’t get her out of my mind. The problem is…she didn’t transfer to my department, she was a few offices down.

I know what office she was in, and during one of my runs for supplies, I “mistakenly” went through the wrong door and there she was. She didn’t look my way, but I could tell she knew I was there. I hovered a little bit by her, but far enough away so I wouldn’t disturb her. I got close enough to see she had manicured nails, and was even able to notice her feet! They were beautiful, just like the rest of her. Judging by the obviously expensive pedicure, she wasn’t afraid to spend a little money maintaining her effortless beauty. Yeah, I felt pretty weird checking out her feet, but a man likes what a man likes, right?

Anyway, the next day at work, I noticed she changed locations to another office, to “processing”. I knew that would happen, and that I’d have to track her down. The second day for noobs here is pretty busy, and there’s always a lot of activity around them. A lot needs to be done in a very short period of time. Sometimes, noobs stay for a while, but most of the time they move on quickly to their final assignment… I’d have to find an excuse to be near her and introduce myself. I’m not shy by any means, but that first introduction is always awkward. Later in the morning, I found her in a new section of the office, and lucky for me, she wasn’t surrounded by the usual posse that mobs new people. I said “hi” to her and asked if she’d be ok with me having lunch with her in about an hour. You know, to talk and get to know each other. She never really said yes, but she didn’t say “no” either, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I brought my lunch to her section of the office and asked her if it was ok if I ate lunch there. She played coy and didn’t acknowledge me, but there was an open chair a few feet from her, so I sat next to her. The next 45 minutes were amazing! It’s not very often you meet someone, who just LISTENS to you. After I told her about myself for a while, I asked her how she got here, what she did for fun . That was when I noticed she was really just very, very shy. I can tell when women are uneasy, it’s a gift my father passed on to me after my mother passed away, so I asked her if she’d be ok if I held her hand. As I was saying this, I nudged her hand with mine, and just like that, her hand fell into mine! I got goosebumps! Her hand was cool, but warmed up to my touch quickly. My spine felt like lightning and I could barely keep the spit in my mouth. It was so dry, I was having a hard time speaking. I hate to admit it, but I felt it….I felt like I could really fall for her, hard. We held hands in silence for the rest of lunch. When I let go of her hand, I looked right into her eyes, and she stared back at mine, never blinking, and we connected, like on a spiritual level, It was as if my soul left my body and went into hers. Even though we just met, my soul found a home in this stunning woman. My Julia. I left her after lunch and told her I would have to get back to work and would be busy the rest of the afternoon…maybe we could get together sometime? I told her to think about it and that I would see her first thing in the morning. I was going to surprise her and bring her some flowers tomorrow too. Girls like that.

Then came today, Wednesday. She was in the office early, before me. That kind of dedication really turns me on, honestly. I brought the flowers in for her, but I saw there was a lot of activity around her, just like yesterday, but it was a little more frenetic. I honestly got a little jealous. I wondered if someone saw us together and thought they’d get to her just as our relationship was getting started! I threw the flowers away because I was so angry. I could hardly get my work done, which kept me on the other side of the building, away from her. I knew we had a moment yesterday, and want to make sure we have more of them. I asked one of my co-workers (one that I trust) if he knew what was going on. He said Julia’s family came in first thing this morning to see her. They were making sure she was ready for her final assignment, since she wouldn’t be staying in this office forever, unfortunately. And that’s when it made sense. I breathed a sigh of relief. Our budding relationship was not in jeopardy!

I had to take lunch a little late today because work was just crazy. So, like yesterday, I brought my lunch to the other side of the building to have lunch with Julia. As I approached her door, one of the managers was walking out and had a grim look on his face. I heard him say that today was going to be Julia’s last day here! She is being transferred early tomorrow morning and they were getting her ready. I knew her family being here had something to do with it. I snuck in behind the manager and had lunch with her anyway. When I sat down next to her, she was silent, like usual, and I could tell something was very wrong. I took her hand into mine and asked her how she felt and as I waited for her response, I noticed she had changed her outfit from the kind of formless white dress she had been wearing into a beautiful gown. Not really standard work fare here, but hey. I wear jeans and polo, who am I to say anything?. Her makeup was done differently as well and really accentuated her striking face. There are women out there who can’t pull off makeup, but she really looked amazing. I let her hand go and played with the fabric of her dress on her arm and told her how utterly stunning she was. I thought I saw a little smile and I lost all of my spit again. My heart started racing and I got closer to her. I nuzzled my nose into the nape of her neck and told her she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and that I wanted her. She didn’t resist my bold advance.

I got closer to her, and started kissing her, my hands roamed freely over her body, finding all those holes in her dress that teenage boys dream for after prom. I didn’t want to ruin her look, so I reached down and hiked up her dress. She didn’t give me any red lights or say to stop, so I told her I wanted to make love to her. She agreed! The s*x was tremendous, even though I had to be very quick given our location. I’ve never felt that kind passion before. As I was coming down from my drug like, post coital high, I had a thought. I couldn’t let her leave. She couldn’t be transferred this early in our courting! I had to put together a plan of action before the morning.

I gently put her on a gurney, covered her with a sheet and wheeled her out the back of my office at St. Christopher’s Mortuary. I know she’ll be missed, but I couldn’t take the chance of not seeing her again.

She was being buried tomorrow.

  • Samuel Di Benedetto

    Absolutely excellent!! A few punctuation errors here and there, but wow, what an ending. I’m speechless. Fantastic twist. 5 stars from me, good sir

  • Cadrn

    Absolutely fantastic! The twist at the end was amazing and totally unexpected. Impeccable grammar compared to the terribly written stuff I usually see. 5 stars all the please keep up the great work. :^)

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Wow, what a twist! I never expected that. At first, I was thinking the way the narrator was asking was somewhat contradictory of his boasts. While claiming to be a successful ladies man, he had somewhat of a quirky, nerdy attitude. However, when I got to the end… Yeah. Makes sense. 5/5. Good work. Oh, and rereading this is amazing.

  • Aly Greg

    the plot twist!!!!!
    well written..
    didn’t saw it coming

  • Faith Thompson

    “It looked like she had a weekend to die for” nice xD

    • Bacon Pimp

      You caught that, eh?

      • Faith Thompson

        Yes. That was epic foreshadowing

      • baconpimp 3+

  • Jacqueline Williams

    Ooohh my gosh, I knew something was up with that guy. And I bet his other girlfriend was dead also!