Pasta War: The Map (5)

Jack, Jeff, and I had just played cards and I won. Slenderman gave us each a room, I was in bed. I thought about a lot of things, so many things. I closed my eyes and had another vision. Slenderman and the others were lying dead, on the ground. Zalgo walked on their bodies, singing the song of destruction. I was rotting and bleeding until I died. I opened my eyes and saw Zalgo again, sitting on my bed.

“You lied to me,” I said. “You’re not gonna spare me.”

“Maybe,” said Zalgo. “Or maybe I will spare you, visions aren’t always right? You see, I’m not the bad guy here. I just want to…”

“Destroy the universe and torment everyone, to open the gate the separates Hell from Earth. You sicken me,” I said.

“Yes, you sicken me too. But I do have the power to spare you… and kill you,” said Zalgo.

I jumped up out of bed and punched Zalgo’s jaw. It was dislocated, but he popped it back into place.

“You should think before you act,” said Zalgo. He grabbed me neck and picked me up off the ground as he got up from the bed. I couldn’t breathe, then my forehead began to burn. My vision went red and Zalgo dropped me on the floor, grasping his hand. The hand he was choking me with was now covered in pure light.

I jumped back up and jumped towards him, in attempt to tackle him. He looked over and disappeared, leaving me on the floor. Jeff came in to find me on the floor, coughing.

“What the hell are you doing,” said Jeff.

I got up and sat on my bed. “If I tell you, it must stay between you and me. No one else can know,” I said.


“I made a bargain with Zalgo. He gave me more power and promised to spare me, to help free him. But I had a vision that ruined the bargain. Then we fought and I turned his hand to light.”


“Yeah, like a hand shaped light bulb.”

“Well, good luck with that.”

“What, you don’t believe me?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just… Yeah, I don’t believe you.” Jeff walked out and slammed the door behind him. I couldn’t sleep, so I walked around the mansion. Then I went into the basement and found something, it was a book. It was that book from before, that old book. I looked through it and noticed something, a page had been burnt out. I lifted my hand and touched the remain part of the page. The rest was restored and new, I ripped it out. It was Zalgo’s page without a story, just a map.

Once again, I immediately recognized the symbols as the three hearts of hell. One was in the mansion, another was at Jeff’s old house, and the final one was at a graveyard. They made a triangle, and in the center was a large tree. I stuffed the map in my pocket and walked out of the mansion. Wolves surrounded me and a man stood in front of me. He wore the same clothes as Jeff, except his hood was black. He had white skin and black hair, but no smile. His eyes were a bright emerald-green and his lips were very pale.

“Hey,” I said.

He lifted a lit cigarette to his lips and began smoking it. “Hey, my name is JJ. I’ve come to ask if you wanna join me. We can kill Slenderman and Zalgo,” said JJ.

“Nah, I’m fine right where I am. Besides, I’m already stuck in the middle here.”

“Heh, I am the middle.”

Jeff walked out and looked at JJ. “Son, you came? You came to die didn’t you,” said Jeff.

“Ha ha. You alcoholic, abusive parent! You make me gag, you piece of s**t. I hope Zalgo kills you,” said JJ.

Jeff pulled a knife out and JJ snapped his fingers, the wolves ran at Jeff. “I’ll return someday,” said JJ. He walked into the trees and disappeared. Jeff had wolves biting him front all sides I touched one and it turned to look at me, it howled at me. The wolves all left into the woods, but one looked back. It was a husky, not a wolf. It later left.

“So Jeff, you’ve gotta son? We’re dead,” I said.

“Yeah, I’ve got two. AJ and JJ,” said Jeff. “Just forget about it.” Jeff walked back inside and I followed. He went in his room to sleep and I went in mine.

I took the map out of my pocket and put it on a table beside my bed. I grab a pen out of a cup on the table. I began writing on the map, I traced the trails and road that lead from one place to the other.

“Soon, I will get those hearts… Soon…”

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