John Sullivan Parker

I was having one of those sleep paralysis experiences. I could not move at all. People say that sleep paralysis is the most scariest dream one could experience. I was like this for at least a minute, felt like an hour, until I hear a name, or several names. “John Sullivan Parker.” What did it mean? What did the names represent? I felt a weight on my chest. I could move my eyes during this experience. I looked and some black figure was sitting on me. I couldn’t see where the face was because of the dark room with this thing blending in just slightly. It then started crawling up my wall and on the ceiling above my face. It then stopped on me and I felt my body move. The thing then disappeared.

It is summer when I went to take a vacation to Florida. I took the car for transportation. In the middle of North Carolina my car broke down.

“Oh great,” I said to myself. This vacation is already going perfect. I have a friend who moved down here, Jack Carterman, and I called him. He works at a towing company down here and he offered me a ride home. I waited around for an hour and he finally got here. I got in.

“What took you so long?” I asked.

“Sorry, I was dealing with someone else’s car.” I went and turned on the radio and the news was talking about somebody still not captured. The radio went static so it was hard to make it who the person was.

“Who are they talking about?” I asked. He looked at me like I was an idiot.

“You haven’t heard?” he put his focus back on the road.

“Some guy broke out of mental hospital. His name was John Sullivan Parker.” My skin then went pale. “The story was he was bullied for how he looked. Big eyes and ears, and metaphorically, a big mouth. He also had no nose which got him the nickname Voldemort. He had his eyes and mouth stitched and ears cut off when he was taken away. He got himself a new nickname even though it sounds ridiculous. The three monkeys, as in hear, speak and see no evil. Later he escaped and no one knows how. All we know is two men were dead at the entrance of his padded room.” That part about the dead men at the door confused me.

“Wait, how can he kill if he can’t see?” I asked.

“Well, people say he had supernatural powers. Police who captured him experienced this activity.” Later I feel asleep and got woken up by Jack telling me I was home.

“Well, thanks Jack.” I said. He said you’re welcome and drive away. I went to open the door then I realized it was unlocked. I went in and the place was a mess. I would be lying if I said I want mad. All the rooms were destroyed except for the bedroom.

It is January and it snowed a lot yesterday. I took a walk around the block. When I got back there were footprints around the house. They stopped and faced the dining room. There was nobody in the room. I went to the front door and opened it. I was hoping for someone standing there but nobody was there.

I was downstairs watching TV when I heard footsteps upstairs. I went to the source of the sound and there in the middle of the room was this person. The door closed behind me and looked. I noticed something about this person. His eyes and mouth were stitched and had no ears. He forced his eyelids open and some blood shot out. The eyes were huge and the area where it’s supposed to be white, is red. It then forced his mouth open letting out an ear-piercing scream. It then ran at me withe incredible speed. I blacked out.

I wake up to the sounds of sirens. I went outside and guns were pointed at me. I put my hands up and arrested me.

They questioned about the murders of the people around the block and I denied anything dealing with these murders. They then told me they found the people in my basement. I still denied anything to do with this. It went on for a while until they let me have a phone call. I called a friend of mine and told him about what happened. When I brought up Jack Carterman he told me he’s been dead five years. How did he get me a ride home then. I brought up John Parker and he then said he’s been dead for ten years. I then hung up and they took me to a mental hospital.

I am at my house and sirens are blaring. They are banging down my door. I guess I will be forever be possessed by John Sullivan Parker. I am John Sullivan Parker.