Jane the Daughter – Remastered

“Haven’t you heard?”

Jane turned to Max who was staring at Jane intently. His green eyes stared her down. In curiosity, she set her perfect brewed coffee down, lifting her head toward his.  “Heard, what?”

“The things that have been seen lately!”

Jane chuckled, amused by her friend’s expression. “Sure, Max… Sure. Let me guess… The monsters are under your bed again?”

Max sighed. He never did appreciate it when Jane treated him like a kid. Although… he was sort of used to it by now.

“No… All of the disappearances and stuff. We live in the middle of nowhere… Yet things are happening here as well.” Jane shrugged at his statement. This was a common occurrence. Max would start a theory over the tiniest of things. It was quite tedious at this point.

“Are you even listening, Jane?” Jane was scratching her pencil over her sketchbook paper, lost in her own world, ignoring everything that Max was telling her.

“Totally…” she managed to mutter. Out of a bit of annoyance, Max reached over, covering her paper.


“Just listen… For about five minutes… Please.”

Max gave her his signature pleading eyes. They were eyes she, as his best friend, could never resist. She reached her breaking point, tossing her pencil and paper to the side. “Fine…” she muttered in defeat. “But only five minutes…”

Max’s eyes filled with glee from her statement. He reached into his pocket, grabbing his phone, scrolling through it. Truth be told, Jane always loved to hear Max’s theories, no matter how crazy they were. She always loved speaking with Max since… well, she loved him. It was a friendship she could never deny… at least in her mind.

Max continued to type and scroll when he turned to Jane, anticipation showing in his eyes. You could tell he really wanted to tell his theory, only making Jane chuckle at the fact. “Do you remember the story about that kid who set his house on fire?” Max inquired. Jane ran through her thought process, giving off a small nod. “Wasn’t his name, Toby?”

The name was familiar to her, indeed. She remembered it was just a year ago or so that the news spread across the nation. A kid who killed his father, set his house on fire, something along those lines. The details were blurry, but she still remembered the end result.

He was never found…

Max turned his phone to Jane to reveal a dark headed kid on the screen. It was the same face she remembered to be on her TV screen just a while ago. “They say he killed his father… And his body was never found.” Jane sighed at the thought… “Probably because he was bullied… I mean… I would’ve been his friend if he lived here.”

Max turned his phone away, scrolling and looking over the notes he had in his notepad. “I have a theory. All of these people are going missing… And they are never to be seen again. What if there is an entity taking them and making them join a cult or something?”

Jane stared out the crystally window. She shook her head, resting her chin on her hand. “No… That wouldn’t be the case.”


She moved away from the glass, turning her hazel, almost yellow eyes to his green ones. “Well… You can’t make someone evil. If your theory is partly true, they weren’t forced to be crazy.”

Max watched her intently as she twiddled her thumbs. “They were crazy and insane and THAT was why they were taken.”

Max let the silence kick in, before laughing. Jane arched one of her eyebrows, narrowing her eyes to him. “What’s so funny?”

“You’re a theorist now, aren’t you?” Of course, Max wanted to include her in his madness. She stifled a soft chuckle, shaking her head ever so slightly.

“Well… No, I’m an artist.”

“Yet you’re always DRAWING conclusions.” Max laughed at his own joke. Although, of course, Jane was not amused at the corny antics.

“Funny… I should book you for a birthday party soon…”

Max made a cheeky smile at Jane’s snarky comment. Inside, he knew she loved his jokes and antics. He knew she loved his theories and weirdness. And inside, Jane knew as well.

Suddenly a loud honk could be heard outside the diner, ruining the moment. Jane didn’t even need to look outside… For she already knew what was coming to her.

“My dad is here…” Max let off a soft sigh, seeing the bliss escape and drain from her eyes. He wanted to say something. Though… all he managed to say was- “Bye Jane… I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She felt the dread over her shoulders as she packed her things. It was a cycle she hoped to escape someday. It was an endless loop she couldn’t seem to get away from. And even with the cold and soft snow landing on her silky and fluid brunette hair, she couldn’t help but feel as if she was entering the burning pits of Hell.

“Hanging around that commoner boy again?” She raised her head from the snowy stone ground, staring forward to the voice in front of her.

There stood a figure with a face she could recognize anywhere. A type of style and clothing that was noticeable anywhere in the world. He possessed long silver and bleached hair reaching to the bottom of his back. Blue eyes that could haunt many. A black suit… one which in his mind, separated him from his loyal subjects.

This was David Flynn, Jane’s father and the one who claimed this town as his. He ran a chain of stores and businesses, running a legal monopoly along the citizens. He was seen as a god or a king. He was seen as absolute power. And that was what Jane hated most about him. His dictatorship.

“Let’s just go home…” Jane muttered, getting in the passenger’s seat of his designer black car.

Her father wore designer outfits when she wore striped sweaters. Her father bought himself his new wardrobe and decor, while Jane simply bought art supplies with her own money. She didn’t despise her father… She only wished he would change.

Why was her father so stubborn? David Flynn was the only big fish in their small pond. He OWNED this town which he took pride in… Yet he never took pride in his own daughter.

“Hey… Dad.”

“Yes?” Jane looked to her legs… afraid to speak. Something rested on her mind, and despite her rising fear, she spoke. “My birthday is in a couple of days…” David lifted his head as he turned to her.

“It is?”

“Yes… November 17th… Like every other year.” David let out a sigh, leaning back in the driver’s seat as he stared forward to the road.

“And why are we discussing this?”

Jane tightened her grip on her ripped jeans. “I want… I want you to… Buy me something.” Before he turned her down, David’s instinct for image kicked in. He always wanted to keep a smile and a straight face. It was his survival tactic.

“What would you like?” he asked this with a fake smile. And at this point, it was obvious for Jane to tell when he made such a famous smile such as this one.

Tension grew until the car stopped at a red light. Jane’s heart raced and spun around in all different types of directions. She was at the point of no return. She felt the boiling tension inside her palms and at the top of her nose. With the world behind her, she quickly muttered the one thing she thought she would never say to her father.

“Your watch…”

Her heart stopped by her sudden action. She couldn’t comprehend her own bravery. And she felt David’s eyes lock onto her… a confusion and slight irritation in his voice. “My… Rolex?”

She was already rock-bottom. She felt as if there was no going back. She nodded and turned to him with frightened yet determined eyes. “The one that Mom would always wear! It’s all that I have left of her besides those dusty, old pictures that stay in the attic!” David’s eyes widened as he felt his once still heart beat once more after decades of no light.

“ENOUGH!” David’s voice rung through the car, even escaping the closed windows. His voice was deep and stern, almost like the voice of a dictator leading an army of millions. Jane gasped at such a voice. David’s blue eyes turn to hers, filled to the brim with anger and bloodlust, almost.

She had never seen her father so angry in her life. His long white hair seemed to stand up as his blue eyes stared her down. “You shall never get this Rolex unless you take it off of my dead body! Until that happens… You shall never have your mother on your wrist!” You could see his veins in his neck as he turned back to the wheel… breathing heavily as his attempt to calm himself.

Jane seemed to tense up, turning back to the glass in front of her. Her confidence and bravery had disappeared. Fear and shame had come back once again… as she looked down to her legs like before. “S-Sorry… That I asked…”

The ride home was excruciating. The tension was stuck between them, almost like a chord holding them together. And Jane seemed to tremble by the heat in the tiny chamber of the vehicle.

The vehicle pulled into the cobblestone way of a large estate. Hedges and exotic flowers along the walkways, towering pillars, and columns holding up the great mansion, and some workers cutting hedges that were dressed in full feather. Jane leaped out of the vehicle, grasping her items before entering inside the large complex.

Jane attempted to dash up the spiral of wooden stairs, yet a voice stopped her, making her freeze in her place.

“Master Jane?” She turned her head to look down the twirled stairs. Kind eyes and faded brown hair met with her eyes. “Are… Are you alright, Jane?” The kind voice called to her. Wilma, one of the maids in the estate muttered to Jane, worried for her well-being as much as any other decent human should.

Jane was taken aback, caught when she was most vulnerable. She managed to hold back her tears, although turning away from Wilma with forgotten pride. “I’m fine, Wilma… Just some dust in my eye is all.”

Before Wilma could protest at her words, Jane turned around and began to run upstairs, leaving Wilma on her lonesome. “Master Jane!” she called, her worry still striking inside her stomach.

Jane battered her door, closing it with a loud bang. She fell to her bed, her boiled tears spoiling the soft covers of the worn bed that resided beneath her thin body. Minutes, almost an hour passed before they subsided.

In an effort to make better, she retrieved her laptop, putting on her headphones straight afterward. ‘Why can’t I just have one thing from you?’ She thought to herself as she laid on her bed. Despite her free will, tears once again ran down her face as soft piano music whispered into her ears.

‘Just… One thing…’ With that… the melancholy sound of Yiruma faded into her ears… as her wet eyes closed… and faded into her slumber.


Night and darkness soon fell over the estate. Not a single mouse or wretched mugger haunted the streets around the vicinity. Jane’s head moved ever so slightly, as her music had faded and her laptop had died ages ago- thus ruining her slumber.

She rubbed her eyes, dazed- as she had slept for hours. Taking off her headphones, she began to hear a noise that she was unfamiliar with earlier.

Tap… tap… bang…

The odd taping made her stir in her bed, making her rub her tired eyes in confusion. “H… Hello?” Slowly lifting her head, she yawned softly, not even bothering to check the time on her digital clock. The tapping and odd noises continued… Yet it wasn’t from Jane’s door.

“The… Window?” Jane inquired to herself as she stood, looking out to the still silk curtains that covered the glass opening.

Tap… Tap… The sound continued.

Her hands began to shake from uncertainty, staring out at the curtains. “Hello?” She took a step toward the window, visions filling her mind, and possibilities painting a picture inside of her already filled imagination.

Tap… Tap… The tapping continued.

She felt hesitant moving the curtains. This very motion could end her life if she wasn’t careful. With a hesitant and cautious motion, she grasped the silk hanging over the glass, desperate for an answer from uncertainty. ‘Three… Two…’ Turning her head hastily, she moved the silk, her heart racing from the adrenaline.

There was a silence. Nothing jumped out to her. Nothing scared her away. Although, superstition still clouded her mind. She managed to turn her head back out to the glass, looking out into the darkness. The empty space at the front of the mansion.

It was difficult to see. It was difficult to make out almost anything at all. Besides the two cars and the hedges, there was a silhouette she didn’t seem to recognize. It was tall… scrawny. Legs… arms. Was it… A person? It couldn’t have been, could it?

Her eyes seemed connected to the figure. Who… what was this creature that stood in front of her?

One moment, Jane was still. The next, she was hastily unlocking the window to catch a glimpse of the figure. Quickly, she lifted the glass, bringing her head out the opening. She stuck her head out of the window, looking out into the darkness. “Hey, what are you-”

A cold chill flew in the room as it went up against her spine and roused in her head. For despite the darkness… she saw nothing out of the ordinary in sight. Was she going crazy? Was she slipping into madness? Was there something in the water making her ill?

Even after that… she fell into a slumber in her resting place. The figure rested on her mind, giving her dreams of some other-worldly environment of lion-filled forests and bomb-stricken fields. Dreams such as those never seem to leave her. Odd, some would say. No, not at all. To her, it was just a regular occurrence.


The next day, Jane walked down the spiral stairs, a yawn escaping her tired body. Her tiredness almost made her forget completely of last night’s episode. As she trotted into the hallway, she glimpsed at Wilma carrying a load of laundry in a white basket. Jane brought up a kind smile, taking the basket of clothes into her hands.

“Wilma, I can take it.”

“Master Jane, I got it.”

Jane shook her head, denying her proposals. “I insist… Take some time for yourself.”

Wilma smiled softly, seeing Jane walk away with the basket of clothes. Wilma jumped up slightly, yelling to her. “Remember, use bleach. They’re white clothes, master!”

“I know!”

Jane’s footsteps could be heard across the halls as she carried the basket of clothes. It was always a marathon to walk around the estate. It was about 10,000 square feet. At least, that was what Jane was told. David had markets not just in the town. He had markets in places like New York and even other countries. So, guess it just made sense for his estate to be as large as it was.

Sooner or later, she entered the laundry room, putting the clothes in the washing machine. The events of the day before rested in her mind still. It was just above her thought process, seeping through it. What else would she think about?

‘Why does he hate me? All I want is Mom’s watch. He’s had it on his wrist ever since Mom died. Can’t he just get over it already?’ As she grabbed the jug of bleach, her fingers escaping its grasp. The jug fell, hitting the floor with a thud, seeping into cracks in between the tiles. “S**t!” She quickly picked up the jug and grabbed a towel on one of the shelves next to her.

“How can I be so clumsy?!” The strong smell of the liquid filled her scent as she began to clean up the bleach on the floor. “Grr… This is awful.” As she continued to scrub the floor… An idea suddenly hit her. It filled her brain, expanding almost like a disease or virus. “Maybe… Dad doesn’t want me to have Mom’s watch… Because he thinks I’m not worthy.” She smiled warmly… “I just need to… Be more like him.”

She grabbed a strand of her hair… observing it intently… almost hesitantly. It almost seemed as if color began to fade from her. It could have been the horrendous smell of the bleach, or possibly just her slipping into madness. Though… her mind was set by her very next words.

“I never liked my brunette color, anyway.”


The evening of the next day overlooked the town. The setting sun began to dim over the mountain-side, though earlier than usual. The estate was hushed. It seemed as if not a single creature walked the halls.

Jane slowly and cautiously walked to her father’s study. She tried to mollify herself, taking her breaths slow and patiently. Despite the silence… she felt pairs of eyes on her everywhere. She felt as if… something would come and take her away.

She always had good instincts.

Her anxiety kicked in as she held onto the door’s knobs. It felt cold and bleak to the touch. She felt her heart singing… yet things of only melancholy descents, almost of those of ancient Vikings racing into a battle meant to be lost or declined by fate. Yet, just like the Vikings in her heart, she turned the knob and prepared herself for battle.

“Father?” As the doors opened, the smell of a wood fire filled her nose. The soft, ominous, candlelight filled her vision. A large library of books surrounded her, along with chairs, tables, and a black and white tiled floor.

Staircases and bookcases surrounded her. Large shelves that almost reached the ceiling of the tall building. To some, it would be a dream come true. Although, only to some of the blind.

In the center of the room, sat her father behind his dark wooden desk. A brown book rested in between his fingers as he quietly hummed to himself. He hummed a tune of what sounded like old campfire songs of the dead. It was normal for him. Jane never saw anything wrong with it. Perhaps because she had seen it in him since birth.

“Father?” David didn’t look away from his pages. Her voice seemed to go in one ear and out the other.

“Yes, sweetheart?” He called out on instinct. Jane stuttered under her breath as she turned to him.

“May… May we discuss Mom’s watch?”

“Honey… Not this again.”

David lowered his book, gasping silently as the sight in front of him. Jane’s brunette hair was gone from his sight. “Your hair…” Her hair hung over her shoulders… White as the moon. The whiteness of her haired shocked him, nearly stabbing him in the heart. It was something that I cannot describe into words.

“What… What did you do to it?”

“I bleached it… For you…”

“Why on Earth would you bleach it? Your hair was beautiful as a brown color.”

Jane gripped onto her hand as the fireplace crackled. She spoke softly, trying not to upset him even more than what she already has. “I thought… If I looked like you… Or changed to be like you… Then you would accept me and give me Mother’s watch.”

David growled under his breath as he rested his hands on his desk. He stared into Jane’s hazel eyes… Yet he still felt no remorse for his doings. The glint of fire rested in his iris… as the fire popped and sizzled behind him. “I told you my final answer.” He said in his stern tone… piercing Jane’s already fragile heart. “You will never get this watch unless you rip it off of my dead corpse.”

It felt like a stab in her lungs, for she felt as if she couldn’t breathe. The fire continued to pop and crackle as her white glew from the light. “How…” She snapped. Stomping her foot against the ground, she turned to him with teary eyes, heartache retching from her voice. “WHY CAN’T YOU ACCEPT ME INTO YOUR LIFE?! HOW MUCH DO I NEED TO CHANGE FOR ME TO BE YOUR DAUGHTER?!”

The yell could have been heard all through the hushed and quiet estate. It was piercing to the ears… and sorrow to the one above.

Besides her loud yell… The world outside of them stayed silent. David tightened his grip on his desk… seeming more upset than he ever was before. With his pure devil-like eyes… He growled… almost like a wolf ready to pounce on his prey.

“No matter how much you change… No matter how much of your identity is altered…” He lifted his head with his cold eyes, stabbing Jane in her very soul. “You will NEVER be… My daughter…”

Something inside her snapped. She held onto her pants… as she turned away… something boiling under her skin. “Well, Father… If that is how you want to play…” A tear rolled down her face… yet she tried to keep it in. Although… she couldn’t ever even if she had tried. “I… I hope you burn in Hell…” With tears running down her face, she began to run.

‘Father…’ She staggered through the dark halls, galloping up the stairs, almost as if her leg had gone limp or had been injured. She slammed her door shut before running toward her bed. Her face fell into one of the pillows, sobbing loudly into the velvet. ‘Father…’ The same filthy word echoed into her brain. ‘Father…’

The darkness and obscurity in the room… made all of the pain go away. The paintings and pictures on the wall… seemed to dart their eyes… to her and her only. And despite her feeling the aching pain of being watched… she did nothing.

She rested helplessly… almost like Aschenputtel. Although… this time there is no festival… or doves… or a happy ending with some prince. After all… you know what kind of story this is.

Although… A sudden feeling washed over her as she held her soft cushion in her cold arms. “Perhaps…” Jane seemed to smile… almost forming a smirk. “Father isn’t as tough as he believes…” A chuckle escaped her lips as it turned into a sadistic laugh. It bellowed out, though only her and the monsters seeping into her skull could hear.

A bloodlust formed inside of her, making her dash toward the foggy window. Lifting the glass, she stared into the darkness before shouting, “Hey! I know you’re out there!” She frantically searched for the figure from before. “Come out! I feel you! I know you’re out there!”

The figure didn’t show… But its presence still lingered inside of her. She scoffed… seeing he did not show. “Stubborn… Aren’t we?” She fell onto her bed and sighed heavily… not closing the window, in hopes the figure returned. “He’ll see… Either way… I’m going to have the best birthday ever…” A giggle escaped her lips as she stared up at the ceiling. “The best birthday ever… Number 15…” She slowly closed her lids… Smiling as she wandered into her trance.

Many eyes watched her that night.


November 17th… 9: 37 pm… The right time for the most wonderful of occasions. David held his book in his hands as the fire crackled and popped behind him. He sighed as the pages spoke to him in a whisper tone, that only he could hear.

He hummed his tune of ancient past. He remembered her touch… the feeling of being there. The fire behind him brought up unsavory memories… with soft melancholy expressions… of death yet sweet nothings.

As he sighed… Another voice whispered to him, which wasn’t his own. “Hello, Father…” Lifting his head, he saw Jane and her white crystal hair. She was dressed differently. She wore a black jacket with a red tank, black skirt, black and white striped stockings, and black boots. “Jane? What are you doing at this hour?” He asked in a confused manner.

Jane smiled as she walked up to him… slowly yet surely. “I just… Wanted to see you is all.”

David sighed once more… last night still fresh on his mind. “If you’re here to ask about the watch, you aren’t getting it, Jane.”

“I’m here for more than the watch, Father.” Jane walked up toward his desk, standing in front of it.

“Then… What are you here for?”

Jane smiled… a smile which would make chills run up someone’s spine. A smile only Shinigami in fables could possibly make.

“I’m here for you, Father.”

The fire continued to crack and pop as the silence surrounded Jane’s soft voice. David stared up at her… the silence fading into his mind… making him fall for the hunter with a small smile. “Well, Jane, what do you want to talk ab-”

A sensation took over his body… which made him start to choke. He slowly looked up… seeing the eyes… of someone, he loved dearly. The yellow orbs of his monster stared down into his… with her sickly smile making a comeback…

“I’m here for you… Traitor.”

Looking down… David could see a knife in his chest… his insides slowly seeping out.

“J… Jan…” Falling to the ground… Jane grabbed the blade, removing it from his oozing torso.

“I’m keeping my promise!” Clenching the blade, she continued to pierce his heart. “THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED!” Stab after stab… She smiled wickedly… as his blood splattered onto her face and clothing. “I’LL RIP IT OFF OF YOUR DEAD BODY!”

His dead expression filled her with glee. “Isn’t this fun?! Isn’t this what you wanted!? THIS IS WHAT YOU ASKED FOR!” She was having so much fun… him underneath her… dead and lifeless in the only way he could possibly be. It was a thrill- a rush. It was the excitement that rushed to her brain… triggering all new types of cells that were locked before.

And she almost forgot what she came for. Turning toward his wrist… She began to take off his black Rolex, slipping it onto herself, looking down to David’s motionless body and his cold eyes.

“You never loved her… Did you? Everyday… She would come home and lay me to bed. All you did was kiss her cheek. We played and danced in the halls while you stayed in your office… Doing nothing but calling people over the phone, complaining.”

Jane sighed for a quick moment, snatching the murder-weapon back into her now guilty hands. “The only reason why you held onto this watch… Was because you wanted everyone to believe you had something besides your business to live for. The truth is… You were nothing more than a clown in a circus… Putting on your makeup and act.”

A silence filled the room. In the soundless void, she smiled wickedly like a cat… Before laughing hysterically as she stared down at his body. The laugh was of someone who had truly gone mad or insane, likely both.

It felt so good to see him lay under her… Dead and cold. It was a drug so much better than cocaine or heroin. It was better than any kind of s*x or drink. It was like Heaven, almost.

This truly was her greatest birthday present in her mind. Although… for reasons she still could never quite explain.

Suddenly… A feeling rushed over her body. This feeling made her shake and tremble. It was that odd feeling you got when you knew someone was behind you back… watching your every move. As I said, she had good instincts. “What… is this?”


The voice in a whisper made her quickly stand, rising to her feet as she looked around the silent, dark, and cold room. “Who’s there?!” She yelled in a suspicion. She quickly covered her mouth, realizing how quick she was to raise her voice. The feeling overtook her again, soaring through her spine and trembling her legs.


A binding hole grew in her stomach, feeling a cold and bony hand on her shoulder. Her fingers began to twitch… her brow cold and covered in sweat. It felt… hauntingly comforting. With a skip and sorrow, she looked over her shoulder, looking to where the cold and soothing feeling emitted from.


Looking up… The same tall figure from before entered her vision. Black, white, red… The very colors of him matched her. Its hands… HIS hands were cold and sharp. His appearance haunted her in the moment. She couldn’t stare him down… For one simple reason.

This figure had no face.

Face or not… He seemed to have smiled gently. As to how… not even I… ‘the all-knowing’ seem to understand. He reached out his bony fingers to her… caressing her face gently, comforting by his motion.

“Daughter…” Was he really saying that? Was it all in her mind? Has she truly gone crazy to the point of no return? It was almost like something straight from the mind of Lewis Caroll and into her own Psychic. “D-Daughter?” The fire behind the figure cracked and popped as he smiled gently… seeming to be confirming her statement. “Yes… my daughter…”

Emotions flew out of Jane’s chest. Feelings that no one will quite understand. Not even I. Although… whatever her emotions may have been on that frigid night… it made a single tear fall down her soft cheek, looking up to the figure she had seen before in her wildest of dreams. And with that tear… all she could mutter was…

“My… Father…” She nodded her head, silently confirming her statement to him. “Father…” Their hands connected and intertwined, making Jane repeat herself once more for good measure. “Father…” With his faceless top… He smiled with joy…

“Yes… My daughter…”

The once dark mansion seemed to grow brighter and brighter. The coldness turned to heat and despair as the melancholy photos on the wall burned with the memories standing beside them. The faces inside the paper melted. The chandelier fell, cracking and bursting the floor into shards of colored tiled.

The once claimed and prized estate… now began to fall and crumble to the ground. Almost a metaphor for the situation… the figure and mistress had put us all in.

Now… Everything was forgotten on that day… Yet… only one person remembers these events. A person who shall change the course of our little adventure… to your likely surprise.


The next day… Every reporter wanted to know… “Who killed David Flynn and how did his mansion burn to the ground?” Max gripped onto his pillow as he watched the TV. His pajamas seemed to no longer fit him, and they were stained from many other sources. His hair was ruffled, and his bed was messy. He had just seen his share of hell, so to speak.

“His daughter is missing. David Flynn’s body was found burned, with obvious stabs to the heart. We believe his mansion burned down due to a lit fireplace.”

Max sighed as he watched the report in front of his eyes. A tear ran down his face… Falling onto a book of pictures. “Jane… How could you?” His tear fell down the picture of him and Jane… Wasting perfectly good memories.

He felt something inside him, making him grip onto his pajama pants, crying through his moans and heart-filled motions of guilt, shame, and sin.


Jane Flynn was reported missing. The cops didn’t think a teenage girl could kill a healthy middle-aged man. Everyone advised the people to lock their doors, in fear that a serial killer was on the loose. The same petty routine of humans. Hug your children… tell your parents you’re grateful for them- blah, blah, blah.

What these people didn’t realize… Was that the killer was one of them… And only her best friend knew the truth.

And that something was coming. Something much larger than what this world would have ever thought.

You thought I was gone, didn’t you?
You honestly thought that it would be easy to get rid of me?
Sorry to disappoint, sweethearts.
I am not going anywhere.
I will be there until the end.
Until your final breath on this f*****g Earth.

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