How Rayne the Killer Came to be

It’s so quiet… I can’t… keep going…

Another day at school. Rayne sighed while she was walking through the crowd of students in the hallway.

She was avoiding every bit of eye contact with anybody, though her ears picked up every single words she heard. She could feel others staring at her. Stopping and following her with their eyes.

“How can someone walk around like that?” she heard some girl say to her friend. “What a weirdo,” another one said.

Rayne smiled, silently walking, continuously being stared at by the people she passed by. The break lasted 15 minutes, but to Rayne it felt like an eternity. She sighed once again.

During classes, Rayne never said a word. She was silently looking down at her notebook full of drawings. People covered in blood. Knives. Screaming faces.

Drawing was the only thing for Rayne. The only… calm moment that she had been when she was drawing.

“Wh- what is that? You’re so freaky how can you draw something like that?” a girl next to Rayne yelled. The teacher gazed at the girl with an angry look, “Charlotte, quiet now! Unbelievable.”

The class continued.

The girl, Charlotte, looked at Rayne.

And Rayne smiled.

She looked at the girls bag. It was pink with black patterns. A phone with a sparkly glitter case was peeking out of it. Pathetic. She is probably one of those girls that have everything and still complain. Rayne chuckled.

School was finally over. Everyone was hugging each other to say goodbye. Rayne walked past everyone in the hallway, as always… stares were unavoidable. She was the first one to leave the school.

On the way home smiled. Silently. She had no friends. No family. She had no one. She couldn’t understand how people could befriend others. Rayne never understood.

At home, Rayne opened her laptop, looking through the internet to escape reality. On the internet, there were people like her. People being mocked, people with no friends… people with no feelings… no emotions. Stories about people. Stories about killers. Stories, Rayne could identify herself with.

She couldn’t stop thinking about all the people at school who hated her. Who had never even talked to her before. People who have everything… was she jealous? Of course she was. She never had a family like others. She never had money, she never had friends. She never had love… but all these people who have everything they ever wanted and can still complain? Nothing made her angrier than thinking about those.

She bit her lip while her hand formed into a fist. They deserve to die. They don’t appreciate their lives! They worry about stupid things while others wish they could have their lives.

It wasn’t fair.

Rayne looked over to her drawer, knowing what was hidden in it. She smiled. Someone had to teach those people how good their lives are. Someone had to do it. So why not her?

She walked over to her desk, getting a glimpse of her face in the mirror above her desk.

Her eyes were darkened to almost a black color, her short, purple hair was falling over one side of her face.

She opened the drawer and took out a large knife. She glared at it like a young kid would look at a cute puppy. She smiled.

The next day, Rayne woke up early at night. She was planning to already get ready for school. This was the first time in 12 years that she was actually excited to go to school. She put on a black skirt, black leggings and a black hoodie and stared at the mirror. People will remember this. They will remember her. And that was the plan. She grabbed her bag that was lighter than usual.

There were no school supplies in the bag today.

Rayne smiled, staring at the floor while she was walking to school. After a while… she stopped smiling. The silence was bothering her.

She remembered the days when her parents were still alive.

Their existence was like torture.

She remembered the days that she would cry on the floor, crunched into a ball, hiding from her parents.

She remembered the deadly silence that could drive a person crazy. Hell. It did drive her crazy.

That day, she wasn’t avoiding the eyes of the students anymore. No, she was looking for eye contact. She heard the students say things about her again. Complaining again.

But today it didn’t bother Rayne.

In the corner of the hallway there were tables for students to study. Rayne recognized one of the girls that were sitting at one of the tables. It was Charlotte. Looking at her made her angry. She knew her for a while. Her and her friends constantly made fun of her for being strange to them.

But Rayne wasn’t angry for very long. Quickly she walked over to where the girls were sitting.

Next to Charlotte was her pink bag again. That b***h! Now she will learn what it means to feel pain!

While she was walking, she couldn’t help but stumble over another bag. She fell. And the girls were right next to her.

And they laughed.

They laughed and pointed while Rayne was still on the ground.

Realizing what just happened, she quickly got up and cleaned the dust off of her skirt. Then she walked over to Charlotte.

Rayne cleared her throat.

“Actually, Charlotte, I came her to ask you if you are looking for your phone.”

The girls looked at Rayne with a questioning look.

“My phone?”, Charlotte asked, “My phone is right h-”

Rayne smirked.

“Hm I could’ve sworn it was in my bag a second ago. Why do you ask? Have you seen it?”

Rayne nodded silently.

“Follow me,” she said.

Charlotte’s friends chuckled as she got up and walked after me.

Charlotte was talking to Rayne but she didn’t hear her. All Rayne could think about was… blood.

As they both walked, it was quiet. The farther they went, the quieter it got.

‘The silence…’ Rayne thought, ‘I can’t… keep going…’

Rayne took Charlotte off school grounds onto a street next to the school. There were trees. Many trees. A forest. Perfect.

“How would my phone be out here? Are you sure you saw it here?” Charlotte asked.

Rayne looked around and to her satisfaction there was no one around.

She laughed.

“No you silly, your phone is in my pocket, I stole it when I fell! You’re only here to finally f*****g die!”

Rayne broke into laughter.

Charlotte screamed at the sight of Rayne taking a big knife out of her bag.

But before she could run, Rayne had already grabbed her arm and stabbed it.

She laughed uncontrollably to the screams that came out of Charlotte due to the pain that was coming from her wound.

Then Rayne jumped on Charlotte, stabbing her in her arm again…

“Can’t let you die yet now can I? HAHAHAH!”

Charlotte was struggling but she couldn’t move.

“This. Is pain. NOW YOU KNOW!”

Rayne smiled. She was satisfied by the sight of Charlotte being in pain. This was her plan all along. But… she couldn’t just stop here. The blood was making her happy.

Charlotte was frightened by Rayne’s face. She was looking at Charlotte with a horrifying grin and wide open eyes.

This was not part of the plan. The plan was to make her suffer for a while and then to let her go but Rayne couldn’t possibly let that happen now.

She HAD to see more blood. She had to see her suffer more.

She had to see her die.

Rayne took the knife into both of her hands, letting the blade face down at her victim.

“I’m sorry,” Rayne said, “the silence made me do it.”

A quick stab and Charlotte screamed out loud for the last time.

And then it was quiet.

There were no screams. No laughs, just silence.

And Rayne remembered the darkness.

But this time, she didn’t feel so lost and sad anymore.

This time, Rayne smiled at the silence.

“I’m not scared of you anymore. I can beat you now,” Rayne whispered. “I am not alone anymore.”

The silence…

‘I need more… more blood… more!’ Rayne thought as she walked through the forest in silence, thinking about her next victim.

  • Sydney Drummond

    Came into this expecting a really cringe-worthy killer OC with no explanation to any of their actions or behaviors, but I was actually mildly surprised. Your character at least has a reason behind their behavior (seems to be sociopathy or psychopathy) and even that is explained by a very abusing and likely traumatizing past. It’s not the cliche “Oh, I’m so perfect but wveryone hates me, so I’m gonna snap for no reason” situation. Only issue was the name. Anybody who really takes cp seriously is gonna assume that a name ending in “The Killer,” since that’s an unoriginal name, is going to assume that the character is unoriginal too. Also, the eye color changed definitely need to be chemically explained or your is bordering on Mary sue. Anyway, fairly good plot.

  • IronMosquito

    Wasnt the best, but not as bad as I expected. Good job.

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs editing. Has promise.