I’ve been Blind My Whole Life

My name is Karl.

I’ve been blind my whole life. I have a roommate called Jude. We get along well.

I also have a friend at work named Jerry, he’s a cool guy.

One day, while I was at work, Jerry seemed… nerved. Like I couldn’t see it but he wasn’t his usual self. I walked over to him.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah…” he said.

I made a “I don’t believe you” face, hopefully directed at him. He sighed.

“Fine. Yesterday, I came over to your apartment, to surprise you… and to see that ‘Jude’ fellow you’ve been talking about… but…” he said, “It was only you, talking by yourself…” I froze. “Dude, I think he’s imaginary. Like how you make someone up just so you feel like your not alone.”

“Really? Huh Nice Joke,” I left because the bell rang, signalling to go home.

I walked through my apartment door. I was greeted by Jude’s voice, his wheelchair he was usually in. I nodded hello, still thinking about what Jerry said.

Later that night I rang Jerry and I told him and asked what should I do. He said just to ignore it. I heard Jude’s wheelchair coming up the ramp so I quickly hung up and pretended I was asleep.

The next day was a Saturday, so no work. I woke up, went downstairs and made breakfast. Jude said hello but I ignored him. Jude rushed over near me and was like, “Hey! you’re blind, not deaf!” angrily. I sat down, watched some TV. Suddenly the door opened. I could hear Jerry’s voice.

“Is ‘Jude’ Here?” he asked. I could still hear him screaming in my ears. “Nah”, I said, “As you said he doesn’t exist.” I joked.

“Oh shoot i gotta run back to the office, they need me for something important,” he said, and left.

Jude was shouting in my ear still. I had enough. I punched where the sounds were coming from… they stopped. Suddenly I felt I killed somebody, until The Cleaner walked in, not noticing anything, so my nerves were calmed. He was right.

“Soo you just wanna make me clean up your room?” she said. Before I could answer she said, “Oh I’m rude, My name’s Sarah, I just got this job.”

I chuckled and said, “Yeah… Just clean the room.”

Later she left and said goodbye. I felt like I could breathe again.

I never seen Jerry for a while, and I needed another clean of the apartment this time so I went down and asked for Sarah.

“Sarah?” he said, “There’s nobody named Sarah here, Bud.”

“What? She came down to my room and cleaned it!” I said.

“Nope, you must’ve been dreamin Bud,” he said.

A few weeks passed without a single word from Jerry. So I decided to call the office and ask.

“Yes, can I speak to, uh, Jerry?” I said.

“Jerry… Hmm… Nope there’s nobody named Jerry here Sir,” she said.

I hung up. My heart racing. The door opened, it was the owner of the apartment. He stopped in place. “There’s a… dead body on a wheelchair. Care to explain?”

  • Valdyr Loki

    In the end, it’s not clear what happened. The cleaner came, acted like she saw nothing, then Jerry went missing, then the landlord saw the body…It’s not clear what was his imagination and what was real…did he killed Jerry or something like that? With one punch though…a bit like Chuck Norris. Anyway, it doesn’t explain the story in the end, it leaves all loose ends…I’d be interested in knowing what the author intended…if he’d care to elaborate, I’d be waiting for his response 🙂

    • Karii

      Jerry and the cleaner were imaginary but Jude was real.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    It started out an interesting premise… Actually, quite a good one. However, it started to derail and get pretty confusing. I think you may have gone for a few too many twists at once.