It Can’t Be That Bad

I was 16 when I first went venturing into a abandoned building. I always saw people online going into them to find ghost or scary old things, but of course they never ran into any ghosts, the fear of being in a building where people have died with friends is scary enough. There were 4* of us Me, Justin, Kyle, and Mike.

We were all fearless of course and thought it’d just be fun. The building had been abandoned for 30 years and barely anyone had been in it. We had planned going in there for weeks but we all have work needed to find a common day we all had off. That day luckily turned out to be a Friday night. Justin and Kyle both worked with Justin’s grandfather on his farm, Mike was a waitor at Buddy’s diner in the center of town. I was a cashier at Walmart.

We all had the day off so we all had the energy at night to do it, we felt that if we went in at night it would be scarier. It was supposed to be a fun night for adventure, but of course us humans always have to venture into the unknown.

We were coming down the long driveway of the hospital. The only way cars would see us would be from the tail lights of the car and the light from our flashlights, and people were focused more on driving than looking at 4 idiots drive up to an abandoned building.

We got out of the car and headed to the front door. It was locked. We looked for any broken windows or side entrances or broken windows. We found one. We stepped over the broken glass and into the building. It was cool, we saw old broken computers, beds patients would be brought to the hospital in, cob webs.

We finished exploring the first floor and we all felt creeped out, we tried hiding our suspicion because we didn’t want to admit we we’re creeped out. We got to the second floor and it was a nursery, we all admitted we didn’t want to see what was on this floor because no one wants to see a place where babies stayed because that was just a little too creepy, something about children is just creepy.

But we went to the 3rd floor, we saw a picture on the wall of a clown who was taking pictures with some of the little kids. We thought he looked scary, there was a whole wall full of this guy’s pictures with kids. I guess the hospital appreciated him. We went over to another one if the secretaries desks and saw a old newspaper. The headline read “Killer Clown, Shot and Killed During Shootout”. We looked over at the pictures on the wall “Guess he wasn’t such a nice guy after all” said Justin.

We started looking in each room and saw nothing very interesting. We finally got to the end of the hallway and there was a big Double-Door. You had to actually push. We got it open and we saw one room, one little room with a light on. we were confused. We went over to it and looked in it, there was a desk, computer, piano keyboard, bed and wardrobe.

I went over to the computer and sat in the chair. It was unlocked, I looked in the files for any videos and there were 2. I played the first one and it started off nice and slow but it cut into another video. It was the Clown. He had a little boy tied down on a table and a big blade in his hands, he stabbed the little boy in the abdomen and dragged the knife up his body gutting him. When he put his hand in the boys body that’s when I shut off the computer. We all were freaked out and decided to leave.

We walked out of the room and at the same way we came in we saw the same Clown. He had a bloody knife in one hand and was dragging someone in the other, he had blood on his face and the most creepy smile. When we saw him and he was us we all stopped. Looked at each other. Then the Clown dropped the body and started walking towards us. We started running, so did he. At this point we we’re trying to get the hell out of there. We were running down the hallway and got to the end, there was a window. Now I don’t know about them but I did not plan on jumping three stories and risk dying from the fall, but we looked out and saw the trunk was open and the light was on too. I looked to my right and saw a door leading to the stairs I said “guys this way” we opened the door and went down the stairs. We got to the bottom opened the door and what we saw was horrific. We ended up in the basement because none of us even knew there was a basement and just went to the end. We saw dozens of corpses all brutally gutted. We knew who did this.

Kyle went to open the door so we can get back up to the first floor but as soon as he opened the door, the Clown was right there. He grabbed Kyle and pulled him into the stairway and closed the door. Out of fear we all ran and left Kyle behind. We had to run through all the bodies of the Clowns victims until we found another stairway. We got back up to the first floor with no sight of the clown. My friends went out to the car and I told them “I’m gonna go get Kyle if im not back in 5 mins leave without me”. They got to the car and I re-opened the stairwell I heard nothing which was a somewhat good sound that the clown wasn’t there I went to the last flight of stairs where Kyle was laying with a stab wound in his abdomen he was unconscious bus still breathing. I picked him up and carried him outside. I saw Justin and Mike in the car, Justin was trying to start it but it wouldn’t start.

When they looked up at us they had the look of pure horror on their faces, I looked behind me and I saw the Clown with his knife over his head ready to penetrate my skull I moved to my right faster than I’ve ever moved before even with a 150 man in my arms. I kicked him in the kneecap and ran, our friends ditched the car and ran with me. I didn’t look back, the driveway was so long. I saw in the corner of my eyes lights in the woods, lights in pairs of 2. I didn’t register it. I finally made it to the end of the driveway right behind my friends and the Clown stopped chasing us. We looked back and in the woodline we saw dozens of faces with white eyes and all together they gave a big smile. We started walking along the road and got someone to take us to the hospital for Kyle. When the doctor asked what happened we just said we were showing his a new knife we got and then someone pulled out in front of us and the knife went into him.

We never went back to that place again and we have never spoken or told anyone about that experience and none of us will ever be the same

  • Krpsublime13

    We’re and were are completely different words….

  • Kyomiko

    I can see its potential.. its just poorly written, making it hard to read.. Maybe rewrite it sometime later? Not too bad tho

  • Venus Gutierrez

    Good story