The Crooked Smile

If you thing death is scary, then this is horrifying.

Everyday I’d picture a young boy, but when I slept, he would appear sitting on my rocking chair with a crooked smile slowly rocking. I got rid of the chair, but then he’d standup and watch me as I slept and he was closer than before. So I bought a new chair outside of the hallway, but then he slept beside me and I didn’t move being petrified of what I saw. The smile on his face was so vile that it almost made me smile to not form aggression over my soul, but he didn’t seem to be here for that. He only seemed to be here as if he was a friend.

I seemed to see him as unharmful until he ran into my parent’s room and cut my mom’s eye so bad it had to be removed. And then, I was mad. I seemed to not be afraid of what he could do to me or anybody else. So I stayed up all night with a baseball bat hoping I might get to hit or maybe kill him, but when he came and I swung my bat, he was not touched nor effected by thing as if he was a phantom or some sort of shadow. Then I searched him up on Google and one image popped up as the exact same thing I have seen and I also saw what it was on a forum on a link in the images name.

I spent many long nights trying to ignore that it was staring right at me as I could feel he staring melt through my skull but I was able to fall asleep. When I woke up, he was grooming my hair and hugging on me. I pushed him and he didn’t like it, so he bit me and I was feeling nauseous. When I woke up, the bite mark was gone but my arm had started to turn into what seemed to be him. I ran downstairs and when I went into my mom’s room and told them to look at my arm, they were shocked and surprised and told me to get out because I ran in without asking. I took a picture of it and slid it under the door. When my mom got back to me, which seemed to be forever but was only 10 minutes, she said my arm was perfectly fine. Then I looked at my arm and it was perfectly fine as she said.

I took holy water and a cross along with a Bible and waited ’til nightfall. I put holy water on him and he was unaffected. I hit him in the head with a cross and it did nothing. I tried reading from the bible, my favorite verse, but once again it did nothing. So I had no options left except for me to do one thing: I killed myself. This note you are now reading, is from your 15-year-old child.

-Jackson Meclindon-


  • Puddin Tane

    This story made absoluteky no sense! What, are you like in the 5th grade or something? I’ve read a lot better. People giving you high ratings have pretty low standards, or maybe I have high standards when it comes to what I expect to see in writing. Either way, good luck in the future.

  • Guy123

    First your grammar is bad, and I wasn’t expecting 15 year old boy to kill himself because of the evil in the house. I expected more action, not only this… Good luck in the future.