The Kindergarten – Pt. 2

I really didn’t want to be out here alone, I recall thinking as I heard the door to the toilet close shut.

“You promise you won’t leave until I’m finished?” I heard Casper yell through the closed door

“I promise.”

“Double promise?”

“Mega promise”


“Just hurry up alright!” I said, as I felt a sudden breeze move through the hallway.

Weird, I though, since I remember closing the door and all the windows are shut. In a try to calm myself waved away the though with, “I guess someone must’ve left a window open,” which didn’t really help to be honest.

After what felt like hours of seeing a figure in the corner of my eye and casting looks over my shoulder I could finally hear the toilet flush

“Finally! That was the longest poop ive ever witnessed!” I said in a jokingly matter.

“Dude, ive only been here for like 2 minutes.”

“Wha- no way?”

“Yeah I just peed, whats the matter?”

“But… you… anyway just get outta there before I s**t my pants.”

“Alright calm down, jeeze,” he muttered.

Right as I was about to close the door a thought hit me. Should I really leave him alone out here? With all of this? No, I couldn’t do that. But on the other hand, he hadn’t seem to notice whats going on. I thought that maybe I was just going crazy, but all of this seemed too real not to be a cause of my imagination. After all, I’ve never been that of a creative guy, neither do I ever watch horror movies so I didn’t really know how to cope with the situation. Y’know, if you feel something paranormal just burn the house down and run or you’ll most likely die. But unfortunately I’m really good at coming up with excuses.

I came to a conclusion and decided to tell him to go and wait for me outside, since there’s a lesser chance of there being a threat out there than in here.

I shut the door to the toilet and heard him walking down the stairs, ending with a loud thud from the door closing downstairs. That was the last sound I heard for a while before the eerie quietness hit me, and it hit me hard. After what again felt like hours, I started to become crazy over the soundless building. I focused my hardest to hear something, maybe just a fly hitting the ceiling, or cars driving past nearby, but no. Nothing. Not even the house’s old wood creaking. Not even wind whistling through the cracks between the wooden planks. Nothing. I thought I was about to lose my mind, when a strange sound suddenly broke the silence. It sounded like… dripping water? No- that’s not it. More like… bare feet… running across the corridor?

“Casper?” I yelled quietly.

The tapping feet stopped as soon as I said it. I would be ok with it if it hadn’t stopped right outside the door.

I quickly realized what a mistake I had just made.

All my senses were set to max.

I genuinely felt like I could see through the door.

My eyes were deadlocked on the door handle.

I could feel sweat pouring out of every possible place on my body, when suddenly I saw movement. Not the type of movement you’d like to see in this type of scenario though.

The lock on the door started rotating backwards. I wanted to prevent it but I couldn’t move. It was as if I was glued to the toilet seat.

It stopped

“Thank god,” I thought. But it wasn’t over yet.

The door handle started moving. “No. Don’t.”

I thought.

But that wouldn’t help.

Inch by inch the handle got pulled down, ending in a little creek from the badly oiled door hinges. The door started to open. I could not move.

If you have ever experienced sleep paralysis you will know what im talking about.

I didn’t know what to do, but I know I couldn’t stay here. I remember reading online how to counteract sleep paralysis. Something about moving your toes. I tried. And I tried, and I tried but it wouldn’t budge, when I suddenly felt something hitting my shoulder that made my heart jump. I looked there and realized it was just sweat dripping from my head.

“Phew. F*****g hell, I almost gave myself a heart attack.”

It was then I also realized I could move again. I pulled up my pants, didn’t flush and was about to take a step towards the door when I realized that it was open and what had just happened.

I sat down on the toilet again and thought about my alternatives. I could either stay in here till my dad comes and risk loosing my mind or I could run down the stairs and out of this damned house. Alternative 2 it is.

I thought through my escape before I took a step back and ran. Out through the door, sharp right turn, through the corridor and down the stairs.

Since the stair turns 360° you can see up to the corridor when you’ve turned about 180°, and foolish was I to look up there.

I saw something, but didn’t quite k ow what it was.

My curiosity took the best of me so I abruptly stopped and took a few steps back so that I could get a better look at it.

I saw a small silhouette of what looked like to be a small kid, few years younger than Casper, but it had long hair so I’m assuming it was a girl. She had a dress and held a teddy bear in her left hand.

She was just… standing there. Starring. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t. After some time I noticed the black silhouette getting bigger. I wanted to run but I was in a state of paralysis again.

As she, or it, came closer, I noticed something off about her. Not how she in a paranormal way could get closer to me without moving nor levitating, but something about here face.

It was like, it wasnt there. I mean, she definitely had a face but it was like the human mind could not process it. It felt like looking at a black hole. I started to get a sharp headache and my vision got darker.


I’m afraid that I can not tell you more than this without getting in trouble. I remember some guys with guns closing off the area saying that they come from some sort of foundation. I remember a sign on one of their rifles. It looked kinda like a circle with three arrows pointing towards the centre… They said that they will take care of this creature and that I am not allowed to speak more about this event. I was given a cover-up story but I… I’m sorry… I could not keep this secret.

If you know more about this… foundation, please contact me asap. They have my family. I heard someone say that “we know too much” and… oh god… I must go. I carry a badge with the words “Class-D”, please send help for the love of g-

  • Angel

    Nice!!! This story reminds me of F.E.A.R. I never got to play it but remember my dad playing it. Super scary!

  • Paul Kramer

    I love it!!!, well done!

  • Puddin Tane

    The sentence structure and grammar are so bad I can’t even get to the second paragraph without editing as I go along. I’m not sure what story these two people read but this one needs major work. You need to S.L.O.W. D.O.W.N.!

    • Im Stingrayy

      Sorry you didnt like it, ill work more on that in the next one

  • Zalekitty

    The story was amazing and I hope you keep making more!

  • Whitney Paige Moulton

    Nice reference! 👌