Ritual to Gain the Gift of the Dead

Enter any structural building anywhere. It doesn’t matter what building as long as the building is intact, no missing roofs or other deficiencies that leads a hole to the outside.

It can’t be a building with strong ties to you or your life, for example it won’t work in your childhood home or the elementary school you attended.

You can’t use a religious building either, churches and mosques alike.

Tho Government buildings such as courthouses or the DYI has proven success by past attempts, it’s not recommended.

When you figure out what building you’ll be entering, wait til nightfall. You will want to bring a flashlight, no need to bring a phone, there’s no reception where you’re going. Also leave the gun or any other weapon you might wanna bring, it ain’t gonna help you against that which lurks there anyway, unless p*****g ’em off that is.

The only thing you should bring and need is a flashlight and a watch.

IMPORTANT: You should not attempt this during day, you can’t and should never bring anyone else, for the sake of you and your friend’s safety. If there is anyone else in the house, abort and try again some other time. However should you attempt this ritual during any of these circumstances, you need to run out of that house, all involved participants are in danger and should not stay in one place longer than you have to, don’t stop and keep traveling until sunlight. (if you tried this during daytime however, get as far away as possible, it’s during the night he’ll come for you… who? The entity of course, you are marked and he’ll know your identity and location) other than that, the same criteria applies, run and do not stop until sunrise. If you fail do not attempt this ritual ever again.

If everything is in order however, enter the chosen house at exact 03:24, when inside, go through all the rooms and make sure you are alone. Find a room and close all doors and windows, turn off all the lights and find a place to sit down, be it on the floor or a chair it doesn’t matter.

When the clock hits 03:30 close your eyes and chant these words 3 times.

“I who intrudes seek the gift of the dead.”

Do not open your eyes yet, after a while you should feel yourself becoming drowsy and overwhelmingly tired. Feel yourself drift away, do not fight this, as you drift you will hear a faint sound of church bells ringing in the distant, as you drift the sound will become more and more distorted. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere like a snap you will find yourself wide awake.

You will find yourself in a different dimension, in this place lurks all the horrors and fears conjured by the imagination of man, no wonder when you think about it. This is how he operates and strikes fear into ones heart. Who do I speak of? I don’t know, no one knows, only that he, she… it? Isn’t very friendly, neither very fond of guests, and then you can only imagine what he’ll do with trespassers such as yourself. All I know is that he or she… it is the entity of this twisted world.

If I were you I would start moving and hurry up, lingering for too long would surely result in a bad outcome. Also do not mind the moaning and the occasional cries for help, it’s either a tortured soul or a decaying body trying to lure you to your demise.

Now you might wonder what you’re supposed to do while you’re here, it’s simple. Survive until sunrise… wasn’t it obvious?

You should scout your surroundings for any creatures, you should be safe for now, seeing as you still haven’t left the house, but remember this is just another version of your chosen house, not the original. But in this dimension it should serve as a temporary safe place. Or safe house if you like. But as I mentioned before, lingering is never a good thing, seeing as you are a being of another dimension you emit a certain… aura, like when a dog gets the hold of a strangers jacket hanging in the house, they will pick up on your aura like a dog picking up on a scent. They won’t know your exact location of course but they do seem to have a general idea of the direction you’re in. But before you leave, be sure to watch your 6. If you’re unlucky you might have ended up in a house surrounded by the dead… or worse.

Now the rest if up to you, there is nothing else beyond these instructions I can further assist you with, where you go, how you survive is entirely up to you.

If you do manage to survive however, you should start hearing bells toll, but this time the very same bells starts of as distorted and becomes more clear and a thick mist will start appearing seemingly from nowhere, and engulf you. Don’t worry this mist is not dangerous, quite the opposite in fact, as it wards of any creatures should they try to reach you during this process. This mist will materialize you away from this place. As the bells keeps tolling the mist will eventually clear up and you will find yourself standing wherever you call home. Be it a place, building or a person.

You will bring with you the gift of the dead, which makes the bearer able to see every person or animals current life span. Except for your own… also if you introduce others to this ritual, and they die within the realm. The entity ruling that place will surely grant you some kind of boon.. Say, a couple years to your life span maybe… I mean how I should I know? Anyway! If you do loose, and those foul creatures catches you, your soul will be trapped within that realm, as they will strip you of flesh and bone until there’s nothing left. But your soul… your soul belongs to him, for what purpose I do not know. I only know that you have 1 more hour left of your life span.