Noose Snake

Ya know, I’ve always been one for skepticism. Maybe my lack of understanding certain thing’s is to blame. I’d always known about that creature, but I just assumed it was yet another tall tale told by the bored inhabitants of my small hometown. That is, until I met it.

It all happened very suddenly. My friends death was ruled as suicide by hanging, but I knew better. Something else had to be at play. A few items were recovered from his room. One of them was a photo which seemed to stand out.

The photo in question seemed to have been taken quite hastily and depicted what looked like some kind of snake-like creature oozing it’s way out of his wall. The detectives that found it shrugged it off, assuming it to be a fake created by my friend. However, when I looked at it, I got a very strange feeling from it. It almost seemed as if a great weight which had been carried by someone else was now being passed on to me. It was an eerie sensation, the kind you can’t just shake off.

In the coming days, I got less and less sleep as the creeping sensation began to grow and consume me. It consumed me to the point that it made me begin research on the snake-like cryptid that my town had aptly named noose snake. The similarities between my friend’s death and the legend that is noose snake were striking. The legend goes that noose snake creeps into the rooms of unsuspecting citizens without even making a single sound. Then, the person would wake to see a giant gaping black hole in their ceiling, which I am assuming to be a portal.

At which point the body of the huge snake creature would then begin to materialize. It is said that during all of this, the portal emmits some kind of nerve agent, causing the victim in question to become paralyzed. The snake would then slither down from the ceiling, dropping a black ink like substance as it moved. The creature then wraps its body around the victims neck whilst they are still conscious, and, much like the boa constrictor, begins to squeeze the ever-loving life out of them.

After it is done killing them, it will then retreat back into its portal, dragging their body inside and leaving an exact copy of the person in questions’ body behind to be discovered. The bodies it leaves behind are usually made to look like the person hanged themself. After viewing the photo and conducting my research, I began to feel uneasy when sleeping in my own room, almost as if something was staring at me from the corner. It got so bad that one night I swore I saw black goop dripping from the ceiling, but, low and behold, It wasn’t actually there. Needless to say, that night I slept on the couch.

I would’ve considered this to be a form of refuge were it not for one thing, the black goop seemed to drip from the ceiling no matter which room I slept in and it always came from the corner. It was as if this black substance knew where I was at any given time and acted accordingly. This thing that seemed to be following me on my ceiling was beginning to terrify me. It even impeded my research as I slowly came to the realisation that this was no mere urban legend and I was most likely in for a bumpy ride in the coming days.

  • I love creepy pasta’s

    Great story man

    • Tiny


  • IronMosquito

    Well, I like the ending. It’s a nice place to stop. As usual, this story suffers from common problems. Grammar, spelling, awkward sentence structure, etc. This is easy stuff to fix and it really does make a story better, so please don’t half-a*s it, for lack of a kinder term.

    I really like the cryptid. It’s a cool idea and it shows that there was thought put into it. I did have a problem with it, though. The use of a nerve agent seems off for something that’s supposed to be a creature of legend. Usually these powers, like paralyzing, are chalked up to just that; powers. A nerve agent adds realism, yes, but takes away from the mythic nature if the cryptid. It still works though.

    My last problem with this story is that the police ruled it as suicide. I can see that if there was a noose in the room, but there wasn’t. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that something else was at play if he was strangled, seemingly by a noose, but there was no noose present. Kind of a plot hole, I guess. Otherwise, great job. Keep writing!

    • Tiny

      I gladly accept any constructive criticism👍 Thank you my friend and I will apply this knowledge to my next story, apologies for the late reply.

      • IronMosquito

        Hey, no prob. I’m glad you accepted my criticism! Happy writing, friend.

  • Love2Bscared

    I loved it! Will there be a part two?

    • Tiny

      Most likely👍

  • DJ bunch

    First off, I love that this aims straight for a sleep paralysis effect. Secondly, if I’m dreaming about the snake does that mean it’s real? Asking for a friend

    • Tiny

      Yes, it is real, he can kill people in real life sort of like freddy krueger. Also I am glad you enjoyed it😊

  • MarsoloX

    This was a great story, loved it! The only critiscism I have (that I wouldnt also be occasionally guilty of in my stories) is the plot hole of no noose. I would suggest either adding a noose to the scene, or making the police rule it off as murder by strangling and look into it.

    • Tiny

      I really appreciate the critiques, they’re very helpful and I’m glad you liked the story👍