I’m Sleeping

I want to write my last thoughts. Before it gets to late, so I decided I wanted to try this new ice cream shop in town, but on the way home this man decided to stop my car by jumping in front of it. I got out not thinking, he was lying on the ground twitching. So I grabbed his shoulder shaking him to wake up and he just jumped up and stabbed me with a small knife like object that came out of his knuckles. I pulled a gun I keep in the back of my jeans held it with one hand while holding my shoulder with the other and shot him ten times. Once in the leg twice in the neck four times in the chest and stomach also three times in his head. I backed up and fell to the ground breathing heavily.

Later the next day all I had on my mind was last night I just got home from work and all I could think of was killing that man, but it was self defense so I was fine. I blinked and woke up and there was a man in white with big glasses saying, “Do you know the 2032 people you killed?” and I answered, “What are you talking about?” but the truth is, I was blind see I scratched my eyes out so I can’t see the white and shoved pencils in my ears so I can’t hear and ripped my tongue out so I can’t speak. I’ve killed and dismembered and ate 2032 people because of that man. I went crazy my name is Tony and I’m insane these are my last words before I kill them all and escape. So watch out because I could be in your basement waiting for you and you could be number 2033 on my list of victims… Hahahaha.

  • Raven MoonSkye

    Ok… that completely sucked. The grammar was off, the paragraphing was off, and it was just a horrible storyline and plot.

    • Angel

      Agreed, it could’ve been so much better, keep trying bud!!!