Son of Satan

I was with my ex for almost 7 years. I always thought there was something wrong with his oldest son. He was only 4 when we first met. I tried hard to find love for him in my heart, considering I also had 2 of my own. We were trying to make a happy family.

They got along for the most part. My boyfriend at the time also had twins we saw on the weekends. They lived with their mother mostly.

I first started noticing there was something off about him when we moved into our first house. We had a cat named Simon. He was an adorable little kitten we had for a short period of time. He went missing two weeks into moving in. I looked everywhere for him.

I asked the kids if they saw the cat. My two kids, Ashton and Kayden, were devastated. They cried for days. Jr, on the other hand, didn’t. I asked him where the cat was, he did not know. I left it alone for awhile. I thought maybe he snuck out in the midst of grocery shopping or something and dismissed it.

A few days later, there was a rancid smell coming from the closet in Jr’s room. I opened the door and could not believe my eyes. The poor cat was lying on the floor in the corner with a pocket knife through its throat. I called in his father. He got so upset, we didn’t know what to do.

We sat all three boys in the living room on the couch and asked them if there was anything they wanted to say about the cat. My two kids started crying asking me if we found him and if he was ok and they wanted to play with him. Jr just sat there with a very devilish smile looked at his father and said, “You found him, didn’t you?” This kid is only 5 years old. He said he wanted to send it to hell so he killed it.

I’ve never seen his father so mad. I was wondering if I should stick around for this or not. I didn’t want my kids around a kitten killer. Looking back, I wish I did.

We didn’t know what to do. Should we call someone? Set up counseling maybe? He’s only 5! I know, I didn’t want my sons thinking this was normal. Ashton was only 3 and Kayden was 5, as well I did not want them thinking this was normal.

Through the years, it continued. Cats, mice, I’d find them here and there. Once he tried to kill my sisters dog by putting a string around its neck and pulling tight. Luckily Kayden came and got his father. Needless to say, he got his a*s beat. He was 7 when that happened.

My family asked me how I could deal with this all the time and begged me to leave him, but I didn’t. I thought it was a phase and it would get better, but it didn’t.

My last straw was a few years later at Kayden’s 9th birthday party. We had it at a state park, so he could go fishing. I got him a new pole for his birthday, he loved it. After we had cake, I took him and the kids for a little walk so we could go see the waterfall. It was Kayden’s favorite part of the park. It was beautiful. Only sucky part was, you had to walk up a hill to get there then at the top there’s a drop off, but there’s benches so you can just sit and watch the water

I should’ve left Jr at the bottom, I’m pretty sure he was jealous of the attention Kayden was getting because it was his birthday.

He tried to push my son off the cliff. I couldn’t believe it. If he wasn’t holding my hand, he would’ve went over. I held on with everything I had and got him to safety. Then I pushed Jr up against a tree and told him that was the last straw.

I dragged him to the bottom of the hill while he was kicking and screaming yelling at me because I saved him. I picked him up and threw him at his father and told him to leave.

My ex now still tries to call apologising for what his son did. I guess he ended up in a group home then admitted to a crazy place because he tried to kill a member of the staff with an ice pick, but I couldn’t being myself to be around him.

It’s been years now since I’ve heard from his father or him but I’m pretty sure I saw Jr walking in the park the other day. It scared me. It looked just like him. I’m hoping I don’t have to write a part 2.

  • Amber

    Wtf? Is this supposed to be real life?