It’s cold. As if someone just opened a window in winter and let a draft in. All the windows are closed. Do you think I’m afraid of cold air? Being crazy? If it was just cold air I wouldn’t be concerned.

I’ve seen them awake. It’s not only sleep paralysis anymore, upon waking there have been figures at the foot of my bed. One a crisp dark silhouette of a large man, another a white fog. In one case I jumped, in the other I shouted and they were gone. But I was awake. Not frozen and dreaming. And if sleep paralysis is your dreams merging with reality why are they always nightmares? Why don’t I ever see Katy Perry at the foot of my bed? Just a thought.

This isn’t where my troubles started, I doubt they’ll be ending anytime soon. I should probably go to a church. When I was a kid my grandma haunted my aunts house. The paintings would get torn off the walls while we were out. A loud banging that the dogs couldn’t hear was common in the back room. I remember them sitting there just panting, I can’t find the word for how it looked maybe I’m trying to write too fast. But it was eery. These dogs were territorial and didn’t take kindly to someone even knocking on the door.

“GET OUT OF THERE,” my uncle shouts at the dog startling me as I write. It’s warmer in the room again. He comments on the rats making noise in the attic.

I’m not sure where I was going with this. I just needed to see my thoughts maybe. I’m thinking about trying to write and maybe horror could be my field. I’m no stranger. When I was around 7 I went sleep walking and woke up in the woods at night.

My cousin is literally insane. He goes in and out of asylums and I hope it was just the drugs and not a family condition. He’s the only one and he did take a lot of drugs. I at least have my aunt as a witness to the haunting.

But I can tell you these things are real. No one will believe you unless they’ve experienced it I don’t blame them. It’s getting late and I need to rest. But those are the creepiest things lumped together I don’t see the point in dragging it out. I may write longer fiction based off these experiences but this is the inspiration for anything I may produce given talent and luck are plentiful. I also think it’s interesting. Like can we cut the b******t and swap tales? Haha idk.