The Girl With the Heart Shaped Locket (Sumasi’s POV)

As far as I know I’m the only one still here. God forgive us.

Hi, I’m Sumasi! Most of my friends call me Suma though. And I’m scared no one will see this.

A couple of friends of mine decided to celebrate a friend’s birthday. For now I’ll call her K. This was her 18th birthday. Well, the night before it, I suppose. We made plans a couple of days prior. We decided that we would have a sort of “K is growing type of party” so we decided to have a sort of cemetery rave type thing. Nothing much. A few friends a couple of bottles of soda and some snacks.

Fast forward a few days and we are at the cemetery. We chilled out, ate a few snacks waiting for it to be dark to start the party. My sister, who I’ll call P for now, came with me. She’s a bit younger than I am. But she wanted to go and I felt like she would have fun. It was around 10pm, maybe sooner or later. Most of the party was here. A few stragglers but not all that many late people. A couple of guys suggested to play ghost in the graveyard. A lot of us were like “yeah sure” or “seems fun”. It wasn’t fun at all.

We decide to play by the no lights no phone rules. A lot of players didn’t obey the rules but at this moment no one cared. P and I got into a nearby tree and climbed up. We were well aware of our climbing ability so when we got up there we just kinda chilled. About ten or so minutes later we heard K yell, “Olli Olli oxenfree.” And P and I climbed down. When we’re back, K had this almost frightened and intrigued look on her face. She asked us to help her find the others. “Ok sure!” P proclaimed. “Why not?” I said slightly sighing. We came across nothing. A few phones and one guys *ahem* questionable choice in party supplies.

I split off from P and K to check an area when a little girl came up to me and asked if I had “seen my friends”. In retrospect I should have not said a word. Next thing I knew, she flashed a heart shaped locket and then darkness.

I hope this message reaches someone in time. Please help me!

Author’s Note: This one is a tad shorter than the last one as it starts farther in. The other 2 will be the same way but the combining story will be insanely long. If you have any questions comments of concerns leave a comment. Thank you for your time.

  • IronMosquito

    This was a little bit confusing and some of the grammar was poor, but if you take this story the right way I think it could be really good.

    • Kitsunae_Kazida

      Hi, i noticed the messed up grammar and whatnot as well. Im gonna do my best to fix it soon. I’m working on a sort of “chapter” that combines all 4 of the povs into one pov. However in order to do that i had to crank out the other 3 povs. Im happy you read it. The content will get more exciting and less grammatically incorrect very soon.

      • IronMosquito

        Glad to hear it, good luck👍