A Girl and Her Doll

Before I begin my story, you might want to know a little bit about me. I’m nothing out of the ordinary really. I just live a quiet life in my small, quaint house with the family I love ever so dearly. I mainly reside in my room, a cosy but cute place with plenty of things to play with. Now, let me begin the story about a girl and her doll.

I once knew a young girl who lived on my street. She never said a word and I only ever saw her with a doll by her side. It was porcelain with glassy eyes and rosy cheeks, eerie to say the least.

I never really made an effort to talk to her, even when my parents tried to convince me to. There was something strange about the way she’d sit on the wooden porch swing and stared at you if you were in her line of vision. If you’ve ever been to a museum or an art gallery, you’d understand the feeling; if you stared long enough at one of the portraits, its eyes would follow you around no matter where you stepped.

Well one night, I decided to gaze out of the window. Earlier in the evening, I’d heard that there was to be a meteor shower (Oh how I love to look at the stars) but I was greeted by something strange. As I looked down, I spotted the girl unlatching my gate and she looked around in confusion.

That wasn’t what caught me off guard though.

A stray, red ribbon had flown in front of my face but there had been no wind. I felt the silk brush my cheek. I was afraid to turn but felt compelled to. The doll was sat on a nearby branch, her legs were crossed and her expression wore a slight grin.

Before I knew it, the girl had climbed up the tree to retrieve her treasured doll and just as she reached out her hand to make a grab for it, the doll’s eyes snapped back. The thin branch that supported the girl’s legs looked as though it’d been hacked at slightly and it came as no surprise when it snapped and she plummeted to her death.

She screamed as she fell. It was the first sound I’d ever heard escape her lips. And it was her last.

I heard a clicking sound and turned back, only to be greeted face to face by the little doll.

It’s quite nice to have a friend of my stature. It does get quite lonely sitting on this window sill. The strings attached to my arm dropped the tiny saw and I snapped my eyes back to the house across the street. Another little girl has brought a friend to play.

  • Cynthia

    Of course this story would show up the same night I go see the new movie Annabelle Creation…..I loved it! 🔯