It Hurt

Hi,  i want to tell you guys a story about something that happened to me,  and the truth is, it’s still left sequels on me,  anyways i’ll stop rambling about nonsense and get right to it.


It all started the day he…. R***d me.  It has horrible.  I was in my house,  alone.  And i heard a noise coming from my front door,  it was like someone was trying to force the door open,  i thought my parents had came home at last, two hours had already past since they left but i realized if they had come already , they would have just opened the door like usual, anyways i decided to go look who it was.


Bad idea.


As I approached the door,  this person managed to open the lock,  he was very tall and had a mask. You should probably know what happened next.


After this, my parents came home and saw me in the floor, weeping,  they asked me what happened and i told them everything.  I bet that f****r was never caught.


I went to several mental institutions but they never helped me.  I swear it’s real I SWEAR. He follows me everywhere , he won’t let me live, ever since that day, i can see figures running around the dark,  stalking me. I try telling this to my doctor but he just keeps telling me to take my medication, nobody listens to me,  they just tag me as a wierdo, i don’t understand how could something lead to another thing, it just doesn’t add up. It’s getting hard to concentrate because lately i’ve been having this whispering to my ear, telling me that i should run away, that i s**k, that everyone hates me,  and ever since it happened my life just went downfall. These entities have been doing some wierd things lately, knocking things around,  and even managed to touch me, i know it isn’t because of the aftermath of what happened. It has to be something else, it has to.

Now i can see them. They look like humans,  but they aren’t. They are taller and thinner, they have white eyes, it looks like they’re blind.

Why did it had to be me?

Why not someone else?!

I can feel them touching me,  it almost feels like a scratch.

I think i’m going insane, maybe it was the medication i’ve been given. At the point i don’t f*****g know. I wish i did.

I just woke up, i don’t know where i am. It’s all dark in here, i believe this is the last thing i will write or do, i need to tell everyone this. Not as a warning, i don’t even f*****g know what caused this.

I want to let you know if you read this…

It hurts

It hurt all my life.



I hope you all enjoyed!  It’s my first story so please don’t judge me so hard.

I’ll write another one soon!!

  • SkullNboNes

    It seemed like there were 2 different stories put into one so it was a bit confusing, maybe separate the two ideas into different stories? Also, the grammar needs a second look. But keep writing, I’m sure with time you’ll get a lot better:)

  • Lost Boy

    I’d suggest adding more detail

  • Simon

    I once used the phrase “…Spooky things happen for the sake of spooky things happening…” to summarise my criticisms for a story I thought wasn’t very good(Lost Boy over here knows very well what I’m talking about.). It’s a very good description of your story as well, and that’s not a good thing.

    • Lost Boy

      I do remeber that. Quite well. And I agree

  • Roses are Red

    The grammar killed my eyes. My poor eyes.