I Think I’m Mental

October 15–
I can’t sleep. The night haunts me. I constantly see shadows lurking by my bed. They scream for my soul, sometimes even cry and beg. I never give in, but sometimes I just want to too make it stop.

October 16–
Today they told me to stop eating or they would gut me in my sleep. I finally fell asleep last night, but it only lasted for about 20 minutes. They kept screaming, and screaming, and screaming. I’m so miserable. Please help!

October 17–
I’m losing my mind! I hear screaming, crying, scraping and scratching, but when i look nothing is there. After checking my room for the 8th time in one hour, I curled into a ball in a dark corner, and just cried. At one point someone screamed in my ear so loud, there was blood dripping from my ear. I started to pull my hair to get the emotional pain to stop. After pulling a chunk of hair out of my scalp, someone or something must’ve reached down from the ceiling, and started to pet my head. I sat in shock for 10 seconds, and screamed and ran out of the room. I must go now, or they’ll kill me for writing to long.

October 18–
The day is coming. The one day of the year where they can get closer and closer to having my soul. Now they are starting to touch me, poke me, and rub me. It’s disturbing! I can’t take it! It’s been 3 long years and I can’t survive another one! I’m starving and I haven’t slept in 3 days. I need to nsjsidnak – sorry, something screamed DIE in my ear and scared me so bad. I can’t write anymore, I don’t have enough energy for the night. I’ll try to sleep through the scratches and the screams…the torture.

October 19–
Today I think i made them mad. I yelled at them to leave me alone. Now they left me alone, and won’t let me leave my bedroom. They’ve isolated me from the outside world, leaving me with my bed, clothes, and my notebook. My curtains are hard as rocks, and won’t let me peal them back to see the sunlight. They never used to be like that but I think something is preventing me from light. Drowning my soul as I call it.

October 20–

October 24–
I had to skip a few days of writing because they took my pen. But when I got out of my closet, I found it laying by the door. I had a weird feeling that someone or something felt bad. 3 more days left…to see if I survive. The screaming and scratching stopped for now. I’m finally enjoying silence. But I know it’ll be not to long before something happens.
-2 hours later-
I FIGURED OUT WHY IT’S SO QUIET!!!! It’s the hissing in the closet. There is some creature in my closet, it hisses and growls and scares the little helpless souls away, that just want a body to live in again. But this is not the case! This, THING, doesn’t want a body. It wants to eat and use a vulnerable human soul! It feeds itself off of the suffering of it’s victims! Please, if your reading this, I’m most likely dead. But please, take this notebook as a warning and lookout for the darkness.

October 25–
The day has come. Halloween. The Devil rises, giving his minions marvelous and deceiving power. Power that cannot be crushed by God until the next day. I have to survive without the help of the lord today, which I’ll be surprised if I do. I can’t tell if its day or night, but I know it’s Halloween, definitely. The normal souls have all silenced, and some went away because they were to weak. But some have just enough energy to stay. Oh my Gosh! Just a few seconds ago, someone whispered “I’ve been watching you lately, and I really want your body to live once again, but I realized I don’t want to put another soul like mine into the same shoes and position. I’ve been trying to reach out to you but it has been silencing me. It’s coming. Run. Run now! Run fast!”. I made a mistake staying in the closet. I started to hear the hissing, getting louder and louder. The black shadowy, bloody-eyed demon slowly crawled down the wall. “RUUUNN!!!!!!” The same soul yelled behind me. I got up, and ran down the large room, and got to the door, and kept twisting the knob, but it wouldn’t budge! I pounded and pounded, hoping someone would hear me.

It’s been 20 minutes, I’m sitting by the door, and haven’t heard anything since I ran out of the closet. I’m trying to stay silent, hoping it doesn’t hear me and come running- or crawling out of the closet. My foot was at an odd angle, and started to hurt, I couldn’t stay still anymore, so I moved it straight. Then the closet door creaked. I couldn’t see it, but I could hear it.

Then it very quickly crawled right in front of me…

I’M TRYING TO QUICKLY WRITE BEFORE IT GETS ME. I’M GOING TO LET IT TAKEN ME. I CAN’T DO THIS ANOTHER YEAR!! I’M SORRY! It just roared! And it’s getting closer and closer, and ksnsloanwpc…

  • KTM😈🔫😨😨😨

    I love this story

  • Clowa Jeske

    Fairly sure Halloween is on the 31st

  • Simon

    I don’t think Halloween is on the 25th, you know.

  • aMenTaLdemon

    This was gr8. it describes what I hear at night

  • Kill Me Fam

    This was the shittiest story I have ever read. Just f*cking kill me already. I hope you one day you decide to swallow a bullet. Just f*cking kys

  • Nightfury King

    I think the story was fairly good with some mistakes. For all we know this was their first story. That is just your opinion and there is no need to ruin someone’s day with your rudeness.