I Can See You

I was in London in 2015. We got to a 5 star hotel near the center of London. The hotel was top class, however, it was there since early 19 hundreds. As we stayed there, an employee, who worked as a house keeper, kept on warning us about room 13. We never understood why. Until it happened…

7th of October, 2015
We arrived to the hotel at around 10PM. It was raining heavily and we were tired and cold. We instantly went to our rooms with hot shower and then to bed. I shared a room with a girl, because all other rooms were taken. And she was really pretty.

8th of October, 2015
We woke up to some weird floor-cracking like sounds. She looked at me, I looked at her and we started laughing since we got so scared. That happened at around 3AM. The sounds stopped, so we went back to bed. When we later woke up, my roommate looked somehow different. I couldn’t tell why or what it was, but something was different. After the breakfast we went on a tour around the city.

9th of October, 2015
I woke up to some strange sad moaning or growling like sounds. I woke up, and saw my roommate sitting on the bed. I saw her go to sleep in a red and green pajamas, but now she was wearing a white dress. It scared me, so I said I’ll go check on my friends in the room 15. We were staying at room 14. When I exited the room, I turned wrongly and went to room 13 instead 15. At that time, I heard an employee yell at me, “STOP! Don’t go there!”
I was stunned, but obeyed, turned around and went to my friends.

10th of October, 2015
1AM. I was with my friends in room 15. There was a tiny hole in the wall we thought we could look at my former roommate when she’d be naked or barely dressed. But all we could see, was white. I said, “That looks like her dress!” At that time, we remembered, that’s where her bed was.

11th of October, 2015
The next day, we’re talking about last night. The employee heard us. He instantly warn us not to do it again. So we thought he just didn’t want us to see her undressed. Later that day, in the evening, we checked the hole again. We only saw red this time. We were wondering, “She must have a red pajama.”

12th of October, 2015
Last day we were supposed to stay there. We were talking about her red dress now. And the employee came to us, worried, “You need to leave. Now.”

We were wondering why, and all he said was, “She saw you.”

We didn’t understand. When we went to the bus to go home, I didn’t find my roommate on it. No one noticed, so we left. Later that day, I was reading the news and it said, that they found a massacred female in the hotel where we were. Her face was for some reason intact, so I recognized her. I was shocked. I notified my friends. Then they said, they heard that they changed, what was a utility room, into a normal room. The room 14 was actually 13.

End of story.

Last night, before I went to sleep, I heard footsteps. I went to check, I found nothing so I went back to sleep. As I came back, I found a note on my bed. It said, “I can see you.”