I Blame Myself

When I was fourteen I started getting very, very into creepy and unusual things. It was almost like a phase that I went through, except it never went away. I used to sit on my computer and search for books about ghouls and ghosts. I watched videos of creepy pasta stories on YouTube. But one day I took it to the next level.

My friend came over to hangout and possibly sleep over. She was into the exact same things that I was. So almost right as she walked through the door, she told me she had found something “new” and “exciting” which for us, being the creeps we were, meant “creepy” and “unnerving”. So obviously we went to my room and she explained what it was and how we got to it. It was called “The Deep Web” and Apparently all kinds of crazy s**t happened on it.

“Drugs deals, hitmen, torture rooms,” she explained excitedly. It all sounded kind of sketchy and illegal to me, but we did it anyway. She told me we needed to download a special browser to access the websites. So we did and we started exploring. It was anti-climactic for the most part, until we came across one website.

This website was black with red Arial font. It said only a few things at the top, but in big, bold letters it stated “EENY, MEENY, MINY…” so we assumed it was the name of the site. We started scrolling and it again seemed like another dud website. We decided that if we didn’t find in anything good at the bottom of the page, we would be done for the night. So we scrolled to the bottom where a video link was copied and pasted. We gave each other that kind of “Should we click this?” look I nodded and we held our breath as she clicked the video.

It popped up that it was loading and a video popped up that took over the whole screen. A man was sat at a table with a boy with black hair and no shirt to his left and a girl with blonde hair and only a tank top on to his right. They both had gags in their mouths so they could not speak. The man smiled at the camera for the first ten seconds of the video, then began to speak. He only said a few sentences, but they alone were chilling. He looked at the boy and said his name was Tyler in a very gruff voice. He then stated that Tyler had been taken from some city in Idaho. He looked over to the girl and said in his very low, gruff voice that her name was Mandy. He said Mandy had been taken from New York. He looked directly at the camera and said the few words I will never forget.

“I can see the two girls watching this. Just know, we have your exact location. Be ready ladies. Here we come,” then the video shut off. The computer shut down as we looked at each other in utter horror. Was this some sick prank? Was the man being for real?

My friend started laughing a bit and I turned to look at her and questioned why she was laughing. She stated that the video was fake and that it couldn’t have been real. She shrugged it off and laughed. I laughed slightly and put it in the back of my mind. She left and everything seemed like it was going to be okay. But I was very, very wrong.

A few months later, I had turned 15 and completely forgot about the web browsing with her. We actually stopped being friends after a huge fall-out. Like I said, at this point I had forgotten about the man who threatened us. But one night, I was alone in my room at around midnight writing a report for school when all of a sudden my laptop went to complete black. Something popped up on my screen that looked like a Google map. It made it look like someone or something was near me, and approaching my house very quickly. When someone spoke out of my laptop speaker. I heard him. I heard the man with the gruff voice.

He spoke and said, “Here we come,” and then gave a bone chilling laugh. I calmly closed my laptop, hoping that somehow when I shut it, it would all stop and I could go to bed peacefully. I sat in silence for a good 2 minutes, hoping and praying to any one that would listen, that nothing would happen and it was some prank. Then the thing to kick it all off happened.

I heard a loud popping and cracking outside of my window. I stared at the window parallel to me in the room. I was paralyzed, I was just staring as the loud noises erupted outside my window. The sat, unable to move when the noises stopped and I just heard a slightly tapping on my window. Then, with a loud “thunk” the noises stopped.

It appeared that the person left. I walked over to the window cautiously and opened the blinds. Someone had written “EENY, MEENY, MINY…” in large letters on my window. I was starting at the words, wondering why the “MOE” was not a part of it, when a decently large pebble was thrown at my window. I jumped back as a figure disappeared, out of sight. I didn’t know what to do, so I made sure everything is my house was locked… twice. I did not get a nick of sleep that night and I had a final exam the next morning. The next few days were alright, nothing crazy happened.

Three days after the incident, I turned on the local news before school. What I saw scarred me for the rest of my life and I had many regrets from that day on. My old friend that I explored the web with had gone missing. She disappeared the night all the strange things happened to me. Neighbors reported a large van was seen outside that night. My stomach hurt and my head ached. They showed a picture of her window. The word “MOE” was written in red coloring on her window.

I ran to the bathroom and vomited. My hands where shaking and I was sweating. I dashed to my computer and tried to find the website. I succeeded and there was a new video link. I clicked it and there she was. My friend was tied up just like the other two children from before. Another boy was sitting where Tyler had been sitting as the man stared at the camera with his creepy grin.

I ran to the bathroom and vomited again. I realized I had been sobbing the whole time. I wiped away the tears, but that didn’t mean they stopped flowing. I figured I would report it to the police. Which I did the next morning. They looked into it for nearly a year. Her family actively shunned me for going to the website with her. They never found my friend and the website was never shut down.

If you are reading this, I beg you never try to find this horrific website. You will regret it, it has no other purpose but to kidnap and, assumedly kill, children and teens. I regret everything and at this point in time. It has been 8 years since she got kidnapped. I’m 23 and I still think about it to this day. I will never be able to live a normal life ever again.

  • Jmay

    Good story, it makes sense compared to others I’ve read, and this is a very real type of thing that happens. Not many people realize it, but the dark web is a subcategory of the deep web. The deep web collectively (not including dark web) is things like mods, hacked games, and weird websites. The dark web is about 45% of the deep web, and has all the drugs traffiking and murder sites. The deep web is not entirely dangerous, some sites are completely safe to go to, but you should always have some sort of cyberprotection when browsing.

  • Jaxaloth

    It is a nice story to read. I dont give a flying banana avout grammar as most people do. As long as the story is enjoyable. But lately it is hard to find something new. Try to come up with something that no one has ever written down 🙂

  • rahma

    That sounds real

  • EndlessXistencE

    I loved it except for the grammar and it seemed a bit rushed in some spots. I’d give it five stars if you would edit the mistakes. Good job on this one.