The Twins

It was close to three in the morning when I got off work, having to walk home because I don’t have a car but didn’t really mind, where I live is always safe… so I thought. However, tonight there was an ominous feeling, and I was kind of worried to walk but sucking it up and went on my way anyways. There’s a pretty big park that I cut through that’s always lit up like a Christmas tree, but my gut was still in knots.

As I walked the sounds of a girl whimpering and crying lightly in the distance was the only sound in the lone park, getting closer to the source. There was a young girl who sat on a park bench which was under a street light. She had no shoes, only wearing a purple dress, her long white hair drapes over her shoulders, she held both hands to her eyes as she cried.

“Hey, kiddo are you okay?” I asked kneeling in front of her. She looked up at me with purple eyes that were puffy from her tears. “I-I can’t find my sister!” she cried loudly covering her eyes again. I couldn’t leave her there, so I told her that I’d help her find her sister. Stupid me left my cell phone at home so couldn’t call the police.

The girl stopped crying but was still upset. To calm her down, I asked her name. “Ivy,” she whimpered, telling her that’s a pretty name I then asked her sister’s name and what she looked like. “Her name is Iris, she’s my twin sister, but she cut her hair short. I don’t like it… Thank you for helping me find her.”

Asking her more like why they were out here so late, how did she lose her sister, and where their parents were. Ivy sighed, “We were working and got separated… Our mom’s in heaven, our father-” she stopped. I got goosebumps when she giggled lightly, “He’s dead!” Swallowing hard telling her that I’m sorry, but she shrugged it off, “Oh! Do you have any kitties or puppies! They’re so cute!” Ivy giggled again I smiled feeling a bit of unease but oddly calm at the same time.

It only took us a few minutes to find Ivy’s sister but when we did my stomach dropped. She stood over a dead man. His chest looked like ground up meat as Iris held a bloody knife. When Ivy called her name and ran over Iris turned, she was covered in blood. Ivy started to yell at her for having “fun” without her. Both girls hugged getting blood on Ivy but she just giggled looking down at her bloody dress then they looked at me.

“Who’s that?” Iris asked coldly sending chills down my back Ivy giggled again looking back at her sister, “That’s the nice lady that helped me find you!” Iris looked at her then back to me with a small grin. Taking a step back as they take a step towards me. Both of them looked at me with blink empty stairs then both spoke together saying the same thing, “He comes.”

Something told me to run, turning around I ran their giggles followed behind. Turning down a different path they were still there giggling. My lungs were burning, and my legs were getting sore, but I kept running until I tripped over something. My knees were bleeding the same with my palms. Ivy walked over then stopped in front of me looking up at her she was smiling down at me, Iris stepped out of the bushes.

“How stupid are you? Didn’t you see my leg?” she asked walking around me then stood beside her sister both smiled down at me then looked up. “Master Zalgo! We found you a gift!” Ivy giggled waving her bloody hand high in the night cold air. Iris bowed with her hand over her chest.

I started to cry the feeling of death washed over me as I listened to the sounds of someone or something coming up from behind me. I screamed when the person stabbed me in the back with things that felt like long sharp claws. As they started to pull me away, the two girls watched and giggled waving me goodbye.

  • Angel

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