Her Brother

I’ve been with my girlfriend Mabel for two years now and tonight I’m going to ask the big question, “Will you marry me!” But that’ll have to wait till later ’cause we’re going to her parents, oh yay!


20 minutes till arrival

“So what did your parents want us for?” I said keeping my eyes on the road.

“My brother is coming to town!” she said with a blank stare.

“You have a brother?” I said confused, not knowing she had a one.

“Yep my brother!” she still had that creepy stare like she was just a robot, I’ve never seen her act like this before.

“Are you okay, hello?” I look over at her, she had fallen asleep.


30 seconds till arrival

I never really did understand why Mabel’s parents lived in a lodge in the middle of the damned forest they despise the outdoors but oh well, I guess.

“Mabel, we’re here!” I said putting the gear into park, and taking the key outta the ignition. She woke up slowly and unbuckled herself and got out of the car, she had a weird look on her face as she looked at the lodge then into the forest, she just stared it started to creep me out then she inside.

I walked inside the lodge feeling like someone was watching me… creepy…


3 P.M.

“Uh, Mr. and Mrs. Lison, hello! Strange… no answer,” I said, walking into the dining area. I saw Mabel she looked pale her pupils looked kinda dilated.

“Come, take a seat, Honey,” she said in a strange manner.

“Are you okay?” I asked watching Mabel carefully. She never answered, we were there for a good long minute.

“Hello? Okay then don’t answer.” I stated walking to the table and taking a seat. She never said anything in like 10 minutes. We just sat there.

“So uh what are we eating?” I asked her, she just sat there as her mother came in with a large butcher knife her eyes also dilated.

“Were having the finest of the meats for her dear brother!” she said covered in what looks like blood.

“Speaking of which where is he?” I asked shaking.

“He’ll come soon! Now HUSH! We don’t want out meat to be chewy, do we?”

Now concerned, I got up as she started to slowly come towards me, I looked at Mabel as she got up and started peek out of a window that was behind her. I ran upstairs and into one of  the guest bathrooms and locked it, lucky faster than her I got into it without her finding out.

“No, please come out! He’ll kill us if I don’t kill you!” I kept quiet as much as I can, ugh I’m getting really tired haven’t slept in hours ugh why now?!


7 P.M.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!” Mabel started screaming in a low tone but really loud which woke me up, I could hear her mother crying, it stopped her father ran up the stairs and into his bedroom. Something followed him.

I took the advantage to run down the stairs I got the bottom and saw Mabel’s and her mother’s corpses. I heard her father scream behind me. I ran as fast as I could got in my car and started to drive outta there. I was crying over the fact of losing my girlfriend and her mother.

I got onto the highway, wondering on how to deal with this and what killed them, I… I… I’m so tired…

“AGH!” the car swerved of the road I grabbed the steering wheel but it was too late I was already in a ditch, bleeding because there was a large shard of glass from the windshield stuck my leg. Filled with pain I tried to pull it but ended up cutting my hands in the process. I pulled my self from the smashed car.

“A house maybe I can call the police from it,” I looked towards the small house somewhat off from the highway.

“Hello?” I said putting the strangely heavy wooden door.

“Welcome to dinner… Brother-in-law!” said a giant black cloud coming from the end of the dining table.

“Hello Charley!” said everyone else who was now stitched back together. Look I don’t have much time to write the rest please someone find this journal and share it with the world as these might be my final wor-

The text ends there with blood streaks leading off the journal, police found Charley’s body on a tree close to the burnt remains of what looked like a cabin the lodge was never found, neither was the bodies of the Lison family.

  • Brandon Barrett

    That was terrible

  • Kaustubh Kavathekar

    Are you kidding me?! write the whole thing or just don’t write it jeez.

  • Rose Morrison

    I’m afraid that was not very good. Poorly written, spelling mistakes, sentences that didn’t make sense and oh so rushed! Expanded, written well, more story and edited, it could be good.

  • The nothing

    Are you guys kidding me it was great best story ever!

  • AZDTales

    Constructively, i have to point out what bothers me here. Does he write in a journal at the worst times on purpose? Example 1: writing while driving. Example 2: running from crazed killers who want to eat him, PEN IN FRIGGIN HAND JUST SCRIBBLING AWAY. Example 3: literally while standing at the front door, sees the monster, says “weeeeell hell!” whips out the pad and pen and starts writing his friggin memoir…. Also ‘being chased by a psychopath, actively searching for me…. NAP TIME!’ none of it worked, pal.