Hi um I’m new to this website and I wanted to share my experience with this thing. I don’t know if it’s a sleeping paralysis (it might be) or just something paranormal. The first time seeing this thing was around Friday night, I was getting ready for bed and I did the usual (you know brushing my teeth and stuff) and I went to my room. As I closed the door I heard a noise, it sounded like some scratching on the walls. I ignored it thinking it was some rat (my house has some rodent problems in the past). I turned off the lights, walked to my bed, and put the blanket up to my shoulders. My eyes started to close, but I woke up at around 2:13 am. I looked at my door and I saw this tall black figure, it wore a mask that made my eyes widen with fear. The mask looks like a plague doctor mask but the thing is it was made out of bone and the mask didn’t have any eye holes. It just stood there in the dark the only thing visible was the mask, then it started to walk closer and closer to me. I tried to get up and try to make a run for it but I couldn’t move. It kept walking towards me until it got on top of me.

It grabbed my face and make me look at it, then it took off its mask to reveal a decaying face with its jaw hanging open wide. Maggots and worms fell out of its mouth. I tried to yell or move to get the thing off me but I couldn’t. That’s the last thing I could remember that night.

The day after, I (of course) told my friends to say if they had the same experience and they all said no. I also did some research about the same case as me, but I found nothing. Just the ‘hat man’ or a sleeping paralysis. I started to get annoyed that I couldn’t find anything, but then again, every case is different. I noticed that it was getting late, I did the usual and went to my room. I turned off the lights and went to bed. I couldn’t sleep because of what happened to me the night before. I kept looking at my door, where the thing was standing then I looked at the foot of my bed where it started to crawl on top of me. All of my thoughts were making me paranoid. My eyes started to get heavy and I went to sleep.

I woke up to the loud bang I heard. I quickly got up to go check what the noise was but before I went to go check I got something to defend myself (it was a lamp). As I walked to the area where I heard the bang, I heard it again but this time it was louder and more aggressive. I finally got to the area where the noise came from, the guest room. The banging stopped and I opened the door slowly getting ready to strike at whoever broke into my house. As I opened the door, I saw the thing from the night before. Its back was facing towards me and I noticed that it was twitching. It was just standing there, twitching. I slowly raised the lamp to strike it but I stopped. It got on into an upward bow position. Its head turned around to face me. I walked back slowly getting ready to strike if that thing comes at me. It followed. I turned around and ran to my kitchen. As I got to the kitchen I quickly got a knife to defend myself from the creature. It stopped and stared at me, I felt my heart beat faster as its chest rises. I know it could sense my fear. It finally got up from its position but its mask was still faced at me (its head was backwards). My breath hitched and my stomach weakened as it walked slowly at me. I was ready to strike if it came closer.

I felt my legs shake and my head started to feel light. My vision became blurry as it came closer. “Stay… stay back!” my weak voice said to it as I sung the knife at it. I leaned on the counter behind me and I had the knife in front of me, my eyes began to shut.

I woke up on the kitchen floor. I felt extremely light headed that morning and very bruised around my face.

  • Fang

    You’ve seen it too!?!??! i thought I’ve been going crazy!

    • Sadie

      Are you serious?