Dream Log 18

Before you read this, I wanted to say this story is based off real events that happened to me personally. My heart actually did fail and I had quite the similar dream as this. It’s your choice what to believe and what not to though. Not everything is true, but the majority is. Feel free to ask what is and isn’t in the comments though. I’ll answer anything and I’d always like feedback on anything I write. I also want to apologize as I know this isn’t much of a creepypasta material, but I wanted it to be the first thing I published on this site.

Anyways, enjoy~

My eighteenth entry for my dream log. What I want to call dreams anyways.

October 19th my heart failed and was close to completely stopping. That’s what I was told when I woke up days later, around 10-ish. Between that time, I wouldn’t say I was asleep nor awake. What I experienced wasn’t what I’d call a dream. Dreams can last, hours maybe, but this lasted for basically the entire time I was out.

It started off with me waking up in a hospital, a very decayed and withered down hospital. There weren’t many walls, at least standing ones, and there was no roof. One floor, six maybe seven rooms from what I saw. One of which, I was in. The room I was in had typical hospital beds scattered around along with rusted metallic items like a few wheelchairs and other items too rusted and broken to make out. Dreams where everything is withered down to a grain aren’t uncommon for me, in fact, they’re the basics of them. So this wasn’t much new. But once I sat up and got out of the bed, it no longer felt like a dream. I could feel things, perfectly, as if I was awake. My feet were bare and had little welcome to the cold broken tile floor. I was wearing the clothes I feel asleep in, a pair of black shorts and a rolling stones T-shirt. The air was bitterly cold too, but I was more or less used to being cold most days. I still shivered a bit though. Still, I could feel everything just the same as being awake. The wind, the cold ground, my cold skin, my hair in my eyes, even my shorts flapping in the wind passing by. I’ve had dreams where I’ve felt as if I was awake before, sure, but not as much as this. I could even think normally. I could move freely. And unlike most of my dreams, I was in a first person view, rather than a birds eyes view like normal. I tried to ignore all that as I moved outside the hospital. The ground was still cold as ever, and my feet weren’t exactly used to it. As I walked out of the hospital I could see more of the city I was in. It wasn’t a city I’d ever seen, that or it was too withered for me to make anything out. I did notice something though, street lights, lamps, and telephone poles weren’t decayed much. Maybe beaten up a bit, but not much. I continued walking around, then I felt something. My heartbeat. It sent a pulse through my whole body and I was nearly knocked over. I kept to my feet though, just barely. A couple seconds past, maybe five, and my heart once again beat. It just felt like a normal heartbeat however. I waited, another five seconds, another beat. After a bit of looking at my surroundings, I continued walking on down the street in front of the hospital I came out of. No cars passing by, no cars anywhere, not even broken down ones. Strange enough, the roads weren’t broken or even cracked at all. Another thing that I noticed was missing, were the tree’s. Not a single one in sight. For what seemed like an hour, I just walked down the same road. I wasn’t sure why, but I just did. Waiting to wake up.

As I walked by one house though, my heartbeat got faster. Every three seconds. I felt an urge to go into the house, so I did. As I walked closer, my heartbeat fastened. The walls were generally intact and no windows, so I couldn’t see into the house, but there was a door. I was right in front of it. My heart felt like it was going to explode if I didn’t open the door. I swung it open, well more of pushed it and it fell off the hinges. My heart calmed down and went back to the same five seconds like before. I walked into the house, it was only a small hallway and only one door. It looked much bigger outside than inside for sure. I opened the only door, and on the other side was a small room with a table. On the table was a computer. It seemed well in tact, in fact, not even a scratch. Compared to the room it was in, I was a bit surprised. I sat in front of the table and opened the lid to the laptop. The screen was fine, the keyboard looked fine, the mouse pad was also fine. It looked like my old ASUS laptop before it shut down then never turned on again. I tapped the power button, and to my surprise, it turned on. It took a few seconds, then loaded to a black screen with a text box at the bottom. It looked like a fancy CMD window. I typed in the first thing I thought of. “Hello?” No response. I waited a couple minutes, still nothing. I got up and picked up the laptop. I tried, but the lid wouldn’t close no matter how hard I forced it. Since this was the only working thing I’ve seen the entire time, I took it with me.

Another hour of wondering around. My feet either got used to the cold or I lost feeling from them being so cold. I eventually passed by a laundry mat that looked in tact, and decided to see if there were possibly any warmer clothes. Maybe at least socks. To my surprise, there was. A heavy trench coat, a pair of worn-out jeans, and a thick sweater. I put the laptop down and the clothes on. They were surprisingly warm for worn-out clothes. Anything was better then shorts and a T-shirt I guess. No socks or shoes though. I looked around a bit more and in one of the broken down dryers were a pair of leather boots that looked like something out of a goth only store. Luckily, they had socks stuck in them as well. I put both on and picked up the computer again. Still nothing on it. Now that I was a bit warmer and comfortable, I walked a bit faster. Just walking around and checking houses and stores here and there for hours. I found a couple things, but nothing too important. No one in sight either. At least the street lights worked I guess. Wouldn’t want to get hit by cars, right? Sadly there weren’t any to get hit by. So far only possibly street lamps, street lights, and my one computer worked. Everything else was either broken down or just broken. I found a decent in tact restaurant, or what seemed like one, and sat down at one of the few standing tables. Thankfully there was a chair too. I tried entering anything I could think of into the computer. Exit, stop, shutdown, reboot, wake up, end, and a whole bunch of CMD commands I knew off heart. Nothing. About a thousand entries and not a single one was worth a damn. I can’t even remember how long I spent entering stuff into it. I thought maybe if I smashed the computer, it would wake me up. I think I was more frustrated than anything really. I hit it with the only good chair as hard as I could. This resulted in the chair flying in all directions in small pieces, and the computer not giving a s**t what happened to it. I wish my computer was that resisting. I’d have a different life if it was… Anyways, getting off track. As I picked up the computer once again, I realized how dark it was getting. If the street lamps didn’t turn on, my only light would be the dim screen of the computer. Thankfully after awhile of it being dark, they did. I looked around, still no one. I was still cold as hell, even with these clothes, my heart was still slow as hell, and I was bored as hell. I thought to myself, “at least I’m not hungry, right?” It’s true, I never did feel hungry. Not once through the whole thing. It was the only thing I didn’t feel. I however did feel things like loneliness and strangely guilt.

As I was walking down the sidewalk of some street I didn’t know, the computer made a beeping sound. Just a singular loud beep. I held it in my arms and looked at it. Two new entries were there. ‘Davis has joined.’ and what seemed like a chat log entry. “Oh sup dude. Sorry I haven’t been able to send anything until now. How you holding up?” I was shocked for multiple reasons. Firstly, Davis is the name of my dead long time best friend. Secondly, that for sure wasn’t anything I ever put in or caused to happen. Lastly, it felt as if I was chatting with him. All three disturbed me. Another beep, and other entry. “Dude, I can tell you’re there. Just give me a response so I know it’s actually you.”
Almost instinctively, I typed in “Davis?” And hit enter. A small assortment of letters came up at the bottom of the screen ‘Davis is typing…’ like in a messenger app. Another beep as his message came through. “Good, it really is you man. You don’t know how long I’ve been trying to get a message through! And yeah, believe what you want, but it’s me.” I had a dream before where I talked to Davis after he’d have passed away, but in that one, it was pure darkness, and it was a voice conversation. I just accepted what was in front of me and asked “Where am I?” It took a minute but he replied. “Personally, I’m not sure myself. But if you mean where as in location, that I can tell you. You’re in the downtown part of some city. Speaking of where’s and what’s, I need to get you out of here.”
After that a little text box came up saying “Accept tracker from DavisPC?” With a y/n option I had to type in. I just hit ‘y’ then enter. The screen flashed for a second, then a new message from Davis. “Alright, now that’s over and done, I can lead you out without any problems. Just type in “!$leader.exe” when you want to start. When you do I’ll be able to hear you and give you directions rather than just chatting like this.” It was a lengthy message and I just forced myself to accept it, and I typed it in.

The screen flashed again and a new window came up and replaced the previous one. It was the same look, but no text box. Down the middle came directions from Davis. “Head straight forward” which is what I did. It lead me down the sidewalk I was already beginning to walk on. I remembered his message saying he’d be able to hear me, so I said “Davis, you there?” Down the middle came a “Yup.” It felt weird but reassuring at the same time. It felt like Davis was here again. I came to an intersection and all that came up was “Left” so I went left. After a few moments I decided to ask another thing “Where are you Davis? Are you in the city with me or?” I was wondering that for awhile, actually. “Yes and no. You could call the computer you’re using right now me. That’s about it. So don’t let anything harm the computer, or it’ll be me getting hit instead.” I remembered trying to smash the computer with a chair only awhile before he had messaged me. I felt somewhat guilty for it now. Another intersection. “Just go forward.” I did as he said. After awhile of walking, we came close to a shore line. There was water, but it was all dark and grey and not tempting to go swimming it. Still, it was a nice view none the less. Both Davis and myself liked over looking oceans. “Hey Davis can you see anything like that?” I asked. “Out the camera, yeah.” came up on the screen. I flipped the camera to face the shoreline and ocean just a little below the wall I was standing on overlooking what seemed like an ocean. I waited a minute, in the process trying to show a little bit of the ocean to the computer. I flipped it back, all that was there was “Thank you. Haven’t seen water in a long time.” I smiled a bit, and then asked for my next directions. “Go right, follow the shore line for a bit.” With the computer in my arms I walked along for as long as I needed to.

After what seemed like an hour or two of walking and talking with Davis, he finally told me to turn right up a road. I was getting a bit tired from walking, and I thought I heard something in the distance. It sounded like a plane but different. The computer made a weird beeping sound and my heart started beating a bit faster. The computer basically made a loud screeching slash beeping sound and in big bold letters Davis said “STOP!” I felt afraid, but I didn’t know why. Only moments later a large metal, I don’t know, thing landed in front of me up the road. Then four more, two on each sides of the first. They looked like really crappy escape pods you’d see in a Star Wars movie or something. The computer made a loud beeping sound again along with directions from Davis. “LEFT! NOW!” I couldn’t move for what seemed like an ever. I just stood in place not knowing what to do. It seemed like whatever was just a couple meter’s down the road started to open. Once again, the computer beeped loudly, snapping me out of it. “Do you WANT to join me in the after life? I said left, NOW!”

I started running left with all my strength. I nearly dropped the computer several times too. After awhile I had to stop and rest for a second. After sitting down I asked “What were those?” Davis didn’t reply. I waited and thought he might just be taking his time. A stupid thought, but still. “Just keep going forward, we’ll hit a new route soon.” Came up. “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what might be chasing me.” He took awhile to respond. “They’re not something you want to touch you. If they do, I can’t get you back, and that means you can’t talk to her anymore.” I knew who he was talking about, but I still didn’t really get the message in itself. Sure, don’t touch whatever’s chasing me, can’t talk to a person I like, but still. After awhile of sitting down and resting I asked “I’m asleep right?” The only thing that came to mind. I got up while waiting for an answer and proceeded to go the way I was before. A beep, and a message “Yes, in a sense. You could call this a dream, but also another place to be awake in. A limbo, if you want.” I understood just fine what that meant, but it seemed foolish to believe it. So I just kept walking. I walked for what felt like hours, looking behind me constantly. Davis wasn’t saying anything either. I knew if I asked anything he’d shrug it off as nothing or not reply anyways. And the whole way walking, the shore line never stopped or turned in anyway. Just a straight line down the side or the city of pure ocean, a grey ocean, but an ocean none the less. Finally, Davis told me to turn right up a street. The houses were relatively in tact compared to the rest of the city I’ve seen.

I started walking down the street, and as I did, I felt lighter, calmer, and more level headed. But out of nowhere, about half way, something just appeared. It looked like someone in pitch black futuristic armour. He was merely feet in front of me and getting closer. The computer made a bunch of loud beeping sounds, several messages all saying “Back away from him now.” flooded the screen. I darted backwards and sprinted down part of the road I already walked. Back at the shore line, it seemed like a mistake to have done that. In front was the ocean, to the right and left were two different colored versions of what I’d seen up the road each way. And as I turned around, the black suited, man I guess, was closer. They were all about ten feet away from me. I just whispered “Davis. Tell me what to do man.” They didn’t approach anymore then they already have. Davis just said “There’s no route out of this. Escape however you can, don’t touch them.” The black suit approached me a small bit an extended his arm like a claw of a predator grabbing it’s prey. I backed up all I could, anymore and I’d fall off the wall and into the ocean. When I flinched back the dark suit recoiled slightly. It spoke “Take my hand. I’ll show you what you are.” It’s voice sounded familiar but distant at the same time. Davis just repeated himself “Do NOT touch them.” The others started to slowly approach me like playing a game of follow the leader. I looked back and thought jumping into the ocean was pretty much the only way out. Although, the computer might fry, which means losing Davis. I whispered again “Are you water proof too?”
“No idea.”
The dark suit was almost touching me, I instantly jumped off the wall and into what felt like the coldest water I’ve ever been in. I tried rasing my hands with the computer on top and out of the water, but it got pulled down with me. My body reacted horribly to being plunged into freezing water, so it took a second to start swimming out of the water.

There was a little sand outlining the shore line, but it seemed like more another wall than just sand. I was right in front of the wall, yet the water was deep enough to at the very least dive into. The sand felt hard as well. I climbed up shivering with the computer already resting on top waiting for me. I didn’t realize it until I got up and grabbed the computer but, the lid had closed. I haven’t been able to close the lid even once before. I looked up, two of the suits were looking down at me, I couldn’t see the rest. I figured they would have jumped after me but they might not like water, they looked a bit electronically made too. I grabbed the computer and booked it as fast as I could down the shore line, the computer was dripping with water and I felt like my body would shut down anytime from being so cold. I was still able to run though. I ran for as long as it took, and I finally found a ladder up back to the streets. Before going up I checked the computer. I tried turning it on, but after hitting the power button, it sparked then fizzled. At that moment, it felt as if I lost Davis again. I remembered seeing computer stores scattered all over though. The only thoughts going through my head were to find extra computer parts. I thought if maybe the hard drive and motherboard were semi in tact still, I could just replace everything else. I climbed the ladder as fast as I could, the computer tucked into my pants. I didn’t even look around for whatever was chasing me when I got to the top. My only thoughts at the time were repairing the computer. I ran around frantically until I found somewhere with a computer. I was rummaging through a totally broken down computer store, but most of the computers were far beyond damaged. I found a couple parts, but I was still missing one or two. I didn’t really care at the time, I just wanted Davis back. So I popped off the back and replaced all the parts I could. It was hard considering I didn’t have any tools and I had to use a little bit of tape I found before I even found the computer itself to hold some parts in place. In real life, this would never work, but obviously I was just dreaming, right? I still needed to find a new battery, as the old one is fried, but I easily found one at the next place I went to. It wasn’t a computer store, I wasn’t really sure what it was, but there was a laptop about the same model as mine, so I swapped out the battery supplies and p**f. Done. I turned it on, and surprisingly it worked. It made some weird sounds, as most of the parts were messed up and improperly put in, but it worked. It came up to the same window as before when he was giving me directions. A beep and a message “Ah, I’m back am I. That scared me half to death. I guess I should say half to life shouldn’t I?” And another one almost right after that. “Oh, you switched the parts. Now I have a limited battery and only two gigs of RAM. You know, you could have picked better parts man.” And again, right after that, another message. “The mic seems to be broken, so I can’t hear you. I can still see you, although the camera is a bit blurry. Also, I’ll have to give you a set of directions as the battery is about to die. The road on your left, take it as far as it goes, then straight right. You’ll find a red building. Go in it. It shouldn’t move again. If you encounter them, I can’t help anymore. I’m sorry Dominic.” I read that twice just to make sure I actually read that. Soon after, the computer shut off. Along with running out of power, the screen cracked everywhere. Shattered, more like it. I felt kind of lost honestly. I stupidly tried pressing the power button again. I sat there for a couple minutes, just staring at the computer. I finally got up and out of the place I was in. I remembered the directions he gave me as if they were his dying words. It felt like there were. I still took the computer with me none the less. I closed the lid and just carried it at my side. I’m used to being alone all the time, but the loneliness I felt in the dream at that point, it felt as if I was the last person on earth. And it felt like it was my fault too. I still walked though. I got a bit emotional, but I still continued to walk the way I was told.
Again, it felt like hours of walking. Even in real life my legs never get tired no matter what I do, so I guess that carried over. I felt a bit tired though, which was weird considering I was technically already sleeping, but I did feel tired before this too. The entire time, I felt alone, and I just looked down most of the time. The only company I had was the cold wind that passed by on and off.

Fast forwarding a bit, I ended up making it down the road and took my right turn. I walked again for what was probably about an hour. Destroyed houses slowly became broken down houses, they progressively got better. My heart was still beating about once every five seconds too. After a bit, I swore I was hearing two sets of footsteps. My own, and another pair directly behind me. Like, breathing down my neck behind me. I paused for a second then jumped a foot or two in front of me and turned around. Nothing was there. I continued walking, and I continued hearing the footsteps. I counted them to make sure too. I quickly took about five steps, and I heard whatever behind me catch up. I took five, but I heard around ten. It was like being stalked by an entity I couldn’t see or touch. I didn’t dare try reaching behind me though. Knowing my dreams, it would have meant me dying in the worst way imaginable, and I knew I’d feel the pain, like every other time. Ever since I was six, my dreams turned into nightmares, and only that. Sometimes night terrors, but those were decently rare. Maybe once or twice a month. So whatever was behind me would most likely be the end of me. I tried to ignore it best I could, but I started to feel it breathing on me. It’s breath was colder than the oceans water. It breathed directly on my neck and sent shivers down my spine. I’m typically not afraid of anything, as you wouldn’t believe the things my dreams do to me, so it didn’t bother me more as annoy me. But it was still there. I wanted to turn around and just punch whatever was there, but I knew I wouldn’t see it. The plus side was, I wasn’t alone anymore. Sure it was probably some demonic entity my mind created, but it was still there. As I got farther down the road, I felt less and less of its presence behind me. The breathing stopped, then the footsteps stopped. I waited a while, then turned around. Nothing was there as far as I could see. So I turned back around. Only mere feet in front of me was the black suit again. Along with his group of other colors. Five in total. Black, red, pink, blue, and what could only be described as a version of rust. Black was standing in the middle, which made him look like the leader, while the others were to his left and right like before. He extended his hand again, but as if he looked to shake hands. My heart started beating faster and faster. Each beat felt like it was trying to pull me backwards, away from him. So I backed away. But he lunged at me. I somehow dodged his hand trying to grab me, but I tripped and fell on my a*s like an idiot. Before I knew it, his hand was covering my face and forcing me to the ground. I tried resisting, but he was far stronger than I hoped to be. It felt like the darkness on his suit was seeping onto me, covering me. He spoke again in his dark and familiar voice “This is what you are. A demon with that of blood and skin of human. Rare breads like you should have died off years ago.” As he was talking, I was flailing about to my best abilities, trying to get free. But his grip never lessened, his strength didn’t fade, he remained holding me down. Everything was starting to go dark. My vision was going and all I could hear was the clack of my boots as I tried to push away. Soon, I felt nothing. It was pitch black.

Before long, images started to flash by. Ones of my home, the city I live in, the few friends I have, the one and only person I’ve ever loved in my life, my dog, their homes, their family’s. It repeated, but less welcoming. I won’t go into detail, as it’s too gruesome. My home was abandoned and broken down, my friends replaced with graves, the person I love running away, my dog mutilated on the ground, my city destroyed leaving it looking like my dream, bodies covered in more bodies, each one being worse than the next, houses I didn’t know destroyed, people I didn’t know dead. Then one final image that hung for what seemed like forever. Me, looking down at my hands covered in red, crying but smiling at the same time. The tears seemed of sorrow, but my smile was pure evil. I was standing by a tree I’ve dreamed about before. I called it the death tree, it looked just like it sounded. It was completely dead with withering branches but one single swing on it. Everytime lighting would flash in the dreams, it would reveal that the tree itself was made of disembowelled bodies with even more covering the floor. The swing wasn’t any better. But I was just standing there, crying uncontrollably. Whispering to myself that I was sorry.

I started hearing a beeping sound. About every couples seconds, a beep would go off. Each one slowly washing away the horror film before me, but at the same time, washing away me. The beeps slowly got more apart and I felt like I was falling apart. I could still feel, though, not much. If anything I felt lonely and empty, along with slowly being erased. Something came across me though. I heard someone important to me say “No dying” in her cute little voice like before, which made me remember the promise I made, and the one I had to keep. Well, two actually. From that moment, it was just dark. No beeps, no crying, nothing. Then I felt a surge of energy, and I opened my eyes. There was my doctor and two other people I didn’t know standing over me. I was in the hospital, but I wasn’t sure if I was awake yet. But I slowly came to, and there I was. My eyes were red and most of what I saw was also red. I was being moved somewhere, and while it was happening, my eyes, fingernails, and several other parts of me were all bleeding that ever so familiar crimson red blood. I could hear a faint beeping sound, which was my heart monitor, along with the clacking of the wheels of the stands carrying a blood bag, two other bags, and my heart monitor. I fell back asleep, but it felt like blinking. One second I was here, then there kind of thing. I woke up again with bandages above my eyes and I could feel more on some parts of my body. I slowly sat up and a nurse or something talked to me, and slowly removed my bandages. In short, while being out cold from a heart failure I had while cooking before bed, I suddenly started bleeding from several parts of my body. It stopped, but if it didn’t or they couldn’t make it stop, I could have possibly died from blood loss. My blood pressure wasn’t the best to begin with and I was already sick as a dog and slowly dying anyways. But that all sums up everything that happened. Up until then, that is.

It’s now the weekend and I’ve spent most of it writing this. Like sated at the beginning, I woke up on Saturday. I was talked to by my doctor and my mother came to check up on me, well, more yell at me than anything, she’s not the most loving mother, even if I’m dying. But there was one thing that shock me a bit. After waking up and everything, I noticed a broken laptop sitting across from me in my room. I asked my doctor if he knew who brought it in, and he asked the receptionists who visited me while I was out. My mother twice, a friend named Joleen, and someone who would only let them call him a friend and nothing but that. He left no name, and only brought me the laptop, then walked out of my room. Supposedly when he left it, it was wrapped up in a purple ribbon. But when a nurse came to check on me, it was unwrapped. They thought maybe I had gotten up, seen the computer and tried to use it. I obviously never did though. The screen was also cracked in several places and a few keys looked worn out. It was also missing the battery for it.

That is the soul reason I can’t help but believe that all wasn’t a dream. The description of the person who left it also matched Davis in near perfectness. It freaked me out, but I still haven’t told a single person. Besies you, the readers.

Remember, feel free to give feedback or ask about the story in the comments! 

  • SkullNboNes

    Good job for your first story. Did that really happen? If so glad you’re OK

    • Mr. Phase

      It did happen unfortunately. The only thing that I made up was the bit about the computer near the end. I did however leave a lot of details about the dream out, as it actually did last days. And thank you for the feedback too! I appreciate it. This wasn’t my first story but, just the first one put on this site. My story’s are a bit more gore-ish and I didn’t feel like uploading content from years ago on here. Instead I’m just writing some new ones lol.

      • SkullNboNes

        Ah ok really glad you’re ok then, and that’s a really interesting dream, also can’t wait to read more from you.

        • Mr. Phase

          Yeah, it was painful but I’m all good. And I’ll be publishing another creepypasta I’ve been working on today or tomorrow too. Not sure when it’ll be up, but yeah. Should be soon.

  • Night

    That was a really good story! And this really happened to you? Damn, that seems really cool but scary at the same time.

    • Night

      Also, I was wondering if I could read this on my YT channel. I’ve been looking for a good story to start off with and this looks like a good one.

      • Mr. Phase

        Yeah, the only thing that didn’t happen was that computer bit at the end, other than that most of it is the truth. I obviously altered some things and left others out. And yes, I’m perfectly fine with you reading this. I’d love a link so I could watch it too ^-^ Just give me credit and I’m perfectly happy with you reading anything I write as part of a video.

        • Night

          Alright, thanks mate! 😀
          What’s your email so I can talk to you more about this? Mine is [email protected]

          • Mr. Phase

            Since I don’t like my emails being thrown into the public, don’t judge me I’m weird lol, I’ll email you in a minute once I’m done chatting with a friend if that’s cool with you.

          • Night

            That’s alright! I totally understand.

  • Ray Ramirez

    Dang this was good, great job

    • Mr. Phase

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

  • Strongerwolf

    Its was great but did you really get chased but the thing in the black suit if so them wow crazy dream 😛

    • Mr. Phase

      I’m glad you liked it! There’s a long story behind the black suited man lol. But yeah, I was. More hunted down in my opinion. But, compared to my usual dreams, this was nothing :/

  • Satanist 666

    Brilliant post but not the best to read before going to sleep rating 10/10

    • Mr. Phase

      Thanks, I’m glad I got such positive feedback on my first story on this site. I’ll hopefully be uploading more soon~

  • Benjamin

    If I may ask, did you ever have dreams after the incident?

    • Mr. Phase

      I’ve been asked stranger questions, it’s all good. I have yeah. I don’t have dreams often, but I’ve had about maybe two since then.

  • Ferdinald

    Glad u fail follow David 😓,, if u succsed u will never post this nice creepy story I think 😭