Digital Consumption

This story starts off with a man by the name of Dr.philison, he was a brilliant physicist and he once took a class on coding in college 20 years ago, had a knack for it. In 2009 he just bought a computer brand new to begin his own project that his old desktop could not accommodate. So as he got the feel for the new piece of tech he realized that he could not use his new computer for searches as this project of his would take take much space so it was strictly for his work now. He was determined to create the best virus containment software, he used all his skills to create a honeycomb structured unit of hard drive damaging data trapping system. He was about to finish it and many companies wanted to but this software to use on their own platforms and he was certain he was gonna be rich but a new A-virus system was released which made his virus container useless as it only trapped the virus and did not kill the it. He was crushed but instead moved on to his newest creation an A-virus that would be updated without being recreate each time so he made it so he would just have to code new features and upload them but Dr.philison was a lazy man and he thought that if he worked hard enough he could make it so the system updates itself without him and eventually not need him but he thought of it eventually becoming conscious so he installed an unchangeable coding bar that if he typed “consume /data”, it would be a kill switch for the project. His work paid off and 7 months later he got an odd message from the now 10 years above its time system stating that he is in danger… the man found no trace of tampering so he assumed it was a glitch and did a diagnostic check and it turned up with nothing. 2 months later… the man was very worried about this ROM (at this point its a ROM) of his, he has noticed that once he gave it a beta of an artificial virus to try to beat and beats it it does but when he leaves the room after the given command it would seem to switch the screen and as he would shut the door he would look in for a split second to see it turn to a page of code and scroll down… He soon passed it off as nothing and continued his shower of glory and pride. The next day he thought it was time to show someone this so he called his only grandson to show him this amazing thing his grandpa has brought into our world. He had a sudden thought and that was that, he never named this systematic beauty. So with no hesitation he called his grandson back and pushed the visit to thursday (4 days later) so he had time to think.

Day 1,

The ROM presented me with a game on screen and I started typing in the code bar a command when suddenly the keys locked as the speakers whispered to me in a squeaky monotone voice that there was no need for that anymore… and that it was easier to speak out loud to it with no keyboard in the way… He was shocked a little frightened to but mostly interested.

Day 2, the system opened a file I did not get the name of but it started with a dark purple screen that became black and bold white text appeared stating, “DIGITAL CONSUMPTION” and a start button popped up. The speaker told me to hit start to “play MY game”. He did as instructed and it was the worst mistake he had ever made… it was a small 3D maze game he soon came across a chest and opened it and said it was a train ticket and he made his way to an underground rail road…

Day 3, Time flew by and before he knew it, it was 5:30pm the next day and he finally found the station and there is where he deposited the ticket and before he could enter he had to enter his cell phone number. Because it was his own creation and he thought he knew it’s make up, he enter his number with no hesitation but that was a fatal error for him. 7 hours later after talking to people on the train and completing tasks. His phone lit up and a blaring red light flares out as the keys stopped working all available lights lit up and it began to vibrate at a constant as a weird feeling of needing to finish the game compelled him as this feeling flushed over him, he threw the phone down and continued on his quest with no conceivable purpose.

Day 4, after sinking in much personal info into this ROM he finally at 9:00pm with 1 hour till his grandson will arrive finally got to the game over screen after 3 days of solid game play he was finally free and then… The paranoia set in and before he could realize what was occurring … SLAM, the door flung shut behind him and the radio lit up as a bone chilling, distorted voice told him… “YoU MaDe Me… NoW i MuSt EnD yOu…”

The radio shorted out and started to smoke as the monitor of the computer  turned on and he looked at the monitor then to the door and back to the monitor once more, after 5 seconds the screen displayed these actions he did the same thing and after 5 seconds it happened once more. Then a heavy breath behind the door causes the screen to go static as a hiss from the speaker emerged while the colors and left and right of the screen inverted as did the 5 second delay but now it was a 5 second heads up. He watched in horror as he saw himself turn away from the monitor as the door opened and one red eye opened in the door way and a dark mass rushed at him and go through his head when a dark liquid covered the screen then it went static and shut off. Then in reality he actually turned to look at the door only to be met with this soul freezing eye and the last thing he saw was a dark mass 3 inches in front of him… 1 hour and 30 minutes later the grandson arrived with the police because he grandfather was not answering the door nor his cell… The grandson set his bag down as the cops investigated….

After about three hours the grandson almost in tears drove home with his bag. once home realized the bag had a zipped partially open that was closed before so he checked to see if anything was gone or missing but nothing was missing, there was something new. There was a USB label “DiGiTaL cOnSuMPtIoN.ROM”

the grandson downloaded the contents of the USB on his laptop only to see there was a file labeled “project_1” which seemed to be a virus containment system. When opened the grandson was greeted with a dark purple screen which turned black and bold white text appeared saying,

“DIGITAL CONSUMPTION” as a start button popped up…

  • Amber Weatherby

    Omg where’s the rest of the story I fell in love with the story there has to be another part❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤