In The Eye Of An Outcast

It was a Tuesday morning, Well I thought it was morning until I looked at the clock, it was two in the afternoon. I can barely open my eyes throughly because the light bulb in my room were peeving my eyes, somehow I managed to depart the blanket and sat on the edge of the bed.

My upper body was in full support with my arms they were carrying my body like a giant rock in support with two tiny sticks. My foots were on the floor they were numb even my whole body felt the same way..
I whispered to my myself “This is so weird, feels like I’m having a hangover but I wasn’t drunk the night before, What the hell?”

I stood up and put on the T-Shirt which was lying on the floor near the cupboard,
It’s a usual routine that I must drink at least half liters of water right after I wake up so I went inside the kitchen with my bottle on the hand, The water cane was empty, Now I have to go to the supermarket to get one, I wasn’t feeling like I could go my mind were stiff like a battery that went out of power, It may look the same but it’s inutile.

I sat on the front door discerning what could’ve made me feel this weird, nothing came up except the thought of my numb toes and it was still senseless.

I lit a cigarette and each drag made me feel like I was smoking after a long long time, I could feel the Nicotine taking action in my veins, a bit relief.

A bird came flew and sat on the half foot wall that was in front of me, It was starring at me with a head twisting and turning rapidly, I gazed back to take a good look at it, dark grey feathers with bloomy red eyes and it had nails sharp and shiny like it could slice off someone’s head with one single swing, I felt some kind of a connection with it I thought it was trying to communicate with me but it flew back where it came from right before I could.

I lit another cigarette, took a deep drag, I wasn’t hungry nor thirsty I was thinking of something which is a grotesque imagery of myself and surroundings, I won’t be able to explain it much properly because I wasn’t sure about what exactly were happening, I squished off the half burnt cigarette and stood there for a while with an empty mind, nothing more to expect nor to give.

I went inside and wandered around the hallway for a few minutes, Time was moving so fast it turned minutes to hours and when I went past my room I noticed something strange in my bed, I was sure it wasn’t my blanket because mine was dark brown and what I saw was white with muddy shade and it was quite big in size as well like it was covering something in it. I didn’t went inside to take a closer look because I was too busy roaming through the hallway.

‘Braaack….’ A loud noise from the front door, definitely not like someone’s knocking
but it felt like someone’s trying to break in, I rushed into the kitchen and took hold of a knife in case the burglars try to attack me I could defend myself with it, I peeked at the front door through the small crack that was there on the kitchen door and I saw two uniformed policemen standing, one short and grumpy and the other quite tall and bold, face to face I hear no words all I could hear was the cold wind storming through window beside the short policeman.

‘Why the cops are in my house and what in the hell made them break my door,’ I whispered to myself while starring at the strangers who came in uninvited.

And to make the scene even worse two other guys came in, unlike those police men they were same height and well built they were also wearing uniforms but not like the one a cop would wear it was dark in colour and plane.

They were talking to the policemen but I can barely hear what they’re saying one of them were pointing at my room and suddenly they both went inside and came out holding a big wrapped thing in their gloved hands, The tall cop poked it with his baton and when he moved the sheet on top a thing came out, it was a hand it was hanging still, I was weezing and sweating when I noticed it has the same wrist band that I have.

I felt no more heart beat inside, No more blood rushing through my veins. Somehow I walked close to it and saw a face through the folded sheet, pale skin, grey eyes and an open mouth filled with maggots crawling inside out.

The police mans were too bothered by the unpleasant smell of the half decayed corpse, Their facial expression did not need any words.

I starred at it and I couldn’t feel a thing anymore when I realized it was me who they were carrying, it was me who was half eaten by maggots, the rotten corpse, it was me who killed himself two weeks ago, The one who were dead while he was living.

“For death is no more than a turning of us over time to eternity.”

In memory of the mysterious
: [ mr_r4t ] : x 🙁 23/3/18 ):