Help Wanted

You’re probably wondering why I am asking you for help on Creepypasta. It’s because I need help immediately. And this is the only place where I can send a message to a large number of people and only a few might believe me. This is so that no one misuses the power. Even though I’ve told you this, you don’t believe me. That’s good. But I need help. If you’re willing and you’re strong enough join me.

You need to perform a ritual to join me though. This is easy for anyone. Pick a date and time in the close future. Then at the chosen date and time, close your eyes. It’s not a demonic ritual. Do not worry. When you open your eyes you’ll have a blueprint for a time machine in front of you. Take it. Build it. Once you have finished all this, go back to the chosen date and time and give the blueprints to your former self. If you do this, you have successful completed the ritual.

Now assuming you haven’t gone power crazy or made any ideas, I need you to meet me on September 29th, 1753. You probably saw the space warp time machines leave when they work. No one else can notice it, except for the people in the machines. Now a particular warp happens in the Bermuda triangle. So go to the triangle and wait for the warp. This is the secret of the triangle. The person who did this was a previous time traveler, the first one. But apparently a mistake caused it to create a hole out of reality. Time travelers after him worked to keep it from breaking apart. The hole when created, was created out of time and went on to be present all over time. Now the problem is it’s getting bigger. Anyone one who got caught in it were never found. Occasionally rescue missions were made and we saved a few, throughout time. But if the hole keeps getting bigger, we will all die soon. Or leave existence as our ancestors could have been killed.

To destroy the hole, we need to go into the hole. Each time machine although working on the same principle, is still different. We want to create something that can withstand the hole.

I’ve tried killing the scientist before he could create the machine but it did not work. So apparently there is only one method. We just need to view your vehicle. If it won’t withstand the hole, you can leave. We won’t bother you. You can although join the corps of time travel to help anyone who went missing. You don’t have to go deep into the hole for that. Just a little inside. The hole is a dangerous place with things I cannot explain with words. It has no direction. No time. You could enter it at one time and exit it at a time even before you entered. I won’t lie. Very few missions have been successful. People who went deep into the hole have talked about seeing certain “things”. The hole is completely dark, mind you. The last person we sent into it, sent a final message before his radio went static just like others. His last words were,

“I just saw my future self. The end has come.”

We believe we can change it. We need help though.

  • Jessica Rae Mccoy

    Is this real or just a story?

    • Konner

      Oh, it’s real… I’ve seen some sh*t…

    • Simon

      How do you think?

      • Jessica Rae Mccoy

        I think that would be awesome to experience!

        • Simon

          But do you think it’s actually real?

  • Kreepasta

    How do we know this is okay to do?

  • Konner

    Ooh. That was great! I wanna know what happens. I know you probably shouldn’t write it because it’s supposed to be a secret. I don’t want you to write it just because of pressure either. 3 1/2 stars (Because it was interesting but short and freaky but not scary)

  • Simon

    “You’re probably wondering why i am asking you for help on Creepypasta. It’s because i need help immediately…”
    Yeah, you definitely didn’t think this through…

  • Zack

    I’ll do it. Sounds like a good way to go out.

  • Jessica Rae Mccoy

    Like what? I’m genuinely curious!

    • Konner

      I wasn’t being serious… Sorry to break your spirit

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    That was a really creative story and an interesting read