Author’s Note: This is my first creepypasta format so please don’t post any hate because I’m not good at making creepypastas/stories thanks.

My friends used to play a mobile game called Hexagon to pass the time when they weren’t working on one of their “big projects”.

I wasn’t actually interested in the game. In fact, I was actually pretty annoyed by it because when I needed help, they would continue playing the game instead of helping me as if they were in some kind of hallucination that forced them to play the game.

Time passed and this only got worse as they wouldn’t even talk to me. They were on their phones everywhere and every time, except for bed.

A week later, their eyes were red from staring at their phones. They would never look up and this became a problem at work as people would constantly yell at them and they would have no reaction and keep playing the game.

A few weeks later, they were caught skipping work to play the game and their boss fired them.

While they were leaving their job, the coworkers started shoving them. One of them dropped their phone and it broke into pieces. Their eyes enlarged and turned a bloodshot shade of red as they tackled and punched all of the coworkers until eventually someone called 911 and he ran off.

A few days later they all died of brain injuries.

The reports were as shown:

Victim A died of brain cancer.

Victim B died of a brain aneurysm caused by unknown pieces of metal blocking arteries causing brain death.

Victim C died of insanity from loss of Hexagon.

I did some research and found that Hexagon isn’t an actual game. Even on the deep web it doesn’t exist.

I checked out their phones and realized that they aren’t real phones.

They are phones with the familiar logo but when you power them on, it would send a shockwave countless magnitudes higher than anything we currently have in today’s standards, strong enough to instantly mentally and physically control even a mentally strong person.

It would send it at an angle that would normally hit your head but I had it pointed at the ground.

Then it would show a ASCII picture of a hexagon which was out printed in red.

It had small characters in it that were in a cipher (base64). When unchiphered, it would reveal coordinates and at those coordinates were arrows that were displaced.

After placing the arrows down correctly, the arrows would point to a bunker which had a large sign over it which read:


Of course I went in anyways.

Inside there was a nuclear bomb with the hexagon on it.

It read:


There was also a timer next to it and it would end in 3 minutes it was strapped up to the missile too.

I tried to disarm the missile and it worked failed.


Out of the darkness something wearing a mask came up to me and it looked like something from a different planet.

It was very tall and slender. In both of its arms were a large knife with blood all over it as it dashed toward me and tried to stab me.

I picked up a bat off the ground, smashed a window, and jumped for it. I started running. As I made it home, I slept because it was night.

The next day the bunker was gone.


And so was every other person living on this planet.

  • Faith Thompson

    Not bad for a first creepy pasta

  • Madrigal

    It’s okay, there are a few sentences that are a bit too long, but the story wasn’t bad.

  • Jeremiah Bisnar Maglunog

    Change the “expect for bed” to “except for bed” not a hater but I love it tbh