Scientific Explanation of the Supernatural

Most of the rituals you would have heard, stories of ghost sitings people have seen, are usually fake. Here is how to identify the real from the fakes.

It came in a movie. I don’t remember the name of it. The protagonist tells us that heaven and hell are all around us. But they’re a different realm. It was correct.

There is another realm or dimension of this universe. It is all around us. That dimension has no mass. Only souls stuck wandering. The souls can monitor, and with power can affect, the things that happen in this dimension. But as they don’t have bodies, they don’t have emotions. Chemicals in our body control our emotions, and without it the souls are emotionless. And I don’t have to tell you. It is torture to be stuck there doing nothing but wander with nothing interesting you or making you happy. So the souls try and come to our dimension. That is how life is formed.

Now, any biology student can tell you life comes from life. The souls need a body to inhabit. It requires a body made of cells. They act as a gate. Scientists have theorized that organic matter, can be made when certain elements react with each other. This was how the first body was made. The soul nearby realized, it could control the type of mass created and could inhabit it. It became the first organism. To continue life, it started reproducing so that it can live again. It copied its organelles and DNA and created a new body. But another soul took its offspring’s body. So the souls realized they could live if they reproduced a lot. It was still a challenge to get the body. But if you’re reading this, you successfully inhabited a body.

Now, even though there are many living beings in the universe, not all souls have successfully managed to inhabit bodies. This is where rituals come in. Any ritual with blood usually works. When we lose blood, we lose cells. Our soul isn’t hurt in this method. So the lost blood is a group of cells which have no soul in them. Higher amounts of blood will attract souls who think it is a inhabitable body. Now, some souls have enough power to use the blood to materialize in this world, even though it’s not a body. Now, people can offer their souls on exchange of favors from this soul. The ghost uses it’s power to fulfill those favors. And at the death of the person, the soul which fulfilled the favor, eats the soul asking for it, to gain more power. This energy will help them affect our dimension while still a soul. The aim of the soul is to get enough energy to create bodies on their own or usually to steal others bodies which is easier as it requires less power. Souls who collected the required power are the reason for possessions.

Souls who have gained enough power are called demons or angels, depending on how they use their powers. Some ghosts help people so that they’re given bodies out of respect while others steal and kill.

Now, I know this because, I’ve gained some power. So, if you need favors call me. The name of my soul is Xejer Varetop. Call me and I will be there. I have gained enough strength that you don’t need blood to call me.

Just say my name.

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    That was pretty interesting. Quite creative