Hated Hannah

I don’t remember much. I’ll tell you what I can though. Sorry if it’s not much of what I remember of her, she was always really funny and had her own group of friends. Her main friends we’re two girls: one tall, one short. She was always pretty nice, Not very popular. Remember how I said she had two best friends? I’m one of them.

It was about 5:36 PM to be correct, Hannah had texted me to meet her after school by a ditch where most people from our middle school fought. I trusted her. The next day I didn’t see her at school and because yesterday she told me to go to the ditch and I didn’t. I felt sorry for her so I decided to see if she was there today even despite her not being at school. After school, I open my locker to find a note from her. It was from today too! It said, “Meet me at the ditch.” I grabbed my things from the locker and slammed it shut, then dashing off to the ditch.

She was sitting there, her body was twitching. “Are you alright, Hannah?” when I spoke to her she didn’t look up at me which scared me. For her sake, I wanted to see she was alright. “Look at me please?” This time she glared at me. Her once bright blue eyes now seemed like a blood-red color. I backed up a step and she just looked at me. “Y-You’re scaring me Hannah…” Her eyes stared deep into my pink cherry soul. I noticed her eyes gushed black when she cried. I sat by her, I was so scared of her like I’ve never been scared in my life. She gave me this small bottle “What’s this?” I asked her. She replied, “Open it… Give me eight, Give yourself one…” I opened the bottle. About ten pills fell out. I gave her a scared look. Hannah choked down about five pills at once. I put the one pill she asked me to take into my mouth and swallowed the one. She asked me to take. My head started to hurt. Hannah just stared at the ground.

About 3 minutes later, she smiled at me as she said, “Taking more than five of these pills hurt the brain mentally and sanely… Watch my eyes, Friend…” I did as she asked as her eyes became a black ring that was bigger than it was supposed to be. 30 seconds later, her eyes went fully black and gushed something black. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Even though the pill didn’t hurt me, I still wonder why such a happy, innocent girl would do this to herself. Then it hit me. As five girls in heels and holding pink and purple expensive purses walked up. They looked at me with a nice grin then at Hannah with a demon-like smile. “Hold my purse please?” The tallest and prettiest girl in their group said to me. “Sure…” I agreed as she took out her phone and told some boys over the phone. “We’re by the ditch, take care of it…” The girl then grabbed her purse and thanked me and walked off.

Hannah’s face became a shadow that was pointed to the floor. Four boys came about 10 minutes later and started to beat Hannah. All I could do was watch knowing she’d hate me for not helping. I ran off. An hour later she texts me, “Come back to the ditch, please. I’m not mad at you for not SAVING me…” I started to walk back. When I got there, I screamed in horror. The four boys were dead and covered in blood. Hannah’s face was bloody as she handed me something in a box. I took it but was still terrified. “What is it…?” I questioned her, terrified to open it. “Just open it…” she smirked of pure gold. I opened it with shaky hands. It was a little paper note, “I <3 You” said the note. I picked up the note and she said, “A human heart in the box.” I screams and dropped it. “Do you not like it…?” Hannah frowned. “Of course not! The note was great enough though, Hannah…” I said very scared. “I-I gotta get home. See ya tomorrow at school, Hannah…!” I dashed off to my house.

I woke up and noticed the same box on my bed side table with a fresh heart inside it. I just stared at it. I walked to my restroom to brush my teeth and do my hair. I saw a figure of a girl crying back and a heart on her shirt that oozed the same black substance. I screamed and noticed the figures brown hair like Hannah’s and saw she was crying. I grabbed my bag off the bathroom sink and dashed out, terrified. My dad asked what was wrong but I dashed out of the house ignoring him. I finally got to school and went to my first period, the only class I have with Hannah. She wasn’t there! I asked my teacher about Hannah, “Didn’t you hear? She killed herself last night… Her parents found her body covered in glass shards from a mirror. They put a memorial for her in the front of the school this morning. If you need to go talk to someone about it, feel free to just walk out to the councillors.” I stood up and ran out and went to the ditch, Not caring I left school. Then I saw it. Hannah was alive! She had stitches all around her neck and was holding her knee’s. She lifted her head but didn’t look at me. “Did you get my morning gift?” Hannah said with a smile. “Yes, I did thank you…” I faked a smile at the killer I called my friend. I let out a sigh and closed my eyes for what seemed a second. Hannah was gone. I looked around but saw no sign of Hannah.

I started to walk back home. As I was about 30 seconds from my house, I heard a scream from my house. It was my parents! I raced home to find them both dead and literally heartless. I fell onto my knee’s and cried until my ears hurt. After 30 minutes the cops arrived. They said there was two prints or footprints. I screamed in heartbreak. I went into the bathroom and called out her name seven times and cried into the mirror and I saw her reflection. She frowned at me. “I-I’m sorry!” she cried, I took a hammer and smashed the mirror. “Stay away from me demon!” I knew what I had done was sure to close to her killing me. Her eyes the same shade of black as a demons cold, dead heart. I got the shivers and screamed. I dashed into the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife seeing Hannah in the glass reflection. I ran ignoring it and locked myself in the bedroom crying. All I could hear was my own tears hitting the floors and Hannah scratching at the door. The door swung open, Hannah walked in with a cold, dead stare to me. Her pale face, her shaky body. I sat against the wall unable to move in fear. “Kill me. Kill me the RIGHT away… You want revenge for your beloved parents? So hang my gross, ugly, unwanted soul then!” Hannah listed off the names people called her and her scared wrist. She tossed me a rope and helped me up. I could tell she was scared of death, her eyes lightly spilled her bitter tasting blood when she cried. “Before you kill me…” she tossed me a small red string, “tie it to your finger, then hang me.” I tied it to my finger as she tied the other end to her own finger. I tied the long brown rope around her neck and took a breath. I made her stand on a stool and tied the other end of the rope to a metal bar in my closet.

I could hear her bitter and stone heart pounding. I selfishly pulled the stool from under her and grabbed a knife and cut out her own heart and was about to hand it to me as I pulled the stool by mistake. Her pupils went small in sock as her entire body turned blood-red and she dropped her own human heart onto the floor. “NOOO!”. For once in my life, I felt true loneliness. Her entire blood-red body hung there, like a dead sparrow hanging from a telephone wire. I started to feel the cold salty tears stream down my face. “W-What have I done…” I screamed in my mind and felt my heart flowing in the darkness and sorrow that Hannah felt, everyday. “How did she live with this…?” It felt like millions of needles stabbing my heart so many times. I glared down at the heart. How? How could I do this to my own friend? My heart bled on the inside. I got cold chills and felt something behind me. I turned around holding the butcher knife. It was a lady dressed in human flesh, she had black cupid wing and smiled at me. “Hehe I’m not sorry! But do me a favor and keep that heart of hers from me?” said the woman and she swung out two pair of human teeth scissors. I looked at them as she cut the red rope from our fingers.