My Potential Creepypasta Encounter

So recently I have been waking up in the middle of the night around 2am-5am and I swear there is something in the corner of my room. It is usually in front of my basket but when I woke up last night (night of 10-02-19) it was in front of my closet by my shelf. It freaks me out this has been happening a little over a week now and I’m scared. While this was happening my stuff has gone missing. My shirt, math journal, sunglasses, my school ID, my right shoe, and more things it creeps me out. It makes me feel sick just writing about this now.

I love scary things and I’m all up for a good scary prank but this is freaking me out and whenever I’m in my room I feel like I’m constantly being watched. It always makes me feel better whenever I have the light or have the TV on but in the morning the TV, light, and DVD box is off. My mom doesn’t turn the DVD box off so I don’t know what it was her I have a feeling it’s the thing in the corner. I don’t wanna live in that room anymore it’s like a curse and the only person that believes is my cousin and he can feel the watching too so I know it’s not all in my head.

I need to find a solution so last night [night of 10-03-19] I tried leaving the door open and that didn’t exactly work out. It was still in there and my cat she was in there directly looking at it so I couldn’t do anything about it. I also can’t sleep in the living room because my mom says no. So I need a solution and fast cause I ain’t sleeping in that room anymore. I get no sleep and I’m failing my classes it’s also only the beginning of school. I don’t know what to do and this is just the second week.

I know you’re probably doubting me but it’s the truth. Also why I think it’s an actual creepypasta is because I found this one note about blood, guts, and KIDNEYS (Eyeless Jacks favorite snack) in this one book it wasn’t in before. I sleep in a room alone and I have since July it is now October. My mom is thinking about sending me to a therapist. Whenever I wake up at that time my body feels so heavy so I’m just stuck staring at it knowing its there. I could close my eyes but I wouldn’t want to knowing that it could move closer.

  • Ihaveseenthings

    I have that experience quite a few times and it can end very badly, I was lucky. But get out of there as fast as you can.

    • VoodooGirly

      I will because for awhile I thought it was gone but then this morning it was there, also I can’t really leave the bedroom cause I’m 1. 15 and 2. I can’t switch rooms with someone else in the house.

  • Zayisbored

    The same thing happens to me. It started when I was really young and I passed it off as sleep paralysis. Then one night I felt it touch me. It still happens and I’m used to it. I just accepted it.