Until this day this must be the scariest situation that I have experienced, and I even admit that after that fateful day, I was never the same again.

My name is John and I’m 28 years old, my brother Rick lives in the North and has a small farm, it’s a very pleasant place to relax, no city noises, no cars, just peace and quiet. I normally go there two to three times a year to forget about my job and all the problems I have.

Normally it’s a very long journey, so I usually must prepare myself mentally for some long hours of driving. I decided to go to my brother’s farm, after work, but unfortunately some minor setbacks made me leave work a lot later than I anticipated. I got into my car, stopped by the gas station and started driving towards my brother’s farm.

After around 2 hours of driving I started to feel this annoying headache, at first it was just a minor inconvenience, but the pain gradually intensified. I felt that I really needed some rest and driving like this could really be dangerous for me and for the other people on the road. There was a motel a couple of miles ahead, so I decided to go there and just get some rest. This wasn’t ideal, but nothing really went well today.

I parked my car, went to the motel’s reception and rang the bell. After a couple of minutes, the receptionist appeared, and he didn’t look very kind or happy, but I understand that working so late must be a bit frustrating. At least there was a room available for me to spend the night and he proceeded to give the keys to room 18.

I got on the elevator and went to my room. The room was a bit small and the walls really needed some maintenance, but I didn’t care much about it, I just wanted to have a good night of sleep. On the wall, opposite to the bed, were two really creepy portraits of two bizarre men. It looked like something out of a horror film. I almost felt the need to remove them from the wall, but in the end I was just so tired that I fell asleep.

One hour later I woke up to the noise of two men talking, and by their tone they were arguing with each other. “God why did I have to be in a room next to some idiots,” I said to myself. The sound came from the wall where those paintings were, and the voices were saying some pretty creepy stuff, “Kill him”, “Take his eyeballs off”, “Let’s just slowly skin him”. I was starting to get really freaked out by this, and it only got worse when a scratching noise started to come from the same wall. I got up and went to the receptionist and told him about this and what he said to me really made my blood freeze. He told me that it was impossible, because I was the only one occupying a room in that floor.

I ran back to the room to get my stuff and leave, but when I entered the room I noticed something odd. The two paintings of those creepy men changed, they weren’t there anymore, only a white background…

  • Puddin Tane

    A bit rushed, but I liked. Could, maybe, make it a bit creepier. 😨😰😱🕷🕸