Grisly: A Dark Web Tale Ch.5 Princess

Jenny feels crippling pressure as her chamber becomes enclosed around her. Refusing to give in, she stretches an arm out and tangles her fingers across a rough edge. Seizing her opportunity, she heaves her weight forward. Solid edges scrape her bare belly, but even more, the skin on her foot peels back like a wet latex glove. She screams with every right, fighting to get to the edge of the hole. Wires roll into her exposed muscle, adding salt to the wound. Loose skin flops to the ground in a soft mush as her raw foot arches up into the area. Forcing her way out, she comes out victorious, but in doing so her right foot paid the price. Sliding down onto the floor, she carefully manages her foot to stay elevated within the space. The cold air felt like fire lathering her newfound, brittle shades of red.

She inhales through her teeth and fights back tears. This was a newfound pain she could never imagine, or wish upon anyone. Her stomach was raw, bloody shavings of skin dangled like tiny knots just above her belly button. Her foot glistened under the light, exposing parts of herself she never imagined witnessing. Muscles flexed visibly with each move, tentacles of veins sprawled across the top, making their way down to the heel. Rolling sideways onto the concrete floor, she begins to cry once more.

A light beeping noise catches her attention. It was slow, but steady. She wipes her eyes and keeps one leg in the air while rising her torso into an upright position. She hadn’t even taken notice of her surroundings yet, she was too focused on her foot. A short hallway was behind her. Four doors lined the way with two on each side facing each other, each one had paint splattered signs across them. Pushing her hands across the cold floor, she slides herself back down the hall to get a closer look.

Across the wall to the right was a warning sign. It said: RED ROOMS PAVE THE WAY TO HELL

The beeping had grown quicker, and with the pacing of it becoming faster, so was the climb of her anxiety.

Making her way between two doors, she gazes her eyes upon the labels. DDLG was displayed on one door. She was familiar with the fetish, but had no idea what was in store if she chose to go in. Across from that was a doorway that said IMPALE AND INHALE. The beeping sound that echoed through began to increase at a rapid pace, whatever was about to happen was coming quick. She grips the rusted door knob to her left and gives it a quick turn opening the doorway. There was no time to check out the remaining two entrances. Rushing at this point, she crawls on her stomach into the well lit room, her belly stinging as the loose dabs of skin tear off with each scrape against the floor. She kicks the door shut with her good foot as the beeping reaches a climax. An erupting noise of explosions, and what sounded like nails bouncing off the walls, echoes into the hallway. Jenny tries to shallow her rapid breathing and turns her head back.

The fluorescent lights beam with high velocity, wiping out any shadows or space for darkness. She looks down to the pink floor and realizes that it’s soft, like a plastic matt. Pink and white walls along with floor decorations plastered the room she was in. The wall facing her was lined with stuff animals. Some were miniscule, others mass in size, big enough for an adult to fit in. Teddy bears, zebras, pandas; there was no shortage of animals. The room also had a peculiar smell. Like an odd mixture of s*x and baby powder.

A light squishing sound comes from around a corner, a girl with two brunette pigtails steps out. She wore a sagging pamper with cotton p*****s pulled over them, the pamper bulged at the bottom with swollen teases of a soaked load of urine. Her pale legs stop and turn towards Jenny. Her stomach was exposed from a shirt that was too short, up towards her chest it had a cartoon monkey in the center of it covering its face. The girl pulls out a red sucker out of her mouth and stares at Jenny. Her blue eyes light up with a beam of enlightenment through her devious smile.

“Ooh, you’re in twouble. My daddy don’t like you.”

Jenny ignores the threat and whispers, “Hey, can you help me, please? I-I need to get out of this room, kid.”

“I is not a kid, I’m a princess.” The girl narrows her eyes and shows frustration in her voice. Jenny takes a closer look and realizes she wasn’t a child as she had thought, but an actual teenager dressed like one. A “little” as they’re called in the community.

“I’m sorry, I meant to say princess. I didn’t mean to call you a kid.” Jenny feels her heart begin to slam against her ribs. She was in a play area with a deranged little, which brought her to her next question. Where was her dominant?

The girl sticks the sucker back in her mouth and takes a step towards the stuffed animals. She picks one up and gives it a squeeze. “I loves being a princess. But not all girls can be one. My daddy only needs one, and you’re in my playroom. I donts likes it.”

Straining to focus on anything more than the searing pain trickling its way up her leg, she crawls backwards towards the corner where the girl had stepped from. There had to be an exit somewhere.

Sucking on the lollipop, she looks over to Jenny and quietly observs with amusement. “Is you twying to escape? Daddy ain’t gonna like that,” she says while rolling the candy left and right over her tongue.

She ignores it and continues to slide herself around the corner. A door greeted an overly excited Jenny, she reaches up twisting the knob in a frightened rush. It broke her hopes upon revealing it was locked.

Shaking her head the girl says, “Naughty, naughty. Daddy is gonna punish you. But not like he does me. He’s gonna do bad stuff to you. Oh daaddy.” She stretched out the last word in a melody like tune.

A rustle among the toys causes some piled up in a mountain of fluff to fall and roll down, cascading down to the floor. Ebony claws push through, they were attached to giant paws. Making a full appearance, the daddy stands in a teddy bear suit, hiding in plain sight among the toys. The suit looked like a hollowed out plush toy that he stepped into, but with some alterations. Pointed claws protruded from the tips of the paws, where a stitched mouth should be were two rows of teeth, grinded and angled. The mouth moved in motions, expressing its ability to bite. Two black button eyes stared in her direction as he takes a step forward, next to his little.

Jenny rattles the doorknob with one more attempt as the man charges towards her.

  • Ess.Tennant

    I absolutely love your work, I had to write down your user name to keep finding your stories. I absolutely love how well you write. I have always been keen on a princess of Hell idea, so if you ever pick her back up and write more about her homecoming, please find a way to get in touch with me some how 😁😁 I almost never find work on this site that is truly worth coming back for more, and yours is. I would not be surprised if you were a professional writer. Anyway, thank you for sharing your brain with us, I love the sick twisted ideas you have. I hope you get to see this! Much love from a fan, who would love to see more of your work coming out!

    • Ray Ramirez

      Thank you so much, I’ve had an absolute terrible day today and this just made it all worth it. The series I’m working on called Detective will connect them all and bring her back for the war between heaven and hell. I’m working on the second chapter to it but I wanna finish Grisly and Jynx before submitting it. If you’d like to read it sooner (or whenever) you could email me and I’ll send you what I have? I appreciate your kind words and support!

      • Ess.Tennant

        How do I get your email without putting contact information for everyone to see? Because yes! I would absolutely love to read it. Also the fact that I made someone’s day better just slapped a huge smile on my face, like seriously that’s such a good feeling to have and I’m so glad it helped. Your writing is the type that when you put it down it almost feels like you’re missing parts of a good movie your watching in your head, and I haven’t felt that way since Harry Potter and weirdly enough Infernal Angel by Edward Lee, and the other books in that serious which actually have a similar premise of humans being powerful and special in hell. Anyhoo, just let me know how to contact you and I’ll send you something! Have a better night darling!