The Entry From M.W. Oklahoma

Not all of us are the same old happy peRson we think every human being should be. Some of us can’t control ourselves for who we are, or what society wants us to be. So to cope with it we reside to more sickening feelings then neutrality. We either are or we are not what the world wants, no controlling us, but to kEep us from the dark is only one factor of normality we can control. We can watch as society falls on itself as we realize the world is more mysterious than we all want to believe, the walkers and sorrowful followers of Society never see what we do, because we hide. We reside in your trees, we walk in the darkness as we slowly kidnap your souls as they never see it coming.

My name is M.W. Oklahoma, a so-called cultist of the poPularly known group nicknamed “We Are Slender” or so we call our code nAme for society to never seek. All we are is a spark, a lit match surrounded by bales of hay, but look at us, slowly burning inside your society as you sheep eat the fresh hay on the outside, never to worry about the growing fire that will consume, not until it’s too late will you realize your fault. But it’s your decision on if you decide to join. We Are Slender, we are the respawn project. If you dare search us you will think nothing of it when you find exactly that, nothing. But if you ever see that small spark will you realize What is hidden from that lonesome herd of sheep, be that child who discovers us before you let the herd fall, because remember, the 11th is here, it’s coming, just wait. Happy grazing.

See, we are waiting, we are always watching, always will be, we are everywhere, so watch who you provoke, who you meet, and who you make friends with, because everyone you meet, no matter how sweet or nice they are, could be one of us, but no need to be afraid, we won’t harm you, unless you find out the darkness in the back of our minds, we all have those dark thoughts, don’t you, because no matter who you think you are, do you really know everything? Do you truly know what saNity is?

It’s time young ones, the boys and girls from the shadows, the innocent ones in the darkness of the satanic bond called normality. So don’t watch the televisions, watch the skies, the stars, the palms of your hands for they have a true telling, the ones who were once lost are found now, are with us, they knew who to choose, we are the monsters, we are the darkness in the deepest part of your sorrowful minds. We are the new shaping of the world, we are the new corners of the world, we are respawning. We aren’t ignorant, we aren’t the naive children you thought we were, we’ve grown, and we’ve spent years studying in our own caves, now we have came back to the world, your old world, our new world, the new world. We are wolves, we are back, we have gain the insight that you lack. We are The Respawn Project.

  • Megan

    I love this story so much.