Grisly: A Dark Web Tale Ch.4 Lullaby

Author’s note: I decided to not post on here anymore a while back but I’ve had people message me asking for the rest of this story. So I’m gonna give this one more shot.

The video played through to the end, abruptly changing to a blank white screen cast across the brick wall. Jenny continued to lay on the floor, curled up with her thin arms wrapped around her legs. Her cheeks had changed to a red hue, her eyes red with the last bit of tears making their exit. A loud “click” echoes from the doorway as Samantha gazes towards it.

“Let’s get out of here,” she whispers. Her hands gently placed among Jenny’s shoulders, almost as if she were to break if not handled delicately. Jenny reaches for her hand and gets up while using the pick axe for assistance. They open the door and step out slowly, at this point they didn’t know what to expect. After clearing that the area was safe, Samantha steps out and turns around. Struggling to create the right words to say, nothing comes out, just a gloomy expression etched upon her face.

“My dad, this entire time, he thought she left us. She didn’t come home one day when I was still a baby. They had an argument the night before and so when the cops had no leads, it’s what he figured. He told me she left him, left me. This entire time, she never left us. She was…taken from us.”

Samantha purses her lips together, a tear exits the corner of her eye as she starts, “Jenn, I’m so so-”

“Don’t,” she interrupts. “We need to focus on surviving, they’re trying to break us before the fight even starts.” She picks her head up and wipes dried mucus and tears off her face with her hand before smudging it on the waist of her p*****s. “I feel sick, but we gotta do what we can to get out of here.”

She turns towards the door with the sloppy S painted on it. Beads of spray paint leaked down in slick lines, some soaked into the cracks of the grain wood.

“If that room was for you, this must be for me.” Samantha says. Worry was expressed between her doughy eyes. She takes a deep breath and grips the knob. Exhaling, she opens the door to see a well lit room with fluorescent lights. The room was empty, but not bare. Glossed over black and white photos decorated the interior of the room. From their position they couldn’t tell what was on them. Jenny makes her way in first, her weapon in her hands. Samantha follows close behind. Like before, the door shuts from behind. Samantha concentrates on the photos while scanning the room up and down. They all appeared to be random, some were school photos, others photos of a shopping mall, some even of a bedroom floor. She gets ready to ask a question when something grabs her attention.

“Jenn,” she says while a stutter creeps it’s way past her thoughts and into her voice. “J-Jenn look!”

Following Samanthas finger, the point aims at a photo of a school girl standing in a group of children. It seemed harmless at first until a closer look showed that the girl in the pic was Samantha. She pulls the photo off the wall and looks back up. She drops the photo and takes a step back, she was in every photo posted. Whether it was a brief capture, or an image taken from behind a set of bushes, she was in it. Pictures ranging from early childhood, through middle school, even up until high school were plastered across the walls. Jenny pulls a photo off the wall, Samantha was asleep in bed, a pistol positioned near her mouth. Except something stood out about this photo, Jenny recognized her pajamas and the bed she was in. Samantha’s dad had just bought her a new bed two months ago after her old one got a case of bed bugs. In the photo was her laid out sound asleep, in her new bed.

“Sam,” Jenny whispers. A loud rumble shakes the room as all the photos hit the ground. Jenny and Samantha stumble from the vibrations. Upon landing on the floor, the pictures reveal a small hole in the wall that was carefully hidden. “Do they expect us to crawl through that?” Samantha asks.

“I don’t know, can we even fit?”

The hole was angled and tight, it would be almost impossible for them to push through, even for their petite sizes. Jenny ducks down and looks into the hole. There was a light at the end, but it was dim. She begins to ponder their options when she hears a melody begin to play from the outside speakers. A soft, angelic tune with piano keys. Without thinking she grabs Samantha and shoves her in.

Samantha scrapes her head againt the brick interior and mutters, “What the hell?”

“I’ve seen this before, go!”

She presses her hands across Samantha’s back forcing her in further. Samantha doesn’t question it, she exhales as hard as she can and stretches her arm out to grip onto dull edges, pulling herself forward. At points she gets stuck and begins to panic, but continues to hold her breath and pushes through. Jenny anxiously awaits for room to squeeze in as the melody begins to fade.

“Sam, hurry!”

Samantha reaches the end as Jenny dives in, squeezing and forcing her way through. She pulls one leg forward, and the lullaby ends with her left foot hanging out. A frenzy of piano wires fly from various directions into the room through hidden slits. The room becomes a spider web of wire, all mangled in a large mesh. The strands embed into Jenny’s foot, digging into her tender flesh. She whinces and tries not to breathe, letting go right now in such a cramped space would cause suffocation. She pulls upwards and feels the stinging sensation of wire slide into her meat, it was laced around her entire foot in various patterns. Samantha takes notice and reaches in for Jenny’s hand.

“Jenn, reach for me!”

Her lungs felt as if they were about to pop, her mind screaming in a silent pain. She reaches out and makes contact. Samantha pulls without realizing what circumstances Jenny was under. As she is drug back, the piano wire strips her foot of flesh as it rolls off in thin slices. Jenny screams out and feels it cut short as the bricks begin to press into her belly. Samantha begins to tug again, straining. She lets go and drops her jaw, looking down she sees a hook burrowing into her right breast. The hook attached to a stump, the stump leading to a stranger from behind. She lets out a scream as the hook rips out and takes vacancy into her mouth. Blood spills down her belly as she’s drug away. Jenny panics and reaches out, still a couple feet away from the exit, crying in her cramped space.


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