Found You

It was a rainy night. I looked through the window. It has been two years since Raym was gone. I still remember what happened then. The memories keep haunting me ’til now.

She was a kind girl. Just like other girls in my school, she was a happy-go-lucky person. Raym, Julie, Anne and I were best friends. We were really close that time.

One day, we got some bad news. Raym’s family was attacked by someone who hated her family. Luckily, she was safe. But the only thing that made us sad is her parents were dead. They couldn’t be saved.

She was so sad, crying all day and night. She didn’t even want to eat nor leave her room. We tried to cheer her up but it didn’t work.

After a few weeks, she finally left her room. All of us were so happy but that was just for a few seconds. When we looked at her face, we were shocked to death.

She went from a cute girl who always smiles to a dead-looking girl. Her skin turned pale, her eyes looked dead and she got really skinny.

She pulled out a knife. We tried to calm her down but what we got was blood. Anne hugged her from back. Raym stabbed her using her knife.

“Anne!!” I ran to Anne. She was hardly breathing. I tried to help her by covering her wound. “FOR GOD’S SAKE, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? YOU STABBED ANNE, OUR FRIEND! HOW COULD YOU!” Julie slapped Raym. She looked really mad.

“Friend… friend…?” Raym said in a low voice. “Hehehe. I don’t have any friends.” She glared at us. And again, she got slapped by Julie.

“Tsk… I will make you pay,” she gave us a death stare. “You better hide in your house and don’t even go anywhere. If I found you, you will be dead.”

She went to her room and locked it. We were so confused, what is happening? She really went crazy that day. “We better go to the hospital first. Anne’s condition is getting worse,” I agreed. Then, we went to the hospital.

We reported it to the police. They promised to investigate it. We were so relieved.

The next day, the police went to Raym’s house where she was staying. They told us that they didn’t find Raym. We couldn’t believe it. Where did she go?

We tried to search for her. For the whole day, we couldn’t find her. We decided to rest that night. Anne, Julie and I promised to sleep together.

Later on that night, it was raining heavily. Julie was hungry and we’ve got nothing to eat. She told us to wait for her. She went out to go to the store.

Anne and I waited for her. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes… It was almost an hour and she still hasn’t come back. Then, we remembered what Raym said, “If I found you, you will be dead.”

We were scared. Anne wanted to look for Julie but I didn’t let her. “We should sleep, NOW,” I said. She can’t help but sleep. We hoped that Julie is save.

A week later, the police found Julie’s dead body in a burnt house. We were so sad for her death. Anne was so mad at Raym. She thought that Raym killed her.

It was true. Raym was the killer. She stabbed, dragged Julie’s body to the house and burnt it. I couldn’t believe she did that to her ‘friend’.

The next month, nothing strange happened. Anne was still mad at Raym for killing her friend. She wanted to take revenge.

It was raining that night, same as the night Julie went missing. Anne told me she wanted to go meet her sister who just came back from London. I told her to be careful since it’s dark outside. “Yea whatever. It’s not like I’m going to be dead, tho,” Anne laughed a little.

I didn’t expect those to be her last words. She was found dead on the next few weeks. Her body was floating in a river. Looks like she drowned. Not by an accident but a person.

I knew it was Raym. She is now waiting for me to go outside but I will never do. Now, I am living alone in this house. I’m so scared. Every time I woke up from sleep, I found sentences saying “Found you” and “Let me in”. She is trying to kill me.

When she didn’t get to kill me, she will kill others. They were all innocent. Why would she kill them? Just… for fun?

Sometimes I found her on the street. She is dressed in all black and wears a smiling mask to hide her face. I won’t let her kill me. I want to live…

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    The story felt a little staggered, but at the same time rushed through. I want backstory on Raym, what exactly made her go crazy? Who was the family enemy? Why exactly would the family have an enemy willing to kill everyone but the previously happy-go-lucky daughter? Also, why the frag would Anne go outside? Why would she go outside and say “It’s not like I’m going to be dead”? Not to mention, why did she say that instead of what makes more sense, “It’s not like I’m going to die” I’m sorry for sounding so picky, but there could have been so much more detail there, not to mention you could’ve just designed one of those pastas that go on to create weird fandoms of themselves. (Like Jeff, or BEN.) I liked the story, don’t get me wrong, I just think it could’ve been executed a bit more smoothly.

    • leexy._

      thank you for your opinion ! i appreciate it 🙂 if you want to know about Raym’s backstory , i can write it . Basically , she went insane cuz of depression . But for more details , wait for her backstory . And anyways thanks for reading this 🙂